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Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 2.0.3 / Next: Paradox Pack DLC)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon on Nintendo Switch (originally released on December 13th 2021 in Europe and North America, and December 14th 2021 in Japan)!

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Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon – Ver. ??? (Paradox Pack DLC)

  • Release date: TBA
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available yet. This update brings the following to the game:

  • adds support for Online Play
  • adds support for Paradox Pack DLC (free)
Paradox Pack DLC
  • New Playable Characters: Fresh characters have also joined the fray! The Enchantress brings her preternatural powers into the Pocket Dungeon, using her dark abilities to attack in all directions at the cost of 2 HP. Chester, our beloved traveling salesman, now gets VIP treatment with anytime access to Chester Chests and discounted relics.
  • New Challenging Stages: The Paradox Pack DLC also expands the game with brand new stages – The Lost City and the Explodatorium. Players can discover a variety of side rooms with new challenges, items, and even some familiar faces!
  • New Powerful Relics & Items: We’ve also unearthed a trove of new relics and items to aid you in your quest. Over a dozen in all!
  • Cheats GALORE! Finally, for those who love digging deeper, this DLC includes secret quests and cheat codes to take your gameplay experience to the depths of indulgence.

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon – Ver. 2.0.3

  • Release date: July 5th 2023 (North America, Europe) / July 6th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

General Changes

  • Mole Knight B is no longer pushed by wind.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – unlocks and feats from defeating bosses wouldn’t trigger when fighting a Duo Duel depending on what order you defeated the bosses.
  • Fixed – Donovan could throw Caltrops very quickly when wearing Birder Bicorne and time would stop. Turns now happen as you throw Caltrops
  • Fixed – during Specter Knight’s Reverie Quest, Donovan had a missing Quandary name & descriptions when pausing.
  • Fixed – Softlock when Dash Slashing into a Magic Book, while using a spear attack.
  • Fixed – multiple instances of bosses using the wrong “warning floor” for their own attacks and deleting them when it wasn’t their turn.
  • Added missing SFX to Prism Knight’s Big Laser attack.
  • Fixed – Treasure Knight’s geyser attack would teleport Plague Knight B if he was in midair.
  • Fixed – player would be forever stuck inside Magic Landfill’s magic portal hazard if Speed was set to OFF.
  • Fixed – Clones would destroy chests or portals when using Single Glove.
  • Fixed – Entering a portal or Chester’s Chest from above could desync the unit directly above you.
  • Fixed – crash with Turkey Trays if a Turkey or Bomb was unable to spawn.
  • Fixed – Poison from Toad Totem Topper would pause entirely during siderooms with foes in it.
  • Fixed – Troupple King’s Chalices would have more than one use when playing Shuffle Knight’s Quandary Quest or Transmuting Tammie.
  • Fixed – Bump Buffer not taking Polar Knight A’s ability into account

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon – Ver. 2.0.2

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:


  • In the controls menu for gamepad/controller, you can now hold any shoulder button and press select or start to reset your controls to default ( for example: Hold ZR and press Start )
  • Tinker Knight B’s Mobile Gears now take damage from most projectiles, instead of damaging Tinker Knight.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing “Score” text when displaying score in certain languages.
  • Fixed crash in credits for the Russian translation.
  • Fixed some cheat seeds were crashing when they had no numbers in it (RELICME, RELICNO, MARATH)
  • Fixed jumping foes wouldn’t count for a Level Clear.
  • Fixed crash if Tinker Knight is defeated while riding a Mobile Gear.
  • Fixed the game not giving you the feat for unlocking Puzzle Knight if for some reason it was never awarded.
  • Fixed changing characters after throwing your shield as Shield Knight B would change your looks back to Shield Knight.
  • Fixed you could skip the “Remove an Offering” in Trials of Offerings if options were obscured.
  • Fixed Dash Slash not working correctly with Mole Knight B. He now dashes up everytime swipe.
  • Fixed Spinwulves not returning to Polar Knight B when defeating a boss.
  • Fixed Spinwulves would inconsistently deal damage to Tinker Knight’s Mech.
  • Fixed enemies in guidebook would not save their “died to” stat in between sessions.
  • Fixed certain looping sound effects from bosses wouldn’t turn off when defeated in Duo Duel.

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon – Ver. 2.0.1

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:


  • Shovel Knight now stops his pogo attack when a new wave spawns in Marathon.
  • Run timer and seed are hidden while checking the feats menu.
  • Prism Knight’s clones are now able to use the Chain Charged Bomb in Marathon if you make a clone with charges ready.
  • Bombable Blocks don’t stick to other units anymore.
  • Cauldrons now wait for you to respawn before starting a new attack.
  • During Tinker Knight’s Mecha-ton Quest you now don’t lose when taking down a boss on your last metal.
  • Spell Spinner and The Dinghy Dropper now don’t do their jump attacks when wearing Moler Hat.
  • Electrodents aren’t triggered by Black knight’s meteors anymore.
  • Tinker Knight no longer spends metal when uncovering portals, keys or chests hidden inside blocks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Wrathful Tyrolean would work inside Mona’s minigame.
  • Fixed Versus would crash if you set the Door setting to OFF.
  • Fixed a rare crash when King Knight bashes Terrorpin close to a Ceiling Crusher.
  • Fixed big units that aren’t fully spawned would be affected by the Avalanche hazard.
  • Fixed projectiles would carry over to Mr.Hat’s sideroom.
  • Fixed that defeating Mr.Hat would remove certain hazards entirely.
  • Fixed the Ceiling Crusher defeating Terrorpin could leave some invisible walls in the board.
  • Fixed Quandary portals would gain gravity if you hold the Turbo key while entering Marathon.
  • Fixed some hats would affect the tutorial when replayed.
  • Fixed Bump Buffer and Full Board Grace Period would carry over to other game modes outside of Adventure.
  • Fixed Numeric HP and Cutscene settings wouldn’t properly reset to default if resetting your settings.
  • Fixed certain abilities working during Red Alert if you had Birder Bicorne equipped.
  • Fixed in certain languages the seed on the bottom-left corner used the wrong font.
  • Fixed the loop settings in Adventure would carry over to Weeklies when quick restarting.
  • Fixed Tinkerbots had the wrong sprite when taking them out of Scrap Knight’s bag.
  • Fixed Spell Spinner could desync itself and/or other units in rare occasions.
  • Fixed the game not triggering a full board when the Avalanche hazard and Moler Hat were combined.
  • Fixed Blue Floatsomes sprites sometimes looking weird when changing areas.
  • Fixed the Ceiling Crusher would sometimes break apart on rare scenarios.
  • Fixed rarely terrorpin would leave an invisible block when defeated.
  • Fixed Shuffle Knight B runs not being recorded in the guidebook.
  • Fixed wrong sprite for Random Knight on the Results screen.
  • Fixed the player was able to squash the exit door when respawning.
  • Fixed Mole Knight B would lose the Chain Charged Bomb item from Marathon when spawning.
  • Fixed Turkey Troque would mess up with spawns in certain modes and stages.
  • Fixed defeating a boss with caltrops could softlock your run.
  • Fixed Wizzem Hat’s hazard would get stuck in certain boss attacks.
  • Fixed incorrect healing number when taking a potion while poisoned.
  • Fixed Percy’s shortcut carrying over to Weekly.
  • Fixed some items would play their VFX while exiting a level.
  • Fixed crash if you took down a big unit mid-air in Prism Knight’s or Puzzle Knight’s Quest Quandaries.
  • Fixed units would desync from the board if you enter Chester’s chest from above while wearing Haste Helm.
  • Fixed Lampeeto would spawn misaligned when wearing Upside-Crown.
  • Fixed some bosses wouldn’t remove their “warning floor” signs on defeat during Duo Duel.
  • Fixed meteors not dealing damage to electrified foes.
  • Fixed you could switch characters with Prism Knight during the final cutscenes while wearing Birder Bicorne.
  • Fixed some bosses would give you gems when taking down foes.
  • Fixed Shuffle Knight B reverting to Shuffle Knight A when playing a rematch in Versus.
  • Fixed crash when wearing Goo Bumpin’ Bonet and using Mobile Gears.
  • Fixed Magic Books could squash the player if you moved underneath the unit they spawn.

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon – Ver. 2.0.0

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:

New Content!

  • New Quests
    • Castle Quandary offers unique quests for each character. Completing these Quandary Challenges (Legendary Path, Character Quest, Trial of Offerings, and Refract Realm) will unlock new costumes, abilities, and more! These mysterious missions will flip the game upside down and test your abilities with each playable character.
  • Run Modifiers: Mr. Hat’s Shop
    • A well-tailored traveler has wandered into the Pocket Dungeon, replete with wares. Mr. Hat will provide you with various headpieces that modify your game in scores of wacky ways! There are TONS of run modifiers to purchase!
  • New Playable Characters
    • Take control of 2 new playable characters! Unleash your inner puzzle-prodigy as the brilliant Puzzle Knight and prime your potion explosions as master alchemist Mona!
  • Marathon Mode
    • Battle endless waves of enemies in a desperate bid for survival! Enemy configurations will change between stages, but the battle never ends. How long can you last?
  • New Battles, Boons, and Bosses
    • Keep your wits as sharp as your shovel, as new obstacles of all types await you in every level!
  • New Relics
    • Chester has “found” a TON of new Relics to aid you in your quest! Make sure to take ‘em for a spin.
  • New Areas to Explore in the Hub
    • Hedge Farm – An earthy plot of land has appeared in the Pocket Dungeon! Ready that green thumb of yours, the wholesome Hedge Farmer needs some agricultural assistance!
    • Castle Quandary – Scale a colossal beanstalk to discover a confounding castle nestled in the clouds. New challenges await you.
  • New Feats
    • Calling all completionists! We’ve added a ton of new feats for you to collect as you adventure through all of this sweet sweet content.
  • Secret Content
    • We’ve thrown so many secrets, too. It’s probably not even possible to find them all…
  • New Features & Quality of Life Improvements
    • We’ve added Set Seeds, Weekly Challenges, Bump Assists (Think Bumper Bowling! It’s a cool new mode to stop you from dying!), Cutscene skips, and more!

Bug Fixes!

  • We’ve squashed a lot of bugs that we’ve found, and that were reported by the community! For a full list of bug fixes that have been reported and fixed since the last release, see our build notes from the Early Preview Steam branch!

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon – Ver. 1.1.3

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:


  • Fixed that bashing a boss with 5 or more damage wouldn’t give you the Royal Bash feat
  • Fixed that your Knight would get damaged by the ceiling crusher if a Dynamallet explosion touched it
  • Fixed sometimes the Guidebook wouldn’t register a boss after its been defeated
  • Fixed sometimes the Guidebook wouldn’t register a complete run for a Knight
  • Fixed Knights could have their costumes swapped when updating from a version prior to 1.1.x
  • Fixed Cloaked Enchantress displayed 50 HP in cutscenes
  • Fixed Enchantress portrait disappearing right after a cutscene ends
  • Numeric HP option is now OFF by default

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon – Ver. 1.1.2

  • Release date: April 12th 2022 (North America) / April 13th 2022 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Fixed P2 Black Knight’s “boost meter” overlapping with P1’s board in VS
  • Fixed crash when dying at the same time as the Shrinemaster
  • Fixed the total count for achievement was 50 (it now displays 51)
  • Fixed that sometimes the price of a relic would be higher than normal
  • Fixed text in Game and Adventure Options was darker than in other menus
  • Fixed that you could move diagonally if you pressed a key in the same frame a buffered key was being applied
  • Fixed outline misalignment on the pause menu after using Percy’s cannon
  • Fixed on very rare occasions you would not be able to clear a sideroom if a block spawned in an unreachable place at the topmost row of the well.
  • Fixed Shovel Knight’s pogo skill would re-apply bonus damage on units when striking a chain with a spear
  • Fixed that King Knight’s bash would not increase your chain meter when attacking loner blocks.
  • Minor improvements to sideroom generation.
  • Daily Runs now use the same outfit your Knight has at the Adventure Hub.
  • Fixed discrepancy with Steam cloud saves
  • Localization improvements for the Chinese language
  • Improved Invisishade interactions with items and other enemies
  • Fixed you could not get 100% game completion and it would get stuck at 98%
  • Fixed crash if you bumped a chest while ejecting from Tinker Knight’s mech
  • Fixed softlock when falling into a pit as Tinker Knight (mech mode)
  • Fixed mismatched enemy portrait/description when striking two different units at once with a spear
  • Fixed that grabbing and releasing an item as Scrap Knight would reset its durability
  • Fixed that playing a Daily right after beating the game would start you with one less HP if you had opened the second shrine door (the one that asks for one HP)
  • Fixed on very rare occasions a portal could spawn in an unreachable place in siderooms
  • Fixed a bug in which a relic price would carry over its price from your previous run
  • Fixed Turbo was not working when played with SPEED set to OFF
  • Fixed that losing to Yeti’s or Black Griffoth’s slam attack would display “Slain by Griffoth” on the GAME OVER screen
  • Fixed that if you had Nimbus Balloon you would be immune to snowball projectiles
  • Fixed that you could not check your relics in the pause menu during a Daily run
  • Fixed that you could get stuck inside a pit and not be thrown back into the board if SPEED was set to OFF
  • Fixed a crash when respawning during the Shrinemaster fight if there was a Ceiling Crusher present in the well
  • Fixed a softlock in which the player would not respawn in the Shrinemaster fight if there was a Ceiling Crusher present in the well
  • Fixed a bug causing World Record Leaderboard scores to carry over if you kept quick restarting the game
  • Fixed that Daily Run was picking your last used outfit (no matter the Knight) instead of the Daily’s run
  • Minor translation updates
  • Potentially fixed an issue in which the game would rarely wipe your save data when returning to the title screen
  • Fixed an issue in which having certain symbols in your name would corrupt your save
  • Added Feats to the pause menu in Adventure
  • Added VS Options to character selection screen in Versus
  • Added Shrinemaster to the Guidebook
  • Versus tally screen now displays the CPU’s level
  • Updated controller bindings
  • Controller connectivity improvements
  • Minor Translation updates have been made
  • Translation bug fixes have been made
  • Fixed that Scrap Knight was unable to use her bag during the Shrinemaster fight
  • Fixed that Mole Knight would get tossed around by Yeti’s slam if he was burrowed
  • Fixed that blocks affected by Snoutin’ Charm would give out gems during a boss fight even when other units stopped giving gems.
  • Fixed that hitting a chest as Black Knight would increase your attack until you hit something else
  • Fixed that some Knight’s abilities would not spend a turn when activated if SPEED was set to OFF
  • Fixed that Swarmbees attack could go up to 5 instead of 3
  • Fixed birds coming out of the table at the hub on the spot Tinker Knight sits once unlocked
  • Fixed “New Additions” warning would pop up after defeating a boss regardless of if you had it unlocked or not.
  • Fixed turning off items in Versus would not turn items off
  • Fixed Shrinemaster would not reduce Ice Axe or Spear’s durability
  • Fixed softlock when getting crushed by the ceiling crusher at the same time you healed with blue ichor chalice active
  • Fixed loop count would reset when pressing “quit” or “return to camp” but canceled and returned to play
  • Fixed looping from Scholar’s Sanctum could increase loop count twice
  • Fixed Master Mind’s HP would not increase when looping
  • Fixed Dynamallet would not deal damage if the units exploding were frozen
  • Fixed Scrap Knight’s bagged item would not carry over from Scholar’s Sanctum when looping
  • Fixed that replaying the tutorial could reset your money at Hub to zero
  • Fixed that you could access the Adventure settings during the tutorial
  • Fixed crash when quick restarting at the same time the Knight respawned in a full board
  • Fixed you could unlock Poison Pill during the minigame
  • Fixed you could move/examine while the game was paused during the minigame
  • Fixed Shrinemaster could fully heal if you bumped the shrine’s door
  • Fixed your Knight wouldn’t do its weak sprite while fighting the Shrinemaster
  • Fixed units outside of the well would still decrement their frozen status
  • Fixed you could use Chronos Coin at the same time you moved
  • Fixed Knights in the hub would always use their first-time dialogue
  • Fixed Bosses would count twice for their guidebook’s slain up stat
  • Fixed foes defeated by Shovel Knight’s extra damage wouldn’t count towards the guidebook
  • Fixed that the portrait for poison bombs would be the same for boosted range poison bombs
  • Random & Shuffle Knights unlock at 3 Knights in Versus
  • Fixed Guidebook stats going up during Versus or Tutorial
  • Fixed relic text would wrap if you paused during the end of level cutscene.


  • Fixed crash when opening the AMIIBO menu multiple times while on Airplane mode


  • Random Knight available in Hub & Versus
  • Shuffle Knight available in Hub & Versus
  • Added a deadzone setting to Game Options
  • Added option to turn ON/OFF hold to move. Turned OFF by default
  • Added versus tips on the tally screen of Versus
  • Added adventure/versus option to adjust Respawn Penalty Speed
  • Added adventure/versus option to adjust Full board grace turns
  • Added Handicap options to VS
  • Added option for units to display numeric HP
  • Added visual effects to some blessings, knights, and hazards.
  • Hazards have portraits now and can be examined
  • Items have portraits now

Balance – Knights

  • Specter Knight no longer loses HP when drinking potions inside Smoke Bomb’s range
  • Specter Knight now gets healed from enemies defeated with fire
  • Shield Knight now receives full damage from bombs

Balance – Relics

  • Divine Liquid no longer resets Black Knight’s boosts
  • Divine Liquid now triggers healing on chains of 8+ instead of 10+
  • Dynamallet explosion damage increased from 3 to 5
  • Lucky Clover is now luckier:
    • 5% extra chance of spawning a non-enemy sideroom
    • 10% better odds at Glitzem
    • Chests to have a higher chance of spawning a duplicate item
  • Potion Napkin base price reduced from 8k to 4k
  • Swift Dagger base price increased from 10k to 12k
  • Gem Chain base price reduced from 8k to 6k
  • Chronos Coin’s frozen time goes down one turn faster per 2 damage when hitting a boss

Balance – HUB

  • Relic unlocks are now in order and increase in price
  • Prices for Costumes and Percy’s shortcuts doubled
  • Bank now caps at 99,999,999


  • World Record Leaderboard has been reset to remove all broken scores.
  • Personal Best scores have been reset as well due to the bugged scores from previous versions (sorry!)
  • Fixed when playing as Shuffle Knight your score would display the last randomized Knight instead of Shuffle Knight (Only applies to new scores)
  • Fixed some scores were able to display Puzzle Knight as their playable character
  • Fixed bug where you could re-submit pre-1.0.0 scores
  • Reset the Best Score leaderboards to fix broken scores. If Pre-1.1.2 patch scores are valid, they will be re-uploaded

Visual Polish

  • Lava puddles have slight particles and stepping on them makes your character orange.
  • When frozen tints you in light blue
  • When inside Smoke Bomb character tints whiter and has shiny particles
  • Zap Wand shoots more powerfully
  • King Knight’s bash makes King Knight bounce on collision depending on the distance.
  • Dynamallet displays a fuse when ready and has VFX when triggered
  • Five String shows notes around you and has new hit VFX
  • Fury Horns has VFX when activated and on hit, it has a bit more of a punch
  • Divine Liquid now has VFX on heal
  • Lucky Clover now displays a clover VFX when it gets you a luckier item
  • Gems on blocks from Snoutin’ Charm have a shinier sprite
  • Specter Knight now has a unique hurt sprite when drinking a potion
  • Black Knight now has VFX when losing his boosts
  • New Hub sprites for Shield Knight, Propeller Knight, Scrap Knight, and Prism Knight
  • Other miscellaneous tweaks

How to download updates for Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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