Azure Striker Gunvolt: update 1.2 out on March 11th in Japan, possible bundle at retail

During the Inti Creates Fan Festa 2015, Inti Creates announced that they were working on a sequel to  Azure Striker Gunvolt, for the Nintendo 3DS. They also revealed that the first game would get an update on March 11th in Japan, with various improvements tailored for the New Nintendo 3DS, but also some new songs.

The list of changes for that version 1.2 includes:

– On the New Nintendo 3DS: ZL and ZR will be used to switch weapons;
– On the New Nintendo 3DS, loading times will be improved;
– Several new songs will be added: Sakura Efloressence (regular missions), Aojashin -cyanotype- (ending), Eternal Blue (Boss Rush, which is a new mode, which needs to be unlocked by completing the game).

And during a Q&A session, a fan asked if there was a chance Azure Striker Gunvolt would ever get a retail release, but unfortunately, Yoshihisa Tsuda (Director) said there wasn’t any. All hope isn’t lost, however, as a sequel was announced during the event: a package with both games + Mighty Gunvolt is a definite possibility according to Inti Creates… but nothing concrete for now.

Source: Inside-Games



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