Youkai Watch: over 7 million units sold for the games

In 2013, on July 2013, a game called Youkai Watch came out in Japan. At first, it may have seemed like a moderately successful new IP from Level-5, and the game did keep on selling during the new few months. But then came the animated series, in January 2014, and the popularity of the game (and the franchise as a whole) literally exploded. Now fastforward to March 2015, and the four Youkai Watch games have sold over 7 million units (retail + digital)!

But it’s not just the games that are successful: pretty much everything Youkai Watch-related is extremely popular in Japan. Today, Level-5 announced that over 200 million Youkai medals have been sold to this date; as for the various Youkai Watch books (including the manga), their sales have now topped 10 million units. As for the first movie, it has generated over 7.6 billion Yen of revenue so far… and is still not available on DVD/Blu-Ray!

With the Youkai Watch franchise being so popular, it’s no wonder Level-5 has already started teasing the third game: it will be revealed next month, during the Level-5 Vision event (on April 7th). A spin-off, based on the Youkai Watch Buster mode from Youkai Watch 2, is also in the works.

Level-5 Vision

The Youkai Watch franchise should be launched this year in Europe and North America.




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