Miitomo: new update available (Ver. 1.4.0), adds Candy Drop mini-game, more

Update: on the official Twitter account, Nintendo recommends users with Ver. 1.2.1 to update. Starting today, users with an outdated version will get a message telling them to update when they launch the app.


On Monday, Nintendo announced that a brand new update for Miitomo would be released “soon”. And it turns out that “soon” actually means today (July 28th)! The game is now available in Brasil, so it’s most likely why the update was released today specifically (Ver. 1.3.0 also dropped on the same day as the release in Switzerland and Mexico).

Without further ado, here’s the official and complete changelog for Miitomo ver. 1.4.0:

  • Added a new minigame, Candy Drop. Drop candy to get game tickets!
  • You can now hear friends’ answers when visiting their rooms without using candy.
  • You can now choose whether or not you want to receive the Miifoto of the Day.
  • You can now select which friends’ answers you will hear.
  • You can now chose who visits your room!
  • Improved image quality when saving Miifotos to your device.
  • Brazilian Portuguese is now supported.
  • Implemented bug fixes and speed optimizations.

To download this update, you simply need to click on the notification that should appear on your device. Alternatively, you can simply go to the Play Store (Android) or the AppStore (iOS), and select the update from the list. You will need 32MB of free space on your Android device, and 11.87MB of free space on your iOS device.

To check that you have the latest version of Miitomo installed, simply launch the game: you should see Miitomo Ver. 1.4.0 at the bottom right corner of the screen (alternatively, you can see that in the “Other” section of the Miitomo Menu):

Finally, some good news for users with a rooted device (or one detected as such by Nintendo, despite not being rooted at all): this new version of Miitomo is compatible with the same version of Security Bypasser as Ver. 1.3.0.!



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