Yo-kai Watch Busters releasing on April 19th in South Korea, western release incoming?

There’s quite a few Yo-kai Watch games on Nintendo 3DS, and so far, only 2 of them have been released outside Japan: Yo-kai Watch, and Yo-kai Watch 2 (3 versions). But there are more of them still available only in Japan, including Yo-kai Watch Busters. The good news is, it looks like this one could be headed to Europe and North America.

Yesterday, Nintendo Korea announced that the two versions of Yo-kai Watch Busters (an action RPG based on the mini-game from Yo-kai Watch 2) would be released on April 19th in South Korea.

Considering the previous Yo-kai Watch games were released in South Korea after the North American releases, this may be a sign that Yo-kai Watch Busters is also headed to Europe and North America (where it will most likely be known as Yo-kai Watch Blasters, like the mini-game in Yo-kai Watch 2), in April.

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet, but it’s at least a positive sign. Earlier this year, Level-5 was teasing something regarding Yo-kai Watch 3, so it does seem like the company still intends to localise games for Europe and North America (not surprising since the series is still quite popular in the former).

If an April release is truly happening for Yo-kai Watch Busters, then that means we’re going to get an announcement within the next few weeks!

Source: Nintendo Korea
Thanks DanarchyReigns for the heads up!


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