7th Dragon III: some details about four of the classes

7th Dragon IIIIn 7th Dragon III code:VFD, you have access to various classes for your characters. Yesterday, SEGA revealed some details about four of them: Rune Knight, Fortuner, Mage and Vanisher.

  • Rune Knight: they’re magic swordmen/women. In battle, they use small knives and elemental/effect-based attacks. They’re called the Masters of Defense, as they can not only heal themselves and their teammates, but also protect allies from attacks.

Here’s two of their skills:

  1. Knight’s Pride: activated automatically when their health reaches 0. The amount of damage dealt to enemies depends on how much damage they took before going down. Deals non-elemental damage.
  2. Brave Sword: a close-range magic attack. Using it make them lose half their HP, but the more health they lose while using it, the more powerful the attack will end up.
  • Fortuner: they are called the fortunetellers of the battlefield. Their specialty? Inflicting various status ailments to enemies. This not only make monsters weaker: they also know special skills which are more powerful if the target has a status ailment… how convenient!

Here’s two of their skills:

  1. Poem of Wind and Trees: allows all team members to regenarate each turn.
  2. Sacrifice: a really powerful attacks that consumes a lot of MP.  Unfortunately, the user is forced to withdraw from battle after launching it.
  • Mage: magic is their specialty. They can use it for attacking (with various effects) or for healing. They have a low defense, so make sure the other party members are there to protect them.

Here’s two of their skills:

  1. Volcano: long-range fire magic, which burns enemies.
  2. Mana Bullet: long-rage attack dealing a huge amount of damage to all enemies.
  • Vanisher: they use a weapon called Armored Spear, a hybrid between a spear and mortar. They’re the best when it comes to amount of HP and raw attack power. In order to use their most powerful attacks, they need explosives: if you use too much of that, you will need to supplement it.

Here’s two of their skills:

  1. Assault Spear: a powerful close-range attack. You first need to select a group of enemies before launching it.
  2. Dragon Fire: long-range attack with fire attribute. It can do extra damage against dragons, but it requires mana and explosives.

7th Dragon III code:VFD (3DS) comes out on October 15th in Japan.

Source: Siliconera


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