Club Nintendo (Europe): Mario Kart 7 trophies back in stock

A few years ago, Nintendo added several Mario Kart 7 trophies in the Stars Catalogue of the European Club Nintendo. They’re actually a smaller version of special trophies given to winners of various Mario Kart 7 tournaments held across Europe, and are slightly bigger (and heavier) than they look in the official pictures.

Club Nintendo TrophiesWere you waiting for them to come back in the Stars Catalogue of the European Club Nintendo? Good news: Nintendo just added a new batch of those Mario Kart 7 trophies! The bad news is… they’re not exactly cheap: they cost 5 000 stars each! Since Club Nintendo closes in less than two months, you’ve probably been spending your remaining stars in the past few months… it’s quite likely you don’t have enough stars left!

If you do, you can place your order by clicking on one of these links:

Leaf Trophy
Mushrom Trophy
Shell Trophy
Special Trophy
Banana Trophy

Here’s some pictures for the trophies:

Something shiny for your mantelpiece!

This sturdy brown trophy will blow away all your friends! With a large golden Super Leaf in the centre, it’s fetching as can be, and measuring around 12 x 10cm, it’s the perfect size for any shelf!

You won’t need mush-room on your mantelpiece for this!

Show your friends that you’re a real fun-guy (or gal) with this oh-so-shiny Mushroom trophy! Each one is individually numbered, making it something worthy of any collector. Measures approx. 10 x 8 cm, not real gold.

Shell out on this sleek trophy!

Impress your mates with this unique trophy, or offer it up as a prize when you race together! Wherever you decide to put it, everyone will be dazzled by the large, shiny Green Shell resting on top. It’s around 12 x 9cm in size and slim enough to be displayed anywhere.

Be crowned the king with this special trophy!

This trophy is sure to make you feel like a real winner! It’s glitzy, golden design, with red detail and large crown resting on top, will make you feel as smiley as the face that adorns it. Measuring approx. 12 x 10cm.

You can’t slip up with this great trophy on your shelf!

Send your friends’ heads spinning by proudly displaying this Mario Kart trophy for all to see! Each one is individually numbered, making it something worthy of any collector. Measures approx. 12 x 7 cm, not real gold.

As usual, we recommend you place your order as soon as possible if you’re interested!



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