Splatoon 2: all the details, pics, GIFs (and more…) from the Squid Research Lab

Update: click here for the Splatoon 2 updates from the Squid Research Lab in March!


In this post, we’re going to gather all the details, pics, GIFs, videos, etc. for Splatoon 2, straight from the Squid Research Lab. Naturally, we will keep it updated until the game’s launch, though we may end up going with monthly posts depending on the volume of content shared by the classiest bunch of scientists on Earth.

Latest update (February 27th)

Today, the Squid Research Lab shared a video clip, that shows another change made to the Roller family of weapons. As usual, you can keep ZR pressed to paint while running around. But in Splatoon 2, you will be able to get a slight boost in speed if you keep rolling for a certain amount of time. Not the biggest of changes, but one that should still make a difference during battles!

Previous details

  • Here’s what the new version of the Heavy Splatling and the Slosher look like:

Next, here’s various details from the Squid Research Lab, with a focus on new special weapons:

  • the first one does not have a name (yet). It allows you to target several players, and then fire missile at them. Four homing missiles are launched at each targeted player, which means you can fire up to 16 missiles at once.
  • Sting Ray: it fires a ray of pressurized ink, that can shoot through walls and travel long distances. Unfortunately, there’s a catch: once activated, it’s very difficult to change the direction of the ray;
  • Inkjet: it allows you to hover in the air. Thanks to the blob launcher, you can also shoot ink blobs at enemeis below. It’s a very powerful and useful weapon, but it has one major flaw: it leaves you rather exposed. Quite interestingly, when this special weapon runs out, the Inkjet explodes, and you’re sent back to the exact point you activated it from;
  • Splashdown, when activated, you jump into into the air and then strike the ground, sending an explosion of ink onto nearby players and surfaces. What’s really interesting about this special weapon is that it can also be activated  during Super Jump… pretty useful when coming to the aid of a teammate who is under attack!
  • Curling Bomb: o deployed, it slides across the ground, bouncing off walls.

The Squid Research Lab has revealed a new map: the Fujitsubo Sports Club (lit. Barnacles Sports Club). It’s basically a sports club with a swimming pool, climbing areas, treadmills, and more. It looks like even Inklings needs their regular workout to stay in shape!

Earlier this week, the Squid Research Lab shared some details about how Splatoon 2 will interact with the Nintendo Switch Online Service app that will be launched later this year. When linked with the game, it will let you do the following:

  • invite friends and teammates to play via social media;
  • match up with your friends directly in the game;
  • use voice chat with friends.

About voice chat, the Squid Research Lab explains that during a private battle, you can only communicate with all players when you’re dividing into teams. After that, communication will only be between teammates, in the same team. Finally, voice chat will be completely disabled with players you don’t know (presumably, those who are not in your friend list).

Today, the Squid Research Lab revealed a brand new stage, called Diadema Amphitheater. It’s a place where various artists perform, and the legendary band Squid Squad is said to have held a concert there. It is considered a sacred place for fans of rock music. One might worry about the equipment breaking, what with all the ink getting splattered all over the place…

Today, the Squid Research Lab introduced one of the new bands found in Splatoon 2: Wet Floor. They’re the ones who made the song “Rip Entry”, which is one of the tracks used during battles.

Here’s a preview of that track:

And here’s some artworks for the members of Wet Floor:

Previous screens, piece of art and concept-art, and pictures

Previous animated GIFs

In this one, we get to see the new side-roll mechanic. You can only do up to 2 side-rolls in a row.

This GIF shows how different the splash of ink ends up if you jump when using the roller:

This GIF shows a new mechanic: the Charge Keep, which is pretty straightforward. Basically, you charge your Scope weapon, but then you can hide in ink and move around without losing your charge.

This GIF shows Judd and… his son?! It looks like we will have to wait before learning more about this mini-Judd…

Here’s a Jellyfish doing some pretty sick moves on its skateboard:

Splatoon 2 (Switch) comes out this Summer, worldwide.

Source: Squid Research Lab (Japan / North America)


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