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Wii U: some small details about the 5.4.0 update, TVii icon removed in Europe

Today, Nintendo released a new Firmware update for the Wii U, which brings the console to Ver. 5.4.0. It’s the first update in over 6 months, but unfortunately, there isn’t any noteworthy features for you to discover the next time you turn on your console. However, Nintendo modify quite a few things, as shown by some members of the homebrew scene.

Here’s the list of elements updated with the update 5.4.0:

Wii U Menu
“Version.bin” file with the current system version
System Settings
Wii U Electronic Manual
Some list with IDs and codenames for them
Internet Browser
AOC Overlay App

One of the most notable changes is only for European users: the Nintendo TVii icon has been removed. Since Nintendo has confirmed that the service wouldn’t be launched in Europe, this isn’t really surprising.


Another noticeable change involves the web browser, which has been updated. For example, it’s now possible to open all YouTube comments in a video. Webkit was also updated, and the browser now gets a better score at the test (311). Also, if your search engine is set to Google, you’re now redirected to this page on Nintendo’s website (nothing has changed if you’re using Yahoo!), instead of Google’s website.

All in all, this looks like a rather minor update for the Wii U, which may or may not have been in preparation for a future, more substantial update.

Source: GBATemp
Thanks SquidShorti for the picture!


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