Dragon Quest X: services for Wii ending with Ver. 3.5, Switch version releasing this Summer/Fall

Today, during the latest livestream for the game, Square-Enix shared some major news regarding Dragon Quest X. Unfortunately, they had some bad news for players still rocking their good ol’ Wii: service for that platform will only go up to Ver. 3.5, and Square-Enix will stop supporting it when Ver. 4.0 is released.

The company explained that dropping support for the aged Wii is due to technical limitations, which have an impact on other platforms. After all, Square-Enix needs to make sure everything runs properly on all platforms, and the Wii is basically dragging all the other platforms down. By dropping the Wii, Dragon Quest X will be able to get features/elements not possible on Wii.

Square-Enix also mentioned that there would be a special campaign in order to encourage Wii users to move to the Nintendo Switch version, but details about that will be shared at a later date. No mention of a similar campaign for Wii U users, but there’s no doubt there will be one.

Speaking of the Nintendo Switch version, Square-Enix announced that it would be released sometime this Summer/Fall in Japan. There will first be a beta period (like there was on Wii and Wii U), and it will be based on Ver. 3.5. After that, Ver. 4.0 will be released this Summer/Fall, at the same time on all platforms still support (including the Wii U).

Finally, here’s the trailer for Ver. 3.5, releasing on March 1st:

Dragon Quest X (Switch) will be released this Summer/Fall in Japan, just like Ver. 4.0.

Source: Square-Enix
Via: GamesTalk / Kanann (NeoGAF)



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