Dr. Mario World announced for mobile

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that the release of Mario Kart Tour was delayed to this Summer, in order to improve the quality of the game and make sure it gets enough content post-launch. And it turns out it will not be the only mobile game from Nintendo this Summer: Dr. Mario World was announced earlier today (yesterday evening for those of you in North America), and it will be released in Early Summer.

Unlike Dragalia Lost (still not available outside Japan, the United States, Maccau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong), Dr. Mario World will launch in no less than 60 countries, including Japan and the United States. Of course, it’s pretty safe to expect Canada and most (all?) European countries will also get the game at the same time.

As for the game itself, we know very little about it other than it will be co-developed and jointly operated by Nintendo and LINE. NHN Entertainment will also take part in development.

As expected, it will be a puzzle game (it wouldn’t be Dr. Mario otherwise), and it be Free 2 Start but with the usual microtransactions. It will be available on Android and iOS (no staggered launch, it seems), and it will be playable in several languages (Japanese, English, and more).

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we know about the game for now. More details will be shared closer to launch, as usual.

Dr. Mario World (Android, iOS) comes out in Early Summer worldwide. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Nintendo PR


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