Dragon Quest VIII: characters trailers #1 and #2 (Morrie, Red), details on abilities

Today, Nintendo began a video series for Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, introducing the characters of epic RPG. They not only allow us to see what those characters are like story-wise, they also show us how they battle, including the types of weapons and abilities they can use to defeat monsters.

And today, Nintendo chose to begin right away with the two “new” characters, which are only playable in this Nintendo 3DS version of the game: Morrie and Red.


He’s the owner of Morrie’s Battle Arena, also known as the Morrie’s Monster Pit. There, players can battle various monsters, in order to test their skills. In Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, there’s even a brand new rank: X Rank.

Here’s some of the abilities Morrie can use:

  • Fisticuffs
  1. Passion Plunge: deal 150% damage, and ignores Defense. Morrie takes some damage (50% of his current HP). Unfortunately, that skill does not work on metal enemies.
  • Boomerangs
  1. Swing Both Ways: deals 80% ttrike-elemental damage to all targets, before looping back and hitting the left-most target again;
  2. Ooze Bruiser: deals 150% damage to Slime enemies.
  • Clubs
  1. Feel the Beat: deals 130% damage to all enemies, with a 12.5% chance of stunning them.
  • Claws
  1. Propeller Blades: deals 100% damage + Woosh-elemental second hit that deals damage equivalent to Morrie’s level (for example: Level 25 = 25dmg);
  2. Hand of God: deals 125% damage to one enemy that ignores defense (with the exception of Metal Slimes).
  • Passion:
  1. Call Monster: summons a group of monsters. Effects vary.


A thief and pirate, but also Yangus’s old mate. At one point in the story, she buys Princess Medea and the wagon from Dodgy Dave in Pickham, and only agrees to returning it to the party in exchange of the Venus’ tear.

Here’s some of the abilities Red can use:

  • Fisticuffs
  1. Harvest Moon: hit a group of enemies.
  • Fans
  1. Butterfly Bop: hit all enemies, and deal 150% to 200% damage.
  • Whips
  1. Whip Whack: hit enemies twice.
  • Daggers
  1. Blade Cascade: hit enemies 6 to 8 times, randomly. Each hit does 40% damage.
  • Roguery
  1. Minion Militia: summons a bunch of pirates to attack enemies with monsters. Attack hit random enemies, and damage is based on Red’s level.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (3DS) comes out on January 20th in Europe and North America.


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