Super Mario Run: Gold Goombas event now live

Today, a brand new event for Super Mario Run went live. Called “Mega Event! Gold Goombas!”, it will run until February 20th. During that period, Gold Goombas appear in the World Tour stages, and you have to defeat them in order to get some bonus coins (30 for each Golden Goomba). You don’t have to check out every level: an icon indicates in which level they can be found.

One thing to note about the Golden Goombas is that they will not always appear at the same location in a level: you have to keep your eyes peeled, in order to spot their glorious golden colour. Nintendo specifies that Golden Goombas appear more often in later Worlds.

But besides the bonus coins, you also get a stamp when you defeat a Golden Goomba. Those stamps then go on a stamp card, which allows you to get a special building when completed (such as the Gold Boomba statue, or the Big Gold Goomba statue). There’s 4 stamp cards in total, and they all allow you to get a different building when completed.

Here’s the rewards for completing the stamp cards:

  • Card 1: Gold Goomba statue
  • Card 2: Gold Goomba statue x2
  • Card 3: Gold Goomba statue x3
  • Card 4: Big Gold Goomba statue
  • NB: even when they’ve all been completed, you still get the bonus coins when defeating additional Golden Goombas.

Another thing to note about Golden Goombas: if you select a course where they appear, the score you earn there will not affect your course ranking. Also, you need to complete the Kingdom Builder tutorial before being able to access the event.

Super Mario Run will be released on Android sometime in March.

Source: Nintendo
Thanks Joe Merrick and Robin for the screencaps.



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