Attack on Titan 2: pre-launch presentation (opening movie, DLC schedule, more)

Ahead of the launch of Attack on Titan 2, this week in Japan (on March 15th) and next week in Europe and North America (on March 20th), Koei-Tecmo uploaded a special presentation on YouTube. It features Yui Ishikawa (who voices Mikasa Ackerman) and Hiro Shimono (who voices Conny Springer), and reveals various bit of information about the game.

First, we have the opening movie, which is shown at 5:25. It’s not clear whether it will be uploaded separately, but if it is, we will make sure to share it with you! After that, there’s some gameplay footage from 9:48, and more precisely from the mission called “The World The Girl Saw”. From 19:50, you can see some footage from the Town Life segments.

Then from 31:14, you have a look at the contents of the Treasure Box Edition, available in Japan:

  • Official Survey Corps Records Collection (A4, 64 pages, full colour): the usual artbook with details and pictures about the characters, Titans, the world, and more;
  • Soundtrack CD (33 tracks, 73 minutes, 4 pages booklet)
  • Characters pins (23mm x 29mm, 8 types): Eren, Mikasa, Levin, Ervin, Reiner, Berthold, Christa, Ymir
  • Premium Posters (A4)

After that, from 40:17, there’s some more gameplay footage, this time from co-op. And from 51:24, there’s footage from the VS mode, and recorded from the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Finally, during the latest part of the presentation, the DLC schedule for the game was revealed. Besides the DLC costumes mentioned in this post, the game is also getting some additional episodes. They will be released over a month, and will be available as part of a Season Pass.

Here’s the schedule:

Week 1 – March 27th

  • A Sudden Rain
  • Goddess Salvation
  • A Cornered Rat

Week 2 – April 3rd

  • Biological Research Scout Mission
  • White Out
  • Proof of Expertise

Week 3 – April 10th

  • Discouragement and the Leaning Tower
  • Singular Target
  • Attack IQ Championship

Week 4 – April 17th

  • A Titan Worth A Thousand
  • Skill Demonstration
  • Second Victory

Also, on March 29th, a post-launch update will add a new game mode called Predator Mode. It’s a battle royale where up to 4 players become Titans, and try to eat up as many tasty little humans as possible. The player with the most humans eaten is the winner! Of course, things are not as easy as it seems, as characters such as Eren and Levi will appear, to try and stop you.

Finally, here’s the full recording of the presentation:

Attack on Titan 2 (Switch) comes out on March 15th in Japan, and March 20th in Europe and North America.



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