New Nintendo 3DS coming to North America after all?

During the January Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed its launch plans for the New Nintendo 3DS in Europe and North America. Unfortunately, the regular model was to be launched only in Europe (along with Japan and Australia/New Zealand, who got it last year), and North American players could only pick up the XL model.

But it looks like the New Nintendo 3DS is coming to North America after all (in the United States, at the very least). Nintendo apparently submitted this model of New 3DS to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which is a sign that the company is (or was) planning to launch this model of New Nintendo 3DS in the United States.

Here’s some pics of documents found on the FCC website, including the manual, which clearly show the New Nintendo 3DS (and not the New Nintendo 3DS XL):

Of course, it’s safer to wait for an official announcement from Nintendo before celebrating, as submitting a device to the FCC isn’t a guarantee said device will be released.

One interesting tidbit: documents for both the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS XL were submitted at the same time, which means that Nintendo had always planned a staggered release for the two models…. provided they are planning to release the New Nintendo 3DS in North America.

Source: FCC
Via: NeoGAF



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