SteamWorld Heist: new screens from @ImageForm and update on release date

Last week, SteamWorld Heist was playable at the Game Developers Conference and at PAX East 2015, which allowed us to get some new details on the game straight from IGN. And yesterday, Image & Form posted some screenshots over on their official website, as well as some additional details about the game.

First of all, the demo playable at GDC and PAX East 2015 was actually made specifically for those events. The developers were a bit worried it would be too hard, but it looks like players didn’t pretty well in the end!

Image & Form also gives an update on the release date, and unfortunately, the game won’t be coming out on August as announced by IGN last week. At first, the developers thought the game would be done for a February release, then the end of March, then simply 2015.

Image & Form doesn’t give any date or even month, but does mention that the release won’t happen until Fall. Of course, this delay is there so that the developers can make the game as good as possible, and to make sure that it can live up to people’s expectations.

Here’s the new screenshots for SteamWorld Heist:

SteamWorld Heist (Wii U / 3DS) comes out this year, in both Europe and North America.

Source: Image & Form



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