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Wylde Flowers (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.6.0 – Eury’s Salon)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Wylde Flowers on Nintendo Switch (originally released on September 20th 2022 in North America, September 21st 2022 in Europe, and September 22nd 2022 in Japan).

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Wylde Flowers – Ver. 1.6.0 (Eury’s Salon)

  • Release date: January 31st 2024 (North America) / February 1st 2024 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Welcome to the grand opening of Eury’s Salon!
  • Visit Fairhaven’s new hairdressing salon
  • Meet and get to know Eury Sinclair, a hair stylist from NOLA
  • Customise Tara with over 60 new hairstyles
  • Enjoy deeper friendships Gloria and Bruno
Need the details?
  • In Summer of Year 2 and after unlocking Violet’s Boutique, you will meet Eury Sinclair after completing “The Mane Event”, and help set up her new hair salon. Craft pommade, conditioner, and various hair colors to sell to Eury or trade them in for new hairstyles.
  • Once a new hairstyle has been purchased, you can select your style from the inventory menu at any time. If you enjoy the magic of a hair salon visit, you can also change your purchased hairstyle at the salon for no additional charge.
  • Want to match your eyebrows with your new hair color? You can change eyebrow colors from the inventory menu once you buy your first hairstyle.
  • Love is in the air! Eury will be able to be taken on many dates as a fully romanceable character.
  • There are even more opportunities to become closer friends with Gloria and Bruno, who now have 4 stages of friendship.
We also fixed a few bugs and made some adjustments! Including:
  • The Bouquet Table recipe will be granted if the quest “If It’s Bouquet With You” was previously missed or failed.
  • Damon now says, “boop!” when he boops you.
  • Married partners will be more reliable at feeding your chickens and ducks when they offer to help.
  • Sophia will now only walk down the aisle once at her wedding with Thomas.
  • Sebastian will no longer try to get your attention from behind the counter in Sophia’s restaurant.
  • Fixed some incorrect translations in Russian, French, and French Canadian.
  • Coconuts were added to Shelby’s shop and olives were added to Kai’s stand.
  • A few of Violet’s outfits are now in their rightful category.
  • Subtitles using the large font are better positioned during cutscenes.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing items to stack on top of one another in build mode.
  • Fixed a rare issue preventing plants from growing in the back row of the large greenhouse.
  • Marriage proposals to Cameron, Damon, and Amira now depend on the bridge to the mountain being repaired first.
  • Violet will not turn transparent during a conversation with Lina in the “Witch You Were Here” quest.
  • The Cloche animation is no longer missing at times of gift giving
  • Pumpkin Ale is not available until “The Harvest Fest” quest is complete.
  • Bees will not linger after their beehive is removed.

Wylde Flowers – Ver. 1.5.2

  • Release date: May 25th 2023 (North America) / May 26th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Animal Growth Booster and Mistletoe can now be purchased in year 2 without having completed “A Fab-Yule-Ous Winter Ritual”.
  • “A Fab-Yule-Ous Winter Ritual” can be completed in any Winter in year 2 or later, instead of only during the second winter feast.
  • “Good Duck With That” and “Fountain Of Youths” quests can now start in any season, instead of limited to Fall and Winter, respectively.
  • Updated descriptions of magical animal items to make it clearer which type of animal produces them (English only).
  • We’ve tweaked the default selection of crafting and cooking ingredients to work better when using up the last of your ingredients.
  • You can now craft build multiple crystal balls and writing desks for your sanctum.
  • Feedy will stop work if unable to feed a pregnant animal.
  • Fixed animal gifting button not working when the language is set to Turkish.
  • Fixed ducks and chickens sometimes stuck not animating.

Wylde Flowers – Ver. 1.5 (Fabulous Farming Update)

  • Release date: April 27th 2023 (North America) / April 28th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Welcome to our Fabulous Farming Update!
  • Visit Marty to get adorable new animals to your farm! There are ducks, pigs and even alpacas!
  • Build a propagation shed and upgrade your farm buildings! A bigger and better toolshed, coop, barn and greenhouse await you!
  • Guide your animals through pregnancy, and feed them their favourite foods to make them sparkle!
  • Play now to see what else is new!
Need the details?
  • A Giant Tool Shed can now be built from Parker’s workshop any time after the first Tool Shed upgrade.
  • A Spacious Greenhouse can be built from Parker’s workshop after the first Greenhouse has been built.
  • An Expanded Coop can be built once “The Menagerie Mix-Up” quest (which will start after Marty’s epilogue in Year 2) is complete. This larger coop can house ducks as well as chickens, allows up to 10 animals in total to be kept, and includes an incubator that can be used to hatch eggs.
  • A Huge Barn can be built once “The Menagerie Mix-Up” quest is complete. This larger barn can accomodate up to 10 animals, and includes a birthing stall for hosting pregnant barn animals. For adorable baby animals, purchase Fertility Potions from Aryel. Animals will need to be hand-fed for each day of their pregnancy, even if you’ve built the Hay Field.
  • A Feed Mill can be built in your Tool Shed after “The Menagerie Mix-Up” quest is complete, allowing you to craft your own Poultry Feed.
  • Baby ducks, pigs and alpacas can be purchased from Marty’s ranch after “The Menagerie Mix-Up” quest is complete. Pigs will sometimes find a Truffle for you, and Alpacas are an excellent source of quality Wool.
  • Animals can now be gifted fruit and vegetables, and each animal will have an individual favourite food that you can discover. There are some surprises to discover when animals get to eat their favorite foods!
  • A Propagation Shed can be built from Parker’s workshop shortly after Lina and Parker’s epilogue in Year 2. (Lina will let you know when this is possible during one of her work days).
  • Partake in a Harvest Festival and coven ritual in Fall of Year 2 or later, and a second Winter Feast with a magical fireworks display.
  • A Candy Machine can be built in your Tool Shed if you speak to Zephyr during the Harvest Festival preparations.
  • The Enhanced Scrying Potion can be used to immediately teleport yourself to another character’s location.
  • Animal Growth Booster can be fed to your farm animals to give them a quick growth spurt, or to hurry along a pregnancy.
  • You may finally learn the Anti-Shapeshifting Spell, allowing you to return to human form during the day.
  • Your best friends and most beloved animals may join in on your photo shoots.
We’ve also fixed a few bugs! Including:
  • Lina’s friendship milestones can now be attained if they weren’t completed during Year 1.
  • The “People Pleaser” achievement will be correctly awarded.
  • Wellspring season requests can be fulfilled using a mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Westley no longer giggles in Tara’s voice.

Wylde Flowers – Ver. 1.4 (Violet’s Boutique)

  • Release date: February 23rd 2023 (North America) / February 24th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Welcome to the grand opening of Violet’s Boutique!
  • Help Violet open her dream boutique
  • Craft new outfits for Tara
  • Capture your life in Fairhaven with our new Photo Mode!
  • And more!
Need the details?
  • Any time after completing the “Out of Whole Cloth” quest (where you learn to make cloth in the first Summer), you can help Violet start her new clothing business. You can purchase outfit designs from her, craft outfits at your sewing machine, and then either wear them or sell them back to Violet, unlocking additional outfit designs.
  • Once Violet’s Boutique has been created, you can change your outfit from the inventory menu at any time, including select accessories (bracelet, earrings, necklace and rings).
  • A tanning rack can been added to the toolshed (available once Violet’s Boutique is built), allowing animal hide to be turned into leather, mushrooms into mushroom leather, and fish into fish leather. Animal hide will sometimes be provided by Kim when selling a cow or sheep. Leather and mushroom leather can also be purchased from Kai. Tanning solution can be crafted at a distillery.
  • A new “Photo Mode” can be accessed from the inventory which lets you take pictures of Tara showing off her new outfits. These photos can be saved to your device or shared on social media. Unfortunately Photo Mode is not available on Apple TV.
  • A hummingbird feeder can be built in either garden plot once the “A Good Habit-at” quest is complete. This feeder is purely decorative.
  • The Minor Animal Blessing incantation can be used on any animal to increase their relationship level significantly. This incantation is awarded after completing the “Herd A Rumor” quest.
  • Olive tree seedlings can be purchased from Kai and planted in a garden bed.
  • Additional dye and cloth colors black, green, orange and yellow have been added.
  • Additional quests take place during Summer of year 2 (or any later year)

Wylde Flowers – Ver. 1.3 (Endless Seasons and Romance Update)

  • Release date: December 22nd 2022 (North America) / December 23rd 2022 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Welcome to our Endless Seasons & Romance Update!
  • Pop back into Fairhaven as the town gets ready for their Spring Fling!
  • Advance your training with the coven and take over as Keeper of the Wheel, with the power and responsibility to change the seasons at will!
  • Married someone from Fairhaven or Ravenwood? Expect more spouse dialogue and romantic dates!
Need the details?
  • All characters have a lot more dialogue in year 2 and following the post-credits sequences.
  • Tara’s spouse may surprise her with a gift from time to time, or offer to help out around the farm.
  • There’s an additional “affection” interaction on spouses, for a once-per-day relationship boost (but you can be as affectionate as many times a day as you like!)
  • Several date opportunites become available for spouses once their relationship meter is refilled. More date locations unlock as you complete each date. Not all date locations will be available at all times, or for all characters.
  • If Tara has previously broken up with someone, or rejected their initial romantic overture, she now has the option to rekindle their chance at romance with them, by gifting them a bouquet of flowers.
  • Once the “Un-Love Potion #9” quest has been completed, Tara can drink an Ardour-Cooling potion to immediately have the option to break up with a partner.
  • Once the “No Stone Unturned” quest has been completed, some of the ancient goblin machinery in the mines can be repaired, allowing gems to be located in certain levels once per day (at a small cost!).
  • Once the “Seasons Greetings” quest has been completed, an additional interaction becomes available on the Wellspring, which allows Tara to perform further season change rituals once all the requirements for the season have been completed.

How to download updates for Wylde Flowers for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Wylde Flowers, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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