Spanish video game sales (as of Week 37): Metroid: Samus Returns, Monster Hunter Stories, more

In the latest issue, Hobby Consolas shared some sales data for the Spanish market, as of Week 37. It reveals that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is doing pretty well, with 19 136 units sold so far. pretty solid performance for the first month! Metroid: Samus Returns also had a promising debut, with 6 373 units sold during the first few days!

In comparison, Metroid: Federation Force has sold 3 364 units since launch, in September 2016… this just goes to show just how much popular Metroid: Samus Returns is, as it’s already sold twice as much as the much decried spin-off!

Monster Hunter Stories is off to an equally promising debut, with 5 491 units sold within the first two weeks (10 days, to be precise). Speaking of Monster Hunter, Hobby Consolas reveals that Monster Hunter Generations (the last localised entry on Nintendo platforms) sold pretty decently, with almost 25 000 units sold since launch (24 166 to be precise).

Meanwhile, Splatoon 2 is selling steady, with 38 628 units sold as of Week 37. ARMS is also selling well, but it’s clearly not in the same league of Splatoon 2, since it’s sold “only” 17 801 units so far this year. It’s unlikely to catch up with it either, but that’s still a pretty satisfying performance for a fighting game, especially a brand new IP.

Source: Hobby Consolas
Via: BrunoMB (NeoGAF)


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