Xenoblade Chronicles 3D: official gameplay video

A few minutes ago, Nintendo UK uploaded an official gameplay video for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, which comes out in roughly on week in Europe and Japan (on April 2nd).It shows Shulk and co. trying their luck against a Violent Adante, one of the unique monsters of the Gaur Plains (those have their own name, are much stronger than regular monsters, and are most often the targets of quests). Mid-battle, a pack of wolves decide to come and join the fun!

The gameplay video showcases the battle system of the game, with all the characters attacking automatically. On the bottom of the screen, there’s the Art palette: you use it to select Arts, which needs a few seconds to reload once they’re used. There’s also the Chain Attacks (where you can unleash powerful combos), and the Power of the Monado (which allows you to see a few seconds in the future, so you can avoid a powerful enemy attacks).

Here’s the gameplay video for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New 3DS) comes out on April 2nd in Europe and Japan, and on April 10th in North America.


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