Sonic Mania: details and footage for Green Hill Zone Act 2; new boss

Today, SEGA sent a press relese to share more details about Green Hill Zone Act 2, in Sonic Mania. This one is brand new, and takes place in the same tropical setting as Act 1. However, it does feature some new mechanics, obstacles, and more secrets to uncover. For example, you can use fire to burn log bridges, and collect rings and power-ups. There’s also a brand new boss, quite different from the original.

SEGA also revealed the Hard-Boiled Heavies, which are a series of bosses introduced in Sonic Mania. They are actually part of Eggman’s new arsenal, and as you can imagine, he equipped them with special skills to make sure Sonic’s life is as hard as a 6-months old meme.

The first Hard-Boiled Heavy is called Heavy Gunner: a large, decorated robot who can fly with his helicopter, who appears at the end of Studiopolis Act 1 (inspired by Hollywood). Be wary of his powerful rocket launcher!

Here’s some gameplay footage for Green Hill Zone Act 2 in Sonic Mania:

And here’s a version of that video with commentary:

Finally, here’s some screenshot and a piece of art:

Sonic Mania (Switch – eShop) will be released this Spring in Europe and North America, and later this year in Japan.

Source: SEGA PR


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