ARMS: special program announced for Japan, music PV, screens

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that a special program for ARMS would held sometime in July in Japan. Its goal is to have top ARMS players showcase the game to all players, so they can see just how fun the game can be. But what’s so special is how players for that program are to be selected.

  1. After launch (June 16th), players who are playing the game will start receiving an email from Nintendo (via their Nintendo Accoint address), with an invite for the preliminaries;
  2. from June 16th to June 24th, Nintendo will count the results of the Ranked Matches of players who accepted the invite;
  3. after that, the top 12 players will be contacted with Nintendo, asking them if they want and can participate in the special livestream.
  4. the program will go online in Early July.

Nintendo reminds players that they can only take part in Ranked Match after clearing the Grand Prix mode at Rank 4. Also, only players in Japan will be able to participate, though we don’t know if someone with a Japanese Nintendo Account on a European or North American console will be eligible or not. One thing’s for sure, though, you will need to know Japanese!

Here’s the YouTube livestream for this special program:

It will take place on July 1st at:

  • Europe: 9AM
  • UK: 8AM
  • North America (EDT): 3AM
  • North America (PDT): 12AM
  • Japan: 4PM

Next, here’s the PV for the ARMS Grand Prix Official Theme Song, with vocals by Eliana (an actual singer!):

Finally, here’s plenty of screenshots for the game:

ARMS (Switch) will be released on June 16th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo / 4Gamer / Famitsu


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