Super Mario Odyssey soundtrack album releasing in February in Japan; Sound Selection on iTunes (Dec. 22nd)

Mario games have always been known for their fantastic soundtrack (provided the amount of bwah bwahs is kept to a minimum), and naturally, Super Mario Odyssey is no exception. If you’ve been dying to the listen to the full soundtrack in optimal quality, you will soon be able to, thanks to the Original Soundtrack album!

Today, Nintendo announced that the Super Mario Odyssey Original Soundtrack album would be released on February 28th in Japan. It will cost 4 600 Yen, and it includes no less than 4CDs + 1 booklet. On those four discs, you will find no less than 136 tracks (no tracklist available as of writing):

  • Disc 1: 31 tracks
  • Disc 2: 31 tracks
  • Disc 3: 31 tracks
  • Disc 4: 43 tracks

The album will include pretty much all the tracks from the game. And by “all the tracks”, we truly mean “all the tracks”: world BGM, boss battle music, cutscene music, 8-bit version of music tracks, but also Jump Up, Super Star! and Break Free (Lead The Way) + their instrumental versions, and even the various jingles!

As mentioned above, the album will include a booklet with some comments from Aimi Mukohara (singer of the Japanese version of Jump Up, Super Star!), comments from the development team, the lyrics for the full version of Jump Up, Super Star! and Break Free (Lead The Way) (in English), and more. The album also comes with two sheets of stickers!

Here’s what the cover of the Super Mario Odyssey soundtrack album looks like:

If you’re interested, you can pre-order this soundtrack album from the following sites:

For those of you who really cannot wait for February 28th, Nintendo is going to release a Sound Selection album on iTunes tomorrow (December 22nd). It includes the following 12 tracks:

  • Cascade Kingdom
  • Tostarena
  • Steam Gardens
  • New Donk City
  • Jump Up, Super Star! (NDC Festival Edition)
  • Shiveria
  • Bowser’s Castle
  • Break Free! (Lead The Way)
  • Jump Up, Super Star! (Japanese version)
  • Break Free! (Lead The Way) (Japanese version)
  • Jump Up, Super Star! (Karaoke version)
  • Break Free! (Lead The Way) (Karaoke version)

Source: Being / Nintendo (Twitter)



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