Super Mario Odyssey: all you need to know (inc. amiibo costumes), overview trailer, footage

Today, Nintendo finally opened the full website for Super Mario Odyssey in Japan, providing us with tons of details about the game (but nothing really new, which is no wonder: the game has already been extensively showcased at many event and tradeshows). In this post, you will find everything in one place, including some gameplay footage.

But first, let’s start with the overview trailer (English and Japanese versions):

And here’s some gameplay footage from the official website:

Super Mario Odyssey – Intro

In Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser is finally getting married… to Princess Peach! It all happened after the princess was, once again, kidnapped by Bowser, and in front of Mario. Naturally, Bowser isn’t going to settle for a quiet little ceremony in his castle, so he decides to go on a trip around the world in order to make preparations for the big event.

Mario goes after him in order to stop the wedding, but thanks to the Broodals (the ones in charge of the planning of Bowser’s wedding) getting in his way, it’s not going to be a straightforward affair… far from it! Fortunately, Mario soon meets Cappy: an unlikely partner that will help him put an end to Bowser’s evil bridal plans.

Cappy normally looks like a white top hat, but he can transform into Mario’s iconic red cap. He has an extremely powerful and useful ability, that allows Mario to capture (almost) anything he’s thrown at. That way, he can take control of enemies and make use of their abilities to progress through the levels.

In order to stop Bowser, Mario has to travel all around the world, and he can do so thanks to a hat-shaped ship called “The Odyssey”. That ship doesn’t use fuel as energy source, but Power Moons instead: Mario needs to find as many of them as possible in order to “unlock” new regions to explore.

Super Mario Odyssey – Actions

Running, rolling, jumping… Mario can uses his usual abilities, but this time around, he can do even more thanks to his new partner: Cappy. He used to live in the Cap Kingdom, but that was before Bowser kidnapped his sister (Tiara) to use her in his forced wedding. He can be a bit of a coward, sometimes.

Mario can throw Cappy at the various items, enemies, and characters found in the world, with varying effects. For example, you can grab coins, destroy blocks, and more. Cappy can be thrown in a straight line, right in front of Mario, but you can also alter its trajectory: up, down, left, right, etc.. But that’s not all: you can also “freeze” the hat after throwing it, which has several uses:

  • it can be used to grab lots of coins from ? blocks
  • it can be used as platform, allowing Mario to jump even further

But the main use of Cappy in the game is as a capture machine. By throwing it an enemies, NPC, and even mere objects, you can take control of them and use their abilities. In order to progress through the game, you will have to take control of as many things as possible, experimenting with the various abilities and finding out which ones you need, and how to use them.

Here’s some examples of enemies you can capture:

  • Uproots: their extendable legs allows you to reach high places
  • Chain Chomps: they can break down things, like walls for example
  • Cheep Cheeps: they allow Mario to swim underwater freely, without having to worry about oxygen
  • Sherms: Mario can use their cannon to destroy things
  • Lava Bubbles: allow Mario to cross lava without getting hurt. By shaking the Joy-Con, you can jump higher
  • Moe-Eyes: their extremely fashionable glasses allow you to see what’s normally invisible
  • Goombas: allow Mario to jump on other goombas, in order to make Goomba Towers and take over the world
  • Bullet Bills: allow Mario to fly in the air. You can shake the Joy-Con in order to fly faster. You can have the Bullet Bill crash into things to destroy them with the explosion
  • Hammer Bros.: allow Mario to throw hammers (the type of item thrown depends on the Kingdom. For example, the Luncheon Kingdom has frying pans instead of hammers)
  • T-Rex: allows Mario to break things

Super Mario Odyssey can be played in co-op, and when you do, Player 1 controls Mario and Player 2 controls Cappy.

Super Mario Odyssey – Adventure

Besides Power Moons, there’s tons of things to collect in the game, such as coins from the local currency: those not only have a different appearance depending on the Kingdom you’re in, but they also allow you to buy exclusive items at the Crazy Cap shops within that Kingdom.

Each Kingdom has its own set of souvenirs (used to decorate The Odyssey) and costumes (used to change Mario’s look), and it’s definitely worth trying to get them all… not that you really need them all to beat the game, but if you’re going on a trip around the world to stop Bowser, you might as well enjoy it to its fullest! Some of the costumes are required to progress, though, so it’s best to do drop by a Crazy Cap store from time to time!

For players who are not too confident with 3D platformers, Super Mario Odyssey offers a Safe Mode. In this mode, if you make a mistake and fall down, you can come back to life in a bubble (in exchange of a life unit). Also, you recover said life units automatically by standing still. Finally, you have arrows that clearly indicate where you have to go next.

If you need help finding Power Moon, you can ask Talkatoo or the Hint Toad to give you hints and tips. Those two characters can also be found in “regular” mode, you do not have to activate Safe Mode to get them to help you.

Super Mario Odyssey – World Guide

Using The Odyssey, you can travel all around the world, and explore many Kingdoms:

  • Metro Kingdom, where New Donk City (the city that never sleeps) can be found. The city is undergoing continued development thanks to the Power Moons. Its people are pretty serious, but also quite welcoming. Some festivals are held in the city, though not regularly. The world’s leading companies have their headquarters in New Donk City, where many skyscrapers (its symbol) can be found. The rooftop of the City Hall is a pretty popular spot, where many tourists go to admire the night view. Unfortunately, the interior of the City Hall itself is still under construction. You can meet Pauline, the mayor, in front of the City Hall… yes, she’s as beautiful as on the many magazine covers she appears on!
  • Sand Kingdom, where Tostarena (a village in the middle of the desert and located near ruins) can be found. Its inhabitants are extremely cheerful fellows. The Sakasa Pyramid is one of the most popular spots in the region, and many tourists come visit it. It may look a bit unstable, but it’s still standing alright! It is said that legendary wedding rings can be found inside the pyramid… The average temperature in the region is 40°C. In order to travel efficiently, it’s recommended to call a Jaxi: those things can run fast… but can be a bit hard to control, so be careful!
  • And more… (website will be updated with the remaining Kingdoms at a later date)

The map in Super Mario Odyssey is pretty neat: it’s meant to look like an actual tourist guide, complete with actual facts about the Kingdom, not just the map of the “level”. When you first arrive in a new Kingdom, it’s highly recommend to check it out right away!

As mentioned above, there’s various souvenirs and costumes to buy in the Crazy Cap stores, including some that can only be found in a given Kingdom. And you don’t even have to worry about carrying your purchases around: the clerks will take care of everything for you, and bring everything to The Odyssey. Talk about 5 Stars service!

And of course, just like an actual tourist, you can take many pictures everywhere you go. The best thing is, you can edit the pictures to your liking, by changing the position of Mario, applying various filters, and much more. Once you’re done, you can share your pics via social networks, or use them as wallpapers on your computer or smartphone/tablet.

Super Mario Odyssey – amiibo

In case you missed the previous Nintendo Direct presentation: yes, Super Mario Odyssey is compatible with amiibo. Here’s what the three amiibo made specifically for this game do:

  • Bowser (Wedding): tapping it displays the location of local coins on the map;
  • Peach (Wedding): tapping it gives you a Life Up Heart, which increases your maximum number of health units by 3.
  • Mario (Wedding): tapping you makes you invicible for a certain amont of time.

By the way, you can still get the wedding costumes for all characters without the amiibo, simply by progressing far enough in the game!

Also, the game is compatible with all amiibo, and allow you to get some tips about the location of Power Moons in each Kingdom (just talk to Uncle amiibo for that!). Some amiibo also unlock some special costumes!

The following amiibo allows you to unlock a special costume when tapped:

  • Mario (Super Smash Bros. series, Super Mario series)
  • Peach (Super Smash Bros. series, Super Mario series)
  • Luigi (Super Smash Bros. series, Super Mario series)
  • Diddy Kong (Super Smash Bros. series, Super Mario series)
  • Bowser (Super Smash Bros. series, Super Mario series)
  • Dr. Mario (Super Smash Bros. series)
  • Wario (Super Smash Bros. series, Super Mario series)
  • Gold Mario (Super Mario series)
  • Waluigi (Super Mario series)
  • Mario Classic Colours (Super Mario 30th Anniversary)
  • Mario Modern Colours (Super Mario 30th Anniversary)

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) comes out on October 27th worldwide.


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