Super Mario Run: Famitsu survey shows players interest, willingness to pay

On December 5th and December 6th, Famitsu conducted a survey, and asked 8 567 smartphone users (aged 5 to 59, living 47 prefectures) what they thought about Super Mario Run. 21.1% of players surveyed said they were intending to play, which is a pretty positive result. As a comparison, following its launch, 25.8% of players surveyd said they were either playing Pokémon GO or were intending to play.

Back to Super Mario Run, while 21.1% of players surveyd said they were intending to play the game, 62% said they didn’t even know about it in the first place. No doubt this number will decrease dramatically as the game is finally launched. 17% of players said they did know about the game, but were not interested.

Players who are the most interested in Super Mario Run are aged 10-39, with people in their twenties on top with 23.4% (more than the average). But overall, Mario’s very first mobile game has caught the interest of a wide range of people, as only those in their 50s and those below 10 don’t seem very interested.

With Super Mario Run, Nintendo didn’t go with a Free 2 Play model, which is pretty much the golden standard for mobile games. In fact, they went as far as stating there simply would not be any sort of microtransactions: you get some content for free, but you have to pay a one-time fee to unlock everything.

Many think this will be a handicap for Nintendo, but Famitsu’s survey paint a different picture. It shows that among the players who want to play Super Mario Run, 43.6% are willing to pay. Famitsu notes that among players who play mobile games, only 8.5% have spent money on in-app purchases (data based on previous Famitsu surveys).

In other words, it’s a pretty good sign that so many players interested in Super Mario Run are actually willing to pay. No doubt that Nintendo’s decision to go with a one-time fee to unlock everything is the reason for that. No random drop, no timers: you pay once, and you’re good to go.

Super Mario Run (iOS) will be released on December 15th worldwide. The Android version will follow at a later date

Source: Famitsu
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