[Europe] My Nintendo: Bravely Second Nintendo 3DS Theme now available

Update: the theme is now available on My Nintendo!


If you visited the My Nintendo website today, you probably noticed you received a new notification. It announces that a brand new reward has been added to the catalogue in Europe. It’s the Bravely Second: New Faces Nintendo 3DS Theme, which is apparently a My Nintendo exclusive in that region.

This Bravely Second: New Faces Nintendo 3DS costs 100 Platinum Coins, and can be redeemed until June 30th. Here’s the preview picture from the website:

Unfortunately, there seems to be a little problem… If you try to redeem your Platinum Coins on the reward page, you will get the following error:

Unable to complete process. Please try again later.

It looks like someone has jumped the gun, and the notification wasn’t supposed to go live right now. Unfortunately, it’s not clear when the reward is supposed to go live, but we will make sure to update this post as soon as it is available.

Good news, the theme is now available: click here to redeem your Platinum Coins!

Talking of My Nintendo, don’t forget that the following rewards are ending soon:

May 16th

[Wii U] 20% Discount on Yoshi’s Woolly World (eShop): 600 Platinum Coins [Europe]
[Wii U] 20% Discount on Pullblox World (eShop): 150 Platinum Coins [Europe]
[3DS] 40% Discount on Tomodachi Life (eShop): 100 Gold Coins [Europe]

Our My Nintendo page has been updated!



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