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Alien Hominid Invasion (Switch): all the updates (latest: Part 1 / Next: Juicy Variety)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Alien Hominid Invasion on Nintendo Switch (originally released in November 2023 in North America, Europe, and Japan)!

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Alien Hominid Invasion – Ver. ??? (Juicy Variety)

  • Release date: early 2024 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New Hazards
1. Ricochet Pads
  • Ricochet pads bounce your shots off in different directions, which sometimes helps and sometimes doesn’t. If you hit their underside, they will explode!
2. Shutters
  • Shooting one affects all the others, so plan accordingly!
3. Pinball Bumper
  • Pinball bumpers can be used to your advantage, or maybe not – it really depends on how much chaos is on the screen at any given time.
4. Mine Layers
  • Every single enemy drops explosive mines when they die.
5. Grind Lines
  • Grind lines have appeared around city blocks for you to zip around on new slippery angles and slopes. Invade radically!
New Mutation
1. Orbiter
  • With every use, the Orbiter mutation spawns a projectile that circles you, making you a close-range killer! Using it a second time will make a temporary platform.
New Mini Boss
  • Invaders can now encounter the Mecha F.R.O.G. as a mini-boss at the end of city blocks! If you defeat the Mecha F.R.O.G, some say you can use it as a vehicle… MECH RAMPAGE?!
New Loot Modifiers

With most of these additions come new combinations of builds you can discover using previously existing modifiers!

1. Roll/dive Bomb
  • Chance to leave a bomb upon any roll or dive. Higher quality loot for higher chances!
2. Double Jump Reflect
  • Create a small deflection blast around you after a double jump.
3. Chargeshot Juice Regen
  • Hold down your chargeshot to generate Mutation Juice for your alien friends! Higher quality loot for more juice per second!
4. Metal Detector
  • Find lunch money while digging in the ground! Higher quality loot for more lunch money!
New Art and Areas

There are now three new city blocks for invaders to explore (and destroy), in addition to numerous art updates sprinkled throughout the game!

1. Highway Underpass and Overpass
2. Rubble of What Once Was
3. A Lot of Parking Lot
4. Background Art Updates

Art for Meow Motors, Gas Pass, Cinema, Bookstore, and the ad for Horseass Grillery has been updated! Sidewalks are more destroyed, yay for destruction!


1. Keybot and Chomper Wall Level Adjustments
  • The Keybot now spawns earlier in Chomper Wall levels! Chase it down and shoot it while running from the spike wall.
2. Hazard Change: Bounder
  • The Bounder is now larger and in charger. He shall not be ignored!
3. Mutation Change: Dispatch
  • Helper invader aliens will shoot more often and scale with player damage (both Dispatcher mutation aliens and those found in the wild).
4. Objective Change: WOOSTER Arrives
  • The generic “Kill-Purple-Enemies” objective has been replaced with WOOSTER, the ultra-wide robot.
5. Objective Change: Ice Cream
  • Agents now carry around ice cream they’ve stolen from the sewer children. You must defeat the agent and return the ice cream to the child!
6. More Level Updates!
  • There are now many more vehicles to jump around on and explode! Suburban areas have also been retooled with a sprinkle of new things to discover.
1. Danger Level
  • Danger Level now caps out at 15 minutes instead of 7.5, but the max values (damage, projectile speed, etc.) are now twice as high.
2. Fax Machine and Intel
  • Fax Machines will now spawn closer, meaning the Mothership has less reason to get mad at you, right? Less intel is required per objective, too!
3. Eradicators
  • Eradicators now have less health and hog less of the area.
4. Spark Bot
  • The bot that breathes flames won’t be knocking you away anymore, so remember to stop, drop, n’ roll!
5. Juiceman
  • Juiceman’s health has been raised, and his dig attack is now buffed.
6. Grunt Agents
  • Grunt agents spawned in swarm levels are no longer weaker than normal grunts.
7. Lightning Gun
  • Lightning Gun’s charge shot has been buffed and is now better at triggering the chain lightning effect, but the regular shot is slightly worse at applying the status.
8. Alien Blaster
  • Alien Blaster now deals slightly more damage, is twice as accurate, and has slightly more range. For those who love the classics – we see you!
9. Medic Mutation
  • The Medic mutation can be used more often, but now heals slightly less. Apologies if you haven’t gotten that achievement yet.
10. Newborn Hominid Stats
  • Newborn hominids run and dig slightly slower, but jump slightly faster. Jumping around and dodging bullets should now be a bit easier, but riding enemies, movement modifiers, and the Speed Demon mutation are more key than ever when cross-country invading!
Quality of Alien Lifeform Updates
1. Turret Hazard
  • Turret hazards that shoot weighted orbs can now be destroyed because they are annoying when you can’t!
2. Flinch Recovery
  • Aliens now recover from flinching more quickly! You’ll find yourself recovering faster, so you can survive a little more.
3. Bigger Boost Numbers
  • Numbers found on your boost slots are universally stronger than before! BIGGER NUMBERS, BIGGER POWER!
4. Agent Blaster Projectile
  • The agent blaster projectile’s flinch and stun effect has been shortened.
5. Indicator on Riding Enemies
  • Don’t lose sight of yourself when riding on enemies with this new handy dandy graphic!
6. Mothership Memory UI
  • The Mothership’s memory UI has been updated to be organized a bit better.
Bug Fixes
  • Settings – Fixed a resolution bug when switching to borderless windowed mode
  • Gameplay – Fixed a bug where advanced objectives were not available in railroad levels
  • Gameplay – Fixed a bug with Armored Flametroopers moving slowly in C.H.O.M.P.E.R. lockdown zones
  • Gameplay – Fixed a bug where location indicator icons displayed the pigment of the AI alien rather than the players’
  • Gameplay – players are now able to ride Cybernids
  • Online – Fixed a bug with online camera movement when players are in arena wall objectives
  • Online – Fixed a bug where visual indicators for crits were not visible to all players
  • Online – Fixed various bugs with joining an online game that is at the final in-game cutscene
  • Level – Fixed a bug where there would be an inaccurate amount of agents in the observation room prior to a boss level
  • Level – Fixed a bug where the General would appear crying again after a sequence had ended. Poor General.
  • Localization – adjusted some translations based on feedback
  • General – Various Local and Online QOL bug fixes

Alien Hominid Invasion – Ver. ??? (Part 1)

  • Release date: December 11th 2023 (North America) / December 12th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
1. 23 New Achievements

A whole new set of achievements have arrived! Time to show us what you’ve got. Again.

2. Updated Map Algorithm

What’s that you say? You like making more meaningful decisions in your invasion paths? We have great news for you, then!

There are more deliberate pathways in the generated mission maps, making it more common to have hard choices! Uh oh! Overall Danger-Per-Level added per block has been lowered to compensate for the longer pathways that can appear.

3. Mutations Galore?

When you defeat a boss at their HQ, you can now select from a wider initial pool of Mutations, increasing randomness and making playthroughs more curious!

4. New November AND Winter Seasonal Attire

The aliens have observed us and increased the discoverable alien head pool with November-esque and Winter cosmetics!

Balance Pass

1. Alien Irradiator

This weapon now takes 0.3 seconds longer to reach ultra-white-hot-melting on targets.

2. Enemy Danger Level Behavior

We’ve tuned the Agency’s scaling to work differently. In later Danger Levels, enemies won’t fire bullets with as much boosted velocity as before, meaning the cloud of green death will approach you a bit slower and give you a better chance to dodge!

3. Agency Grunt Standard Issue Blaster

Grunts are massacring invaders, and still will, though their damage per-bullet output has been lowered, along with a longer time to reach maximum velocity for more of a “tell.”

4. Agency Mini-Mech Attack

Damage per-bullet output is lowered when Agents are operating the Mini-Mech. They don’t know how to use them as effectively as you!

5. Installball 2.0, Spinner of Fists

Installball’s Megaflight ability now tracks players better – “Injustice rains from above!” Stationary tantrums hurt less, because stationary tantrums shouldn’t hurt that much.

6. Lozenge Man Attack

Damage per-bullet output lowered for Lozenge Man, whose main job is supposed to be more “slowing aliens down” and less “mowing aliens down like he’s holding four blasters at once.”

7. Hunterbot Attack

Speed, range, and follow time on the Hunterbot’s projectiles have been slightly reduced, but their homing has been increased. Hunterbot attacks should still be spooky, but are now a bit more satisfying to dodge.

Other Changes

1. Update to Maximum # of Enemies, Part 2

Previously, we lowered the number of enemies that spawned per player. Now, we’ve tweaked the solo experience as well. The overall number of enemies should look less like a flood and more like a… slightly smaller flood.

2. Update to Objective Placement

Objective objects (fishbowls, ice cream, etc.) now have a greater chance of spawning lower in the level. Aliens are great climbers (and flyers!), but repeatedly needing to get to the tops of tall buildings could be especially rough on new invaders.

Bug Fixes

  • Input – fixed several analogue issues with Pro Controllers
  • Input – added additional controller configurations
  • UI – Fixed bug where Claim All was awarding additional loot
  • Gameplay – Dispatcher aliens now inherit damage boost
  • Gameplay – Fixed bug where enemies were spawning inside the jungle gym frog
  • Level – Fixed various art sorting bugs
  • Level – Fixed bug where quickly moving through the Pre-HQ doorway affected guard animations
  • Level – Fixed camera bug with the 3rd Pre-HQ doorman
  • Enemies – Fixed bug with Installball_b getting stuck on objects
  • Enemies – W.A.S.P. and Hunters now take damage from deflected turret bullets
  • Checkpoint – Fixed bug where 2 keys would sometimes appear during Checkpoint levels
  • Online – Fixed a visual delay that occurred when changing pigments in the hideout
  • Online – Fixed bug where Hunter death particle effects were sometimes missing for clients
  • Online – Fixed a desync that occurred when a player enters the hideout while a mutation is already activated
  • General – Various Local and Online QOL bug fixes

Alien Hominid Invasion – Ver. ???

  • Release date: November 13th 2023 (North America) / November 14th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Weapon Updates
How does damage work?

When the alien pulls the trigger, each bullet will be assigned damage within the given spread of numbers randomly. The numbers represented below are MINIMUM -> MAXIMUM damage per bullet.

1. Human Machine Gun

Human Machine Gun now has more oomph per clip, due to downtime of reloads.

Damage change on REGULAR SHOT:
Before: 5.25 -> 10.5 (x5 bullet)
After: 5.7 -> 11.25 (x5 bullet)

2. Lightning Gun

This weapon originally didn’t scale well in higher tiers and will now reward aggressive chargeshot + regular shot assault combos.

Damage change on REGULAR SHOT:
Before: 3 -> 4.5
After: 3.3 -> 6.0

Damage change on CHARGE SHOT ZAP:
Before: 1.65 -> 4.2 (interval 0.15/second)
After: 2.1 -> 4.95 (interval 0.13/second)

3. Energy Knife

Energy Knives, also known as swords, can no longer come with Fire Rate modifiers, as invaders couldn’t swing fast enough to notice.

4. Minigun

Minigun now spins up faster, hits a little harder at maximums, and is a little easier to control on recoil.

Firerate Before: 0.20 -> 0.075
Firerate After: 0.10 -> 0.075

Maximum damage on a bullet:
Before: 8.70
After: 9.15

Range maximum change:
Before: 6.75 meters
After: 7.75 meters

5. Megashot

Megashot now applies its status effect on initial contact and third hit, has faster base speed bullets, and has a shorter chargeshot time.

Base Critical Hit Chance from -5% to 3%.

Apply-Status chance on REGULAR SHOT:
Before: 51% mega-acid1, 25% mega-acid2
After: 100% mega-acid1, 45% mega-acid2

Before: 5.5 -> 7.5 meters/second
After: 6.5 -> 9.0 meters/second

Before: 1.40 seconds
After: 1.20 seconds

6. Sawed Off

When firing, the lucky high rolls of the damage for this weapon scaled incredibly with high tier gear. It should feel unchanged in most scenarios.

Damage change on each pellet REGULAR SHOT:
Before: 12 -> 28.5 (base crit chance 5%) x3 pellets
After: 10.5 –> 19.5 (base crit chance 2.5%) x3 pellets

7. Spreadshot

Needed a little more oomph. Got oomph.

Before: 3.9 -> 6.0 (x3 bullet)
After: 4.5 -> 6.45 (x3 bullet)

Boss Updates
1. Installball 2.0, Next of Spin
  • Health reduced
  • Eye projectile damage down
2. Bustletron, Spinner of Fists
  • Health reduced
  • Bustletron fist missiles now do less damage to invaders (10% health damage instead of 20%)
Other Changes
Update to Maximum # of Enemies

Aliens now add 0.75 additional enemy slots per player instead of 1.0 (4.0 maximum slots to 3.0 maximum slots). What this means in human terms is that there won’t be as many maximum enemies in 3-4 player games.

How to download updates for Alien Hominid Invasion for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Alien Hominid Invasion, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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