[E3 2016] BoxBoxBoy! coming out on June 30th in the west, trailer + screens

Update: BoxBoxBoy! is now available for pre-purchase in North America! Also, the game is on sale in Europe, until June 23rd. It’s available at 50% off: 2.49€ / £2.24!


BoxBoxBoyDid you like BoxBoy on Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo eShop)? Would you like more box-filled puzzles in your life? If your answer to those two questions is “Yes”, then you’ll be glad to hear that BoxBoyBoy!, the “sequel” to BoxBoy!, is coming to Europe and North America on June 30th!

One of the main new features of the game is that you can now create two sets of boxes: a radical change of rules, which really spices things up. Puzzles certainly did not become more simple: quite the opposite! You will need to learn and master new tricks and box formations, in order to get past obstacles such as switches, spikes, lasers, and more.

Talking of puzzles, BoxBoxBoy! features over 120 of them in total. In each of them, there’s crowns to collect, and just like in the original, you can use them to unlock costumes (such as the Robo-Suit). You can also read comics, listen to the game’s music, and more.

Never played BoxBoy! before? The original is now on sale on the Nintendo eShop in North America, so if you’ve never played it, you should definitely jump on this occasion and try it out!

Here’s the sale prices (with an additional 10% off if you’re a Nintendo Account user):

  • United States: US$2.99 (instead of $4.99)
  • Canada: CA$4.25 (instead of $7.09)

If you already own BoxBoy!, you will be able to transfer all the costumes unlocked in that game to BoxBoxBoy!.

Here’s the first trailer for BoxBoxBoy!:

And finally, here’s some screenshots/artworks:

BoxBoxBoy! (3DS eShop) comes out on June 30th in Europe and North America. It will cost €4.99 / $4.99. It has been added to our Upcoming Releases page.

Source: Nintendo PR


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