Stella Glow: SEGA picks up the game, out on June 4 in Japan & new screenshots

Stella Glow is a Strategy-RPG on Nintendo 3DS, developed by Image Epoch. Since its announcement, in October, we haven’t heard about the game at all, and many thought it had simply been cancelled. After all, Image Epoch has been encountering some financial troubles lately, and yesterday, the official website even went offline.

But it turns out the website was simply moved, and is now located on SEGA’s own website (click here to find it!). There’s a reason for that: SEGA actually picked up the game (tough it is still being developed by Image Epoch), and will release it on June 4 in Japan for 5990 Yen (without taxes, ~45€ / 33£ / 50€).

SEGA also revealed the very first screenshots since October, that show battles, dialogues, and some event scenes:

Stella Glow is also getting an article in Famitsu magazine this week, with some new information, an interview with Mizutani Hideyuki (the Producer, who also worked on the Luminous Arc and Fate extra series) and more. From the looks of it, new information will be revealed regularly until the release of the game in June.

Here’s the preview of Famitsu magazine:

This scan allows us to discover several new characters:

– Sakuya (the main girl in the Famitsu preview)
– Dorothee (a young girl wearing a bunny costume)
– Nonoka (a sexy ninja wearing a paper bag on her head)
– Yuan (a young boy in fancy clothes)

A little reminder about the game’s story: it takes place in a world where song magic and witches are central. During the adventure, players will have to prevent Hilda (the Witch of Destruction) from crystalising the world with her cursed song. To do so, they will get to fight alongside 4 witches and some knights.

Stella Glow (3DS) comes out on June 4th in Japan.

Sources: / Famitsu



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