Ace Attorney novel releasing next month in Japan


Here’s the cover of this first Ace Attorney novel:

There’s also some additional details about the story: Phoenix Wright will have to deal with not just one, but two decisive witnesses. As for the prosecutor for the case, it’s none other tha Simon Blackquill from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies.

Source: Capcom
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***Ace Attorney 15th AnniversaryThe Ace Attorney series first appeared on GameBoy Advance in 2001, and since then, there has been video games (handhelds, consoles, PC, mobile phones, smartphones, pachinko machine), spin-offs, artbooks, soundtrack albums, arrange albums, orchestral concerts, musicals, a live-action movie, an animated series, theatre plays, manga, countless goodies, tons of official merchandise, and probably various other things we overlooked.

But there was one thing that was missing: a novel. Well, not for much longer, because the very first Ace Attorney novel will be released next month in Japan, on June 15th. It’s called “Gyakuten Saiban – Gyakuten Idol” (lit: “Ace Attorney – Turnabout Idol”). It will cost 734 Yen, and can be pre-ordered on

In this novel, an incident happens while Phoenix Wright is doing some shopping at a shopping mall. An idol named Sumomo Momogaya is then arrested as a murder suspect, and naturally, Phoenix Wright decides to defend her in court.

This Ace Attorney novel was written by one Mie Takase, who was written quite a lot of Light Novels and novel adaptations of video games (Kirby, Fire Emblem, Style Savvy, Persona, Sengoku Basara, Story of Seasons, and many more). Illustrations were done by Kikuyaro, who does a lot of Ace Attorney illustration work (for the Japanese Ace Attorney mail magazine, primarily).

Unfortunately, we don’t know what the cover looks like right now.

Source: Court-Records



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