Stardew Valley: Chucklefish working on a patch to fix various issues

Stardew Valley finally came out last week on Nintendo Switch, and it was a massive success right out of the gate. While we don’t have any sales data (yet?), we already know that the game immediately shot to the very top of the bi-weekly Nintendo eShop charts in many countries/regions, which is quite impressive given the charts tracks total sales during the past 2 weeks.

Unlike several other notable indie games on Nintendo Switch, Stardew Valley isn’t suffering from any major issues… but that doesn’t mean there are not any. In fact, players have already reported various bugs, glitches and other issues to the developers, who are already hard at work on patch to fix several of them.

Here’s a (partial) list of issues the developers are planning to fix in an upcoming patch:

  • Audio crackling – Some players have been reporting a crackling noise coming out of the left speaker on the Switch during gameplay. If this happens to you, try closing the application and re-starting!
  • Unable to select certain items in crafting menu – specifically, some players have reported not being able to select items on the bottom right. (For a temp-workaround players can disable the option ‘Use controller-style menus’ – that should allow players to select things until a fix is distributed.)
  • Journey of the Prairie King minigame A/B inputs are swapped
  • Game crash when opening the journal if there are no active quests

If you’re encountering any issues for the game not listed above, make sure to let the developers know!

Source: Chucklefish



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