Warframe: details about Nintendo Switch version (content available at launch, controls, etc.)

Digital Extremes has shared some details about the Nintendo Switch version of Warframe, to be launched on November 20th worldwide (that’s tomorrow!).

First things first: in case you’re not aware, Warframe is Free 2 Play, and from the beginning (no paid early access like there was for Paladins, for example). It can be played in Single Player, but also in co-op with up to 4 players. Naturally, co-op is available at launch: no need to wait for an update or anything.

Content-wise, Warframe on Nintendo Switch will have most of the content available on the other platforms, released in the past 5 years. That includes all 23 major updates, 3 cinematic quests, 1 open world update, and 36 Warframes. To be precise, this version of the game will have the content all the way to the Revenant’s Mask update.

After launch, it will receive the usual updates that are commonplace for Games as a Service titles such as this one. The Fortuna Open World Expansion Pack will be released in 2019, and will include the 37th Warframe: Garuda. The developers are planning for the Nintendo Switch to reach content parity with the other platforms sometimes in 2019 (exact date TBA).

In case you’re wondering: yes, the Prime Access Program (giving access to Nova Prime, Mag Prime, and Chroma Prime) will also be available on Nintendo Switch, and from launch to boot.

Next: motion controls. Good news for those of you who simply cannot play shooters without them anymore, motion controls are supported from launch day. You can also choose to play with the Pro Controller if you want. In fact, you can play however you want: with Joy-Cons detached, using the Joy-Con Grip, in Handheld mode, etc. In-game options allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the controller(s) at will.

Back to motion controls: all actions (including mining, hunting, fishing, etc.) can be performed using motion controls!

Goods news for players who really don’t like the Nintendo Switch Online app: you do not need it to use voice chat, because the game comes with built-in voice chat function.

Unfortunately, there’s no crossplay between the Nintendo Switch and other platforms, even if it’s something Digital Extremes is interested in. If you’re already playing on PC, you can transfer your account to the Nintendo Switch version (this is not available from the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions). For more details, make sure to check out this page on the official website.

Finally, we learn that Warframe on Nintendo Switch will require no less than 24GB of free space. Of course, that’s not the final filesize: more content will be added in the future, so the game will eventually end up much bigger than 24GB after months of content updates. In other words: make sure you have a big enough microSD Card if you plan to get Warframe!

Here’s a video clip and some pictures for the game:

Warframe (Switch – eShop) comes out on November 20th worldwide.

Source: Famitsu



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