Etrian Odyssey V: tons of screenshots/artworks, 3DS Themes, more footage

Etrian Odyssey VThis week, Atlus shared tons of brand new screenshots and artworks for Etrian Odyssey V, showcasing the following:

  • Remus (voiced by Mikako Komatsu), a NPC
  • Lili (voiced by Ai Kakuma), a NPC
  • Solore (voiced by Amamiya Sora), a NPC
  • a Guard and a Town Crier (both voiced by Yoshihisa Kawahara)
  • the Guild Card and the Friend’s Card
  • the Two Titles and Master skills of the Cestus, Hound, Necromancer, Shaman classes
  • the Another Colour feature

You will find all the screenshots and artworks below, just after the break!

But before that, here’s the second episode of the Etrian Odyssey Web Radio, featuring:

  • a soundtrack sample at 26:55
  • more gameplay footage at 32:24

Here’s the full recording of the second episode of the Etrian Odyssey Web Radio:

Next, here’s some Nintendo 3DS Themes for the game, which are actually retailer exclusive:

  • Loppi – HMV
  • Tsutaya
  • Amazon

Unfortunately, it’s not clear if those Nintendo 3DS Themes will be sold via the Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop later down the line. North America (and Europe) should get those themes too, but much later.

Head after the break for all the screenshots and artworks!

Etrian Odyssey V (3DS) comes out on August 4th in Japan.




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