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Darksiders: Wii U remaster confirmed, Nordic Games wants to revive the franchise

A few days ago, we learned from GameFly that the original Darksiders game was coming “soon” to Wii U (and the other current-gen platforms). Unfortunately, there was little we knew about the game back then, but thanks to Pelle Lundborg (co-founder of Nordic Games) we finally have proper details about it.

During a panel at Gamepolis 2016, he confirmed that a Darksiders remaster was in the works, and would be released on Wii U later this year. It will cost only 19.99€ and will be released both at retail and on the Nintendo eShop. It looks like the game will have “online interactions”, which most likely means minor online features such as Miiverse or similar.

This Darksiders remaster will launch in Q4 2016, so any time between October 1st and December 31st. It looks like all versions will not launch at the same time, as the PlayStation 4 version got an October 25th.

During the panel, Pelle Lundbord explained that Nordic Games was trying to revive the Darksiders franchise, and this remaster was one way they’re going to try and achieve this. They’re also going to focus on merchandise, with a figure of War, and a vinyl release of the soundtrack.

Darksiders (Wii U) will be released in Q4 2016 in Europe (and North America).

Source: NextN


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