Diablo III: Eternal Collection announced for the Nintendo Switch

For the first time in more than a decade, a game develoepd by Blizzard Entertainment is headed to a Nintendo console: Diablo III: Eternal Collection, coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. There’s already been some pretty persistent rumours over the past few months (and an outlet that jumped the gun one day early), but it’s now 100% official!

Here’s the special trailer that was uploaded to announce the game, featuring Reggie Fils-Aimé from Nintendo of America and Mike Morhaime from Blizzard:

This version of the game will feature absolutely all the content from the original Diablo III (minus the Auction house), but also the Reaper of Souls expansion, and the Rise of the Necromancer pack. In layman’s terms, that means 7 classes, a five-act campaign taking place in the lore-rich and demon-infested world of Sanctuary, the Adventure Mode, and much more.

As far as controls go, Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch will let you play either with a Joy-Con or with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and will offer “intuitive, ultra-reponsive controls” that have been “custom-built” for this version of the game. Interested in co-op? You will be able to team up with up to 3 other players in local multiplayer (one console each, or splitscreen) or online multiplayer.

Finally, the Nintendo Switch version of the game features some exclusive, The Legend of Zelda-themed content:

  • the Cucco companion pet
  • a Triforce portrait frame
  • a transmogrification set that let your heroes don Ganondorf’s iconic armour
  • unique cosmetic wings

Never heard of Diablo III before? Here’s what the story is all about:

Ages ago, angels and demons birthed your world in a forbidden union. Now they’ve come to claim it. Stand tall among Sanctuary’s meek and wicked to battle walking corpses, horrifying cultists, fallen seraphs, and the Lords of Hell. When the High Heavens and the Burning Hells war, humanity must be its own salvation.

And here’s the list of key features:

  • Defy the Darkness:You’re a surrounded world’s only defense against Heaven and Hell. Arm yourself with a Joy-Con or the Pro Controller, and choose from 7 dark fantasy classes, each with its own way to slay.
  • Eternal Replayability: Evil is never vanquished forever. Whether you’re testing yourself against new difficulty settings, playing through the epic story campaign, searching for the perfect skill combo, expanding your collection of gear, racing through random dungeons, or traveling Sanctuary anew each season, you’ll always have a fresh challenge to seek out.
  • Assemble the Perfect Arsenal: As you charge through Diablo III’s five story acts, you’ll collect gear from Sanctuary’s furthest reaches, including legendary items that change your entire playstyle and armor sets that provide dynamic bonuses as you uncover more pieces.
  • Your Path to Power: Diablo III’s power-building system is flexible enough for an afternoon or a full season. Push back the Burning Hells with spears, storms, and zombie dogs—over 800 unique abilities to unlock and master. Turn fire into lightning, split your magic blasts, and change your skills to create devastating power combinations.
  • It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Jump into local, action-RPG multiplayer with up to three friends, and crush demons from your comfiest couch cushions, no internet required—or fill out the ranks of your party online. You can play Diablo III shared-screen on a single Nintendo Switch™ remotely on up to four Nintendo Switch consoles, or combine TV and handheld play.

Want even more details about the game? The official website is this way!

Finally, here’s some screenshots:

Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Switch) comes out this Fall worldwide. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Blizzard PR / Nintendo


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