Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice: dev. / localisation blog posts, character profiles, more

With less than a week until release, you might be in need of something to help you wait until Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is finally on your SD Card. Good news, Capcom has shared quite a bit of content in the past couple of days, and this should keep you busy for a little while!

First, we have the latest development and localisation blog post:

  • A Revolutionary Demo (Yoriki Daigo, Game Designer)

Click here to check it out!

Talking of localisation, Siliconera published part of their interview with Janet Hsu (Localisation Director), yesterday. She explains that the Ace Attorney games are first created for a Japanese audience, without really taking into account western fans (so that the writers can write without feeling constrained). Click here to check out the full thing!

Next, we have the latest and last character profile, which is for Ema Skye. She makes her comeback in this 6th mainline entry, and this time, she’s a full-fledged forensics investigator! Click here to check out her character profile.

By the way, if you’re headed to PAX West this week-end, make sure to drop by Capcom’s booth to try out Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice!

Fast-forward to one week after the launch of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. Yesterday, Capcom announced that there would be a special stage show on September 17th (at the Tokyo Game Show), for the 15th Anniversary of the series.

Several people will be there, including Motohide Eshiro (Producer of the series, and host for this stage show), Takayuki Kondou (Phoenix Wright’s voice actor in the games) and KENN (Apollo Justice’s voice actor). This stage show will consist of a talk show about the series, but there will also be a “latest info corner”, with “welcome” information. Whatever Capcom means by “welcome” information, we will find out on September 17th!

This stage will take place on September 17th, at:

  • Europe: 8AM to 8.40AM
  • UK: 7AM to 7.40AM
  • North America (EST): 2AM to 2.40AM
  • North America (PST): 1AM to 1.40AM
  • Japan: 3PM to 3.40PM

Finally, if you’re feeling a bit hungry, what about some Ace Attorney cakes, cupcakes, or maccarons?

Source: Capcom / Famitsu
Via: Court Records



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