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Cube Creator DX: demo and pre-load now live, additional details (inc. file size)

Just like in the rest of the world, Minecraft is extremely popular in Japan. Unfortunately, the game isn’t available on Nintendo 3DS, which is actually pretty good news for the creators of the many “Minecraft clones”. Cube Creator 3D is one of them, and it’s actually getting an expanded version called Cube Creator DX, also releasing at retail.

Today, Arc System Works (who is developing this expanded version of Big John Games’ title) released a demo on the Nintendo eShop. It gives access to two modes:

  • Creative Mode (2 settings: Standard and Tropical)
  • Stage Builder Mode (two sample stages)

And like many other demos, it lets player transfer their save data to the full version, which means you will not have to part with everything you can create in this demo.

Also, Cube Creator DX is now available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop or via Nintendo’s website. Pre-ordering the digital version of the game allows you to pre-load it, and start playing at 12AM on April 27th. You will need a certain amount of free space on your SD Card to do so: check out below for more details!

Here’s some additional details about the game:

  • File size: 570 blocks / 71.25MB
  • Genre: Creative Action Adventure
  • Players: 1 (Single Player) / 2 to 4 (online) / 2 to 4 (local multiplayer)
  • Multiplayer: co-op
  • Save data slots: 1
  • Save data file size: 128MB (+ max. 352MB of extra storage space to save your creations)
  • Accessories: compatible with the Circle Pad Pro
  • Internet features: Multiplayer (co-op, 2 to 4 players), upload/download of creations

Finally, here’s some more screenshots for the game:

Cube Creator DX (3DS) comes out on April 27th in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer


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