Story of Seasons: launch trailer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto interview

Story of Seasons is the new game in the Bokujo Monogatari series (known as Harvest Moon in the West), and it came out yesterday in North America. Here’s the launch trailer, uploaded yesterday by XSEED:

Siliconera also got to interview Yoshifumi Hashimoto (Producer), which explained why Marvelous chose to change the publisher for the series in the West (Natsume used to publish all Harvest Moon games before). With XSEED, Marvelous can communicate much more closely than with any other company (which makes sense, since they own XSEED). That way, they can convey what Bokujo Monogatari is to North American fans as smoothly as possible.

Yoshifumi Hashimoto also explains that the games are always developped for the Japanese market first, but they’re now making more efforts to make it a smooth transition. That way, Japanese and North American fans can enjoy the same gameplay, but at the same time, they’re making it easier for the western audience to understand what Yoshifumi Hashimoto is tyring to say with those games.

In this interview, Yoshifumi Hashimoto also talks about the publishers chose for Marvelous games outside Japan, the Rune Factory series, and more. You can find the full interview by heading over to Siliconera!

Story of SeasonsStory of Seasons (3DS) come out yesterday in North America!

Source: Siliconera


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