River City Ransom SP: more screenshots

River City Ransom SP titleToday, Arc System Works shared some more screenshots for River City Ransom SP, a “remake” of the NES game with improved graphics, additional content, and more. Today’s screenshots actually focus on those new elements, but don’t allow us to learn much new:

  • new events: this version of the game will have several new events, further extending the story;
  • new gameplay systems: the game will have many new techniques to use in battle. There’s also combos for you to use;
  • new areas: new areas have been added to the game, such as an arcade center;
  • new modes: River City Ransom SP will include a game called “Fighting of Double Dragon -2016-“, which is apparently compatible with Download Play (one copy of the game for two players), and has online leaderboards.

Here’s the latest screenshots for the game:

River City Ransom SP (3DS) comes out on April 28th in Japan.

Source: Gamer.ne.jp


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