Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Software updates (latest update: Patch 9)

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

In this post, you will find everything there is to know about the Software updates for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (originally released on May 11th, 2017 in North America, and May 12th, 2017 in Europe and Japan).

NB: this game is listed in the “Nintendo Switch (retail)” category on the Software updates page because it technically is a retail title; it simply launched first on the Nintendo eShop.

Looking for details on updates for Minecraft: Wii U Edition? Click here! Also, massive update coming to Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition this Summer! (More details can also found in this post and this one)

How to download updates for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates manually, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Patch 9

  • Release date: November 14th 2017 (worldwide)
  • Patch notes:
    • Added Minecon Earth Skin Pack

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Patch 8

  • Release date: October 26th (North America) / October 27th (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
    • Added Stranger Things Skin Pack.
    • Add a time-limited Halloween Tumble arena, including specially themed layers!
    • Added the “Custom” game type to the Battle Mini Game with a huge variety of new settings, including:
      • Enable choosing the number of lives per round that each player gets.
      • Enable choosing the number of rounds to play before the winner is selected.
      • Enable forcing map size.
      • A variety of different options to manage how players heal, and how quickly they get hungry.
      • Added the No Armor item set to Custom Battle games, an item set designed to keep the combat fast-paced and exciting.
      • Added the High Power item set to Custom Battle games, allowing you to play Battle with some of the most powerful items in Minecraft!
      • Added the Decayed item set to Custom Battle games; every item breaks after a few uses, so you’ll need to keep moving.
      • Added the Food Central item set to Custom Battle games. Food is only found in the centre chests, and equipment only in the outer chests.
    • Added the “Custom” game type to Tumble Mini Game with a huge variety of new settings, including:
      • Enable choosing the number of lives per round that each player gets.
      • Enable choosing the number of layers, and controlling the size of the layers.
      • Added Fireworks as a usable weapon in Custom Tumble games.
      • Added Splash Potions of Levitation as a usable weapon in Custom Tumble games.
      • Added Spectator Participation to Custom Tumble games!
    •  Players can now spectate Battle and Tumble Mini Games as a Parrot, Vex, or floating head.
  • Additional notes: this update is required for the last DLC pack. Click here for more details!
  • Source: 4J Studios

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Patch 7

  • Release date: August 29th (North America) / August 30th (Europe, Japan)
  • File size: ???MB
  • Patch notes:
  • Added Glide Myths Track Pack; Drift through the clouds of Icarus, dive into conflict in Excalibur, and ride with the Kelpies in Celts.
  • Added “Strangers – Biome Settlers 3” Skin Pack.
  • Enable transferring save from Wii U Edition (click here for more details!)
  • Fixed slow moving mobs in water.
  • Endermen and Endermites should always be hostile to each other.
  • Polar Bears should not attack the player when in peaceful mode.
  • Wither Skeletons no longer fear daylight, and will attack anything that lives.
  • Zombie Horses and Skeleton Horses can now be tamed and leashed.
  • Skeletons shouldn’t attack Village Golems.
  • Strays now flee from Wolves.
  • Wolves should not become hostile against mobs that they can’t directly see.
  • Fix for Farmer Villagers not planting seeds often enough.
  • Crafting any kind of Boat now requires a Wooden Shovel.
  • String can now be crafted from Web.
  • Purpur Stairs and Slabs can now be crafted from both Purpur Blocks and Pillars.
  • Stone Slabs, Redstone Repeaters, and Redstone Comparators can now be crafted from Stone, Granite, Andesite, Diorite, and their Polished variants.
  • Observers should register changes to Item Frames.
  • Observers should register changes to Doors.
  • Observers should register changes to Flower Pots.
  • Observers should not output extra signals for fire block state changes.
  • Observers should not output multiple signals when lava or water is place in front of them.
  • Pistons can now push Daylight Sensors.
  • Potion durations have changed.
  • Fixed area in the Mini Game Lobby that caused players to become invulnerable in the Mini Game if they were in this location when the round started.
  • Fix for MCCE-5523 – Pick Block in Creative
  • Fix for MCCE-5549 – Hotbar is not centered in splitscreen battle
  • Fix for MCCE-2000 – Zombies get stuck in water
  • Fix for MCCE-2868 – Levitation effect all in Capitals
  • Additional notes: for more details about the save data transfer and the DLC, check out this post!
  • Source: 4J Studios

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Patch 6

  • Release date: July 25th (North America) / July 26th (Europe, Japan)
  • File size: ???MB
  • Patch notes:
  • Added Canyon, a free Glide track.
  • Added Biome Settlers 2 Skin pack.
  • Added Terracotta and Glazed Terracotta layers to Tumble.
  • Enable 1080p display when placed in the Nintendo Switch Dock.
  • Improved performance in Solo Glide when restarting the level (particularly with split-screen spectators).
  • Totem of Undying now also applies Fire Resistance II.
  • Fixed some areas where it was possible to escape from Battle maps or Glide tracks.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to milk a Cow in Creative Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where players were being teleported back to the Nether portal shortly after arriving in the other dimension.
  • Fixed a bug where broken Banners wouldn’t stack with crafted Banners.
  • Fixed a bug where Wheat, Ladders, and Banners were not correctly spawning in Woodland Mansions.
  • Fixed a bug where Monster Spawners in Woodland Mansions were Pigs instead of Spiders.
  • Fixed a bug where the Item Frame icon appeared when holding a Map.
  • Fixed an incorrect death message when players were killed by Zombie Villagers.
  • Fix for custom names of Mobs not being shown in death messages.
  • Fix for being unable to unlock “Sniper Duel”.
  • Fix for being unable to unlock “Camouflage”.
  • Fix for MCCE #5183 – Player can kill a tamed Parrot with PvP disabled.
  • Fix for MCCE #5062 – Farmer Villagers only plant one seed after harvesting a whole crop of seeds from a field.
  • Fix for MCCE #4103 – Time spent on the Pause menu when under water counts towards the “Free Diver” trophy.
  • Fix for MCCE #3112 – When trying to throw food, Villagers throw it in the wrong direction.
  • Fix for MCCE #5219 – Two types of Bone Block with different pictures.
  • Fix for MCCE #4989 – Zombie Villager Spawn eggs are the wrong colour.
  • Fix for MCCE #5261 – Flower hitbox is displaced.
  • Fix for MCCE #4897 – Beds explode when TNT Explodes is disabled.
  • Fix for MCCE #4954 – Mobs can’t move with a block above them.
  • Fix for MCCE #3010 – Constructing an End portal in a certain method can lead to the End Portal being created next to the portal frame.
  • Fix for MCCE #5292 – Only regular Skeletons spawning in the Nether.
  • Fix for MCCE #5151 & MCCE #5208 – Item frames don’t show the custom name of their items.
  • Additional note: the update is required for the latest DLC Packs! Click here for more details.
  • Source: 4J Studios

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Patch 5

  • Release date: June 29th (North America) / June 30th (Europe, Japan)
  • File size: ???MB
  • Patch notes:
  • Fix for issue causing the loss of Shulker Box contents on loading from a previous save.
  • Fix for Empty Bucket not being returned to inventory after crafting a Cake.
  • Fix for Furnaces not leaving an Empty Bucket after using a Lava Bucket as fuel.
  • Fix for efficiency enchantments on tools not working correctly.
  • Fix for pistons not extending when the piston above them extends.
  • Fix for Horse armour not appearing on horses that don’t have markings.
  • Fix for Pistons no longer being available in the Crafting menu.
  • Fix for observers outputting constant power if they can detect changes from another observer.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Patch 4

  • Release date: June 27th (North America) / June 28th (Europe, Japan)
  • File size: ???MB
  • Patch notes:
  • Added Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack.
  • Added 7 New Achievements
  • Added Biome Scale Slider
  • Added Find Balanced Seed option
  • Added Llamas, new mobs that can be tamed and ridden, and will form caravans when led.
  • Added Parrots. Try letting them ride your shoulder, but be careful what you feed them!
  • Added Woodland Mansions, and the mobs that inhabit them: Vindicators, Evokers, and the annoying Vexes that they summon.
  • Added Explorer Maps to help you find Ocean Temples and the new Woodland Mansions, and the new Cartographer Villager to sell them to you.
  • Added Observer Blocks.
  • Added Totem of Undying item.
  • Added Curses of Binding and Vanishing.
  • Added Spawn Eggs to the Creative Menu for Skeleton Horses, Zombie Horses, Elder Guardians, Strays, Wither Skeletons, Husks, and Zombie Villagers.
  • Updated Textures for Mule and Donkey Spawn Eggs.
  • Added dyeable beds
  • Added display of status effects on the HUD.
  • Reduced the amount of Food Bar drain player many actions cause, but increased the drain caused by health regeneration.
  • Torches can now be placed on the full-block side of Stairs
  • Iron bars, glass panes and fences adjacent to the full-block side of a stair will now visually connect.
  • Carpet and snow layers can now be placed on top of upside-down stairs.
  • Beds are now bouncy, though they do not completely reduce all fall damage.

Bug Fixes

  • MCCE-4806 – No option to invert X axis on the Nintendo Switch
  • MCCE-3488 – Villager trading broken
  • MCCE-4793 – Loose dual wielded item when you die
  • MCCE-4731 – Shulker box miss colored in Natural texture pack
  • MCCE-4910 – Shulker Boxes on Natural texture pack
  • MCCE-4746 – Sleeping with an elytra
  • MCCE-3357 – End portals stop appearing after respawned dragon death
  • MCCE-2998 – Slime Block Glitch
  • MCCE-4715 – Potions firing from dispenser crash.
  • MCCE-2744 – Fences Attaching to Nether Brick Fences
  • MCCE-3165 – Tutorial World
  • MCCE-4830 – Skin-Pack: Magic: The Gathering, Ajani skin has bugs
  • MCCE-4840 – Color of shulker box incorrect in Natural texture pack
  • MCCE-4834 – skeletons spawn in a 2 high space with trapdoors on ceiling
  • MCCE-4663 – Weapon durability shows when interface opacity is low
  • MCCE-4727 – Textures wrong
  • MCCE-3973 – Donkeys don’t spawn
  • MCCE-4710 – Invisible Chat Box
  • MCCE-1899 – Squid spawning limit super low…
  • MCCE-3386 – Game freezes
  • MCCE-2983 – Piston translocation will not work in future versions. Bug?
  • MCCE-2479 – It’s possible to step up 1 pixel height from Grass Paths to Farmland blocks.
  • MCCE-4644 – Birch boat texture is broken in cartoon texture pack
  • Additional notes: this update is required to get the latest DLC. For more details about said DLC, click here!
  • Source: 4J Studios

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Patch 3

  • Release date: May 30th (North America) / May 31st (Europe, Japan)
  • File size: ???MB
  • Patch notes:
  • Added Glide!
  • Updated Switch Features to be inline with other platforms
  • Added Adventure Time Mash-up Pack.
  • Added Magic: The Gathering Skin Pack.
  • Added Chinese Mythology Battle Map.
  • Added Temple, a free Glide track.
  • Your best run in Glide will now be recorded (as long as it is under 5 minutes), and a Ghost will fly alongside you in Solo Mode to help you improve!
  • The default controls have been changed slightly, and you can now define your own control scheme in the options menu.
  • Added Pick Block – This is unassigned by default.
  • Added Off-hand slot for Maps and Arrows.
  • Added Shulker Box item.
  • Added Shulker Shell item.
  • Added Iron Nugget item. You can now smelt Iron and Gold armour into nuggets.
  • More items can now be used as fuel in a furnace.
  • Added new Note Block sounds
  • Added some new sound effects for filling Cauldrons, paddling Boats, using a Fishing Rod, and End Portals.
  • Using a Firework while gliding with Elytra will now give you a boost. Don’t try this at home!
  • Added Concrete Powder Blocks – 16 Different colors!
  • Added Concrete Blocks – 16 Different colors!
  • Added Glazed Terracotta Block – 16 Different patterns!
  • Changed the color of Dyes, Wool and Banners

Bug Fixes

  • MCCE-4554 – Take Damage when falling into slime block
  • MCCE-4704 – Fall Damage being taken in 1×1 areas
  • MCCE-4551 – Falling in shallow water is damaging players
  • MCCE-2308 – Player Glitched out in Battle Mode
  • MCCE-2902 – Squids not spawning in anything man-made
  • MCCE-4604 – Battle Mode Spawn Glitch
  • MCCE-2019 – Some times when with a arrow or hit the players scren will freeze or shake.
  • MCCE-4223 – elytra fly glitch
  • MCCE-3164 – Rabbits
  • MCCE-4662 – Exp from Coal not going to mending
  • MCCE-4591 – Map direction icon skewed
  • MCCE-4278 – Banner are giant

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Patch 2

  • Release date: May 19th (worldwide)
  • File size: ???MB
  • Patch notes:
  • Fix for false presses of Home and Screenshot buttons reported in Retail
  • Fix for Swap AB not functioning with Switch Pro Controllers
  • Added Missing Campfire Tales Skin Pack
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Official website: click here!

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – Patch 1

  • Release date: May 11th (North America) / May 12th (Europe, Japan)
  • File size: ???MB
  • Patch notes:
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Additional notes: Day 1 update;
  • Official website: click here!

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