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eShop News (Oct. 7) – River City: Tokyo Rumble / Fairune 2

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: another interview for River City: Tokyo Rumble, but also…

  • Fairune 2
  • Wii U / Nintendo 3DS titles on Green Man Gaming (Europe)
  • Stone Shire

River City: Tokyo Rumble

On Tuesday, Siliconera published an interview with Taka Naekawa (Producer, Natsume) about River City: Tokyo Rumble. It covers various topics: how Natsume came to publish a River City game in the west, the game’s localisation, the dodgeball mini-game found in the game, and more.

Here’s an excerpt:

Taka Maekawa, Producer at Natsume: Our Partnership with Arc System Works started almost a year and a half ago through a good friend of mine in Japan. It all started with Gotcha Racing and Brave Tank Hero for the Nintendo 3DS, then continued with Super Strike Beach Volleyball and River City: Tokyo Rumble this year. With River City, I contacted Arc System Works as soon as I saw the news that Million’s title rights (who were the right holders of Tecnos Japan titles) had been transferred to Arc System Works.

Click here to check out the full thing!

Fairune 2

Yesterday, Circle Ent. confirmed that Fairune 2 would be their next title to be released on the Nintendo eShop (in Europe and North America):

Green Man Gaming

On Wii and Nintendo DSi, to buy games, you only had one option: use the Wii Shop Channel / DSi Shop. You could buy Nintendo Points cards in stores, but that was it. But on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, there are many more ways to buy games: Nintendo eShop, web eShop, downloads codes, and more.

And there’s now one more way to buy digital games on Nintendo platforms: Green Man Gaming. Well, it’s not really new for you if you live in the United Kingdom, but it does if you’re living in Europe, as you can now purchase games from the website. Unfortunately, the selection remains rather limited, with only major titles (first-party retail releases, Virtual Console, etc.).

Stone Shire

Yesterday, Cordero from FingerGunGames posted a message in order to tell fans that now his other project was almost over, he would start working on the previously announced patch for Stone Shire. That patch will fix various issues with the game, including the lag players are experiencing since the last update.

Source: Miiverse


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