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Risk of Rain 2 (Switch): Software updates (latest: Survivors of the Void)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Risk of Rain 2 on Nintendo Switch (originally released on August 30th 2019 in Europe and North America, and August 31st 2019 in Japan)

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Risk of Rain 2 – Survivors of the Void

  • Release date: November 8th 2023 (North America, Europe) / November 9th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Patch Notes 

This update adds support and content for the Survivors of the Void Expansion for Risk of Rain 2 on console! 

With this update, all supported platforms have the same content and bug fixes. When we developed this patch, we took a holistic approach that focused on unifying PC & console. This means we’ll reduce platform-specific bugs and bring fixes and new content to console players much faster. We’re excited about the future of Risk of Rain 2 and can’t wait for you all to join us. 

There have been several previous updates to the Risk of Rain 2 PC experience. These updates include balance changes and bug fixes that had not yet been addressed in the console versions of the game. This update is also addressing those issues, and regardless if you purchase DLC all players will be receiving all the previous updates.

PC Patch v1.1.1.2
Quality of Life

•Cleansing Pool

  • Irradiant Pearl Chance: 4%⇒ 20%
  • Can no longer be pinged to reveal its contents

•Resonance Disc

  • Charge Buff Duration:5s⇒ 7s
  • Updated Logbook description for more detailed explanation

•Power Mode

  • Armor Buff: 200 armor (66% damage reduction)⇒ 100 armor (50% damage damage reduction)
  • Developer Notes: Power Mode is gated behind a difficult challenge, but its current iteration is a bit too insane. Players should be motivated to leave Power Mode every now-and-then, and this is a safe way to make it less powerful while still keeping it fun.

• Updated Bandit: B&E and Captain: Smushed challenges to have a short window of leniency


• Update the rescue ship’s charging zone to be infinitely tall, i.e you can charge it while floating above
• Update escape portals from the final boss arena to be more portal-looking


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a crash during the last boss fight
• Fixed MUL-T not properly stopping its second primary in all cases when exiting Power Mode
• Fixed MUL-T’s Scrap Launcher not resetting its cooldown timer on firing, making it reload much faster
• Fixed MUL-T’s Power Saw behaving strangely with Power Mode, making it fire much slower
• Fixed stray nodes causing lockboxes to spawn midair on the final stage
• Fixed Bandit’s alternate skin not properly masking limbs for items
• Fixed Bandit’s secondary palette on character select not reflecting actual coloration
• Fixed Planula’s material not becoming invisible
• Fixed some incorrect icons displayed for pings/Radar Scanner
• Fixed Old Guillotine’s behavior for enemies with shields or barrier
• Fixed some typos in the logbook
• Fixed some typos in survivor skills
• Fixed Frost Relic applying its slow debuff even when inactive
• Fixed repeated jumping animations not being able to interrupt themselves
• Fixed Lunar Chimera (Exploder)’s icon changing with texture resolutions
• Fixed the stat screen’s pickups discovered category using achievements completed instead for its value
• Fixed Cleansing Pools not rerolling on purchase
• Fixed Deskplant and Mini Mushrum’s healing wards sometimes appearing underground
• Fixed the secret survivor dying instantly if she got the Perfected elite buff
• Fixed the tracking for the Mercenary: Flash of Blades challenge
• Fixed Loader’s Thunder Slam not working in conjunction with H3AD-ST
• Fixed Titans not showing their map-unique skins
• Fixed The Crowdfunder not working on characters without the display (i.e Heretic)
• Fixed Milky Chrysalis not working on characters without the display (i.e Heretic)
• Fixed AI sometimes getting position updates on invisible characters more frequently than intended
• Fixed drone AI following its leader too aggressively
• Updated outdated icons for Lunar Chimaera, friendly Beetle Guards, and achievements
• Updated item display on Bandit and Captain to properly display all items
• Updated Altered Siren’s Call very slightly to prevent clipping under certain terrain
• Updated Wetland Aspect with a geyser to prevent a softlock in Wetlands Aspect
• Updated some textures to better wrap on lower resolutions
• Updated Bandit with idle breathing animations
• Updated Magma Worm’s movement speed to be more consistent


PC Patch v1.1.1.4

• Fixed Artifact of Dissonance breaking monster spawns and other systems
• Fixed some of Commencement’s navigation/spawn nodes being placed underground, potentially causing a softlock loop
• Fixed the landing blast for H3AD-5T v2 not activating from non-host players
• Fixed language chosen in-game (instead of through Steam) not being correctly restored on startup
• Fixed MUL-T’s Power Mode description not accurately reflecting in-game values
• Fixed “Regenerative” keyword description not accurately reflecting in-game values


PC Patch 1.2.2
Gameplay Changes


  • Waves now skip if nothing has spawned for 60 seconds
  • Waves now have a limit of how many credits can be given out at once
  • Waves will now spawn slightly more elites, and slightly less normal monsters
  • Artifact of Kin will always spawn monsters, even if they are considered ‘cheap’
  • Developer Notes: Simulacrum has a few edge cases where the director fails to spawn monsters – and as a result, the gamemode no longer advances. We added a few different checks to address situations where the game gets stuck. Not only that, but simulacrum tended to spam a lot more normal monsters instead of elites – so now, it’ll spawn a little bit more elite-y.

Void Seeds

  • Void Seeds no longer spawn monsters over time, or when the Teleporter starts
  • Void Seeds no longer occasionally spawns normal, non-Voidtouched monsters
  • Void Seeds now have a more clear area indicator
  • Void Seeds no longer spawn ‘naked’ Void Infestors
  • Void Seeds now scale a lot slower over the duration of the run
  • Void Seeds now spawn elite affixes (like Overloading and Mending) less frequently for its Void
  • 🌧 Void Seeds now spawn Void Caches with Sacrifice enabled
  • 🌧 Void Seeds now mark remaining enemies on the map if there are 3 or less
  • Developer Notes: Void Seeds are chaotic and strange by design – but that same chaos and strangeness can lead to a bit of frustration in what the heck is going on. We’ve clarified behavior, and fixed some weird edge-case scenarios that led to it being more confusing. We’re still taking a look at trying to reduce the frequency of it spawning right on top of you at stage start.

Void Portal

  • Minimum Stage Count: 3 ⇒ 6
  • Developer Notes: It’s pretty much impossible to beat The Planetarium at stage 3, so it was just bait. Now it only spawns when a player could reasonably beat the objectives.

Prismatic Trials (Live with SotV release)

  • Prismatic Trials now has Survivors of the Void permanently enabled, even for non-DLC owners

Eclipse (Live with SotV release)

  • Eclipse is now available in multiplayer

Ignite (Live with SotV release)

  • Ignite effects, like Blazing elites and Artificer’s Flame Bolt, now deal 50% of its damage over time as ignite
  • Developer Notes: Previously, ignite damage was calculated off of a weird version of base damage, which was inconsistent across enemies. Not only that, but Artificer’s ignite was handled quite differently than the Blazing elites. Now, ignite effects always deal half the damage of the impact – which makes it match Overloading elite damage as well.

Void Fog (Live with SotV release)

  • Void fog damage now ignores armor, Tougher Times, Armor Plating, and Planula
  • Void fog damage now slowly ramps up over time as long as you remain in the fog
  • Developer Notes: The Void Fog is important for a lot of content, especially in SotV – and has to remain threatening for the events to work. We found that Tougher Times, Armor Plating, and Planula made some of this content arbitrarily too easy. We also wanted to avoid being able to go ‘infinite’ in the fog with a lot of healing-over-time, so now it ramps up slowly.


  • ‘Flamethrower’ now scales the number of damage ticks with attack speed

Void Fiend

  • ‘Drown (Corrupted)’ now scales the number of damage ticks with attack speed
  • ‘Suppress (Corrupted)’ no longer marks you as the attacker for its self-damage – meaning it won’t proc items on yourself like Crowbar, etc.
  • Transitioning into Corrupted mode now grants 0.5 seconds of invincibility

Void Fields

  • Percent Health Damage: 5% per second ⇒ 2.5% per second
  • Developer Notes: We wanted to make Void Fields more oppressive in SotV, as a mobility/heal check before you can access the guaranteed portal into the Planetarium. It was too much, so we are reducing it.


  • Planetarium music now advances every phase

Void Infestors

  • Void Infestors now slowly decay health over 30 seconds
  • Void Infestors no longer can convert ‘mechanical’ targets, like Drones or Engineer Turrets
  • Developer Notes: While it was cool the first time, having Void Infestors instantly kill your hard-earned drones made drones even worse. Now, they’re a decent ally to help pick off those bugs. Not only that, but an infestor that’s stuck running around the edge of a map would prevent you from finishing the Void Seed, which was annoying – now they slowly lose health over time.


  • Spare Drone Parts no longer grants Col. Droneman to Engineer Turrets
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ‘Remote Caffeinator’ DLC equipment being locked permanently
  • Fixed weird momentum/velocity behavior after falling out-of-bounds and teleporting back
  • Fixed ignite effects from Fire affixes and the ‘ignite’ damage type dealing 2x the damage over 4x the duration
  • Fixed Volcanic Egg disjointing its position over time
  • Fixed clients who disconnect and then reconnect being stuck spectating
  • Fixed Railgunner’s Goobo Jr. AI using only its Primary ability
  • Fixed Ignition Tank’s descriptions being inaccurate to its behavior
  • Fixed hosts not being able to create new multiplayer games if they disconnect and reconnect their internet
  • Fixed Merc’s expose being consumed by non-Mercs
  • Fixed Simulacrum’s Enigma wave having the wrong strings
  • Fixed Void Devastator not having its boss item assigned, causing it to not drop or be targetable by Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn
  • Fixed Newly Hatched Zoea not consuming Defense Nucleus
  • Fixed a stray jump pad in Sulfur Pools that leads nowhere
  • Fixed ‘crusty’ pixels around buff icons
  • Fixed Distant Roost having less interactable credits than Titanic Plains, causing it to spawn less interactables
  • Fixed Rusted Key always granting a red item
  • Fixed consecutive weak point tracking resetting whenever ANY player missed, not just the player trying to earn the achievement
  • Fixed Will-o-the-wisp/Voidsent Flame having reversed damage coefficients
  • Fixed Prismatic Trials being playable in multiplayer by starting a singleplayer prismatic trial, backing out, and then hosting a multiplayer game
  • Fixed cans not animating properly with Remote Caffeinator
  • Fixed Snowy, Natural, and Sandy Golem skins not being fully implemented
PC Patch 1.2.3
Gameplay Changes


  • Slightly updated visuals of Void Focus
  • Now has an indicator for the Void Focus’ position

Void Seeds

  • Now cap at a maximum of 3 per map
  • Spawn less frequently with Artifact of Sacrifice enabled
  • Spawn less frequently on top of you when starting a new stage

Void Fiend

  • Corrupted skills are now lower priority than Heresy items, allowing Heresy items to override both versions of skills

Goobo Jr.

  • Damage Bonus: +70% ⇒+200%
  • Health Bonus: +70% ⇒ +200%
  • Fix description in logbook being wrong
  • Developer Notes: Goobo was designed to be +600%. It was +70%. +600% was actually waaay too strong when we fixed it, so we set it to a more reasonable value.

Brittle Crown

  • No longer grants gold to the enemy who hits you while wearing the item (but still shows the visuals)
  • Developer Notes: We thought it would be a cute behavior if when losing money from Brittle Crown, it granted that money to the attacker – for use in stuff like a Scavenger’s Crowd Funder. However, this resulted in you gaining all the money back when you killed the enemy, making Brittle Crown have (essentially) no downside.

Ben’s Raincoat

  • Rework behavior – Now has an internal cooldown of 5 seconds
  • Now blocks 1 (+1 per stack) debuffs before going on cooldown
  • Now grants 10% of your health as barrier when blocking a debuff
  • Now has the ‘Healing’ tag
  • No longer grants maximum health
  • No longer blocks non-timed debuffs, like Eclipse 8 and skills like Power Mode
  • Developer Notes: Ben’s Raincoat was a very binary item, resulting in unsatisfying stacking behavior and frustrations when given to monsters (like in Simulacrum). The item also trivialized Eclipse 8. Now, it has a bit of downtime for when it can block debuffs – and since we didn’t want this to be just a net nerf, we also added a large barrier when blocking a debuff with the coat.

Void Devastator

  • Max Health: 2100 (+630 per level) ⇒ 2800 (+840 per level)
  • Armor: 10 ⇒ 20
  • Developer Notes: Despite being a boss monster, the Void Devastator had strangely low stats for its cost, especially when compared to same-cost monsters like the Imp Overlord


  • No longer splits if killed from a ‘Void Death’, like from Lost Seer’s Lenses
  • Voidtouched Gups and Geeps will now split into Voidtouched Geeps and Gips (respectively)
Quality of Life
  • Altered some planets in the Planetarium
  • Updated Captain’s Defense Matrix log to be granted by playing Captain
  • Updated Shipping Request Form to be blacklisted for enemies
  • Updated inventories to work with more than 255 items for mods with many items
  • Made it easier for mods to register custom achievements
  • Updated localization to allow mods to properly utilize the system
  • Extended systems to support mods adding custom item tiers
  • Pluripotent Larva will no longer convert into items that are not available in the current run
  • Updated a deep pool in the Planetarium causing you to get stuck inside if you had no jump boosts
  • Updated Heretic to receive Heresy items, even if spawned from Goobo Jr, so it can use abilities
  • Fixed Korean language files having a malformed format, resulting in errors
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Category Chests dropping a much smaller subset of items
  • Fixed Beetle Guard summoned from Queen’s Gland no longer being a fresh green color
  • Fixed a variety of issues relating to Heresy items losing or gaining stocks when swapping skills with other skills
  • Fixed Simulacrum referring to Rainstorm as Normal
  • Removed nodes in Simulacrum’s Titanic Plains, Sulfur Pools, and Rallypoint Delta that were inside walls
  • Removed nodes in Aphelian Sanctuary and Sulfur Pools that were inside walls
  • Fixed tag requirements of Vengeance and Void Fields
  • Fixed a bunch of NRE’s, causing a potential variety of issues
  • Fixed profiles not being able to be deleted in the main menu
  • Fixed out-of-bound zones for Aphelian Sanctuary, Void Fields, Distant Roost, Titanic Plains, and Sky Meadows not properly culling monsters
  • Fixed Siphoned Forest being called Snowy Forest in the logbook
  • [!!SPOILER!!] Fixed the frog not spawning a deep void portal
  • Fixed text for Blast Shower not clarifying that it also removes freezes and stuns
  • Fixed visible back faces in Siphoned Forest
  • Fixed Void Fiend’s Trespass continually playing the sound if you quit in the middle of the skill
  • Fixed Disposable Missile Launcher and Fireworks not triggering other missile effects, like AtG Missile and Plasma Shrimp
  • Fixed a few bugs with state-controlled debuffs (like Void Fiend’s Corrupted Flood) and Ben’s Raincoat causing those debuffs to be permanent
  • Fixed REX’s core position being lowered while sprinting, causing AI issues and some projectiles appearing in the floor while sprinting
  • Fixed Bulwark’s Ambry entry missing in logbook
  • Fixed Heretic’s head hurtbox causing issues when hit
  • Fixed Xi Construct and Void Jailer appearing with Artifact of Dissonance enabled, even with the DLC disabled
  • Fixed Simulacrum button being there even if the DLC is disabled
  • Fixed Pluripotent Larva not corrupting all items that map many-to-one (i.e., Runald’s Band + yellow items)
  • Fixed Railgunner seeing her own Weak Points while Chaos is enabled
  • Fixed camera issues with Frost Relic while using Railgunner’s scopes or Mul-T’s Power Mode
  • Fixed issues with Gup / Geep / Gip and Dio’s Best Friend
  • Fixed Collapse counting as two separate debuffs
  • Fixed Geep and Gip receiving items from Evolution and Simulacrum multiple times
  • Potentially fixing more cases where Simulacrum would fail to spawn enemies
  • Fixed various typos
PC Patch 1.2.4
Gameplay Changes
Void Fields
  • Interactables now spawn in the stage
  • Developer Notes: With SotV, we wanted to make the Void Fields a more compelling choice by increasing the value of the reward and introducing a cost (time). However, we felt that the risk outweighed the reward, so we’ve added interactables to the stage, much like the interactables in Simulacrum stages.


  • Flame Bolt damage: 220% ⇒ 280%
  • Plasma Bolt damage: 220% ⇒ 280%
  • Developer Notes: As we iterated on the way that burns work during development of SotV, we unintentionally reduced the damage of Artificer’s Flame Bolt indirectly by reducing the burn damage. To compensate, we’re buffing the initial damage of Flame Bolt so that the overall damage returns to pre-SotV levels. Plasma Bolt is receiving the same buff to ensure it doesn’t fall behind.


  • Lysate Cell now increases the stocks of Captain’s first beacon
  • Captain is now limited to 2 deployed beacons at a time
  • Developer Notes: It was kind of lame that Lysate Cell did absolutely nothing for Captain, but it was hard to find a solution that wasn’t completely game-breaking. Limiting the beacons to 2 at a time keeps the power of the item under control (as well as fixes some exploits in Simulacrum multiplayer).

Newly Hatched Zoea

  • Fresh new skins to help differentiate allies from enemies

Defense Nucleus

  • Alpha Construct Ally Damage Bonus: +0% ⇒+300%
  • Alpha Construct Ally Health Bonus: +0% ⇒ +300%
  • Developer Notes: During development, we experimented with what conditions would trigger this item. Initially, this item was exceptionally strong due to how frequently it triggered. It proved to be too strong, so we changed the trigger, but we forgot to compensate by buffing the spawned Alpha Construct as we had intended.

Squid Polyp

  • Squid Turret Ally Base Damage: 20 ⇒ 4
  • Squid Turret Ally Primary Skill Damage Coefficient: 1 ⇒ 5
  • Squid Turret Allies Primary Skill Proc Coefficient: 1 ⇒ 0.1
  • Squid Turret Allies Primary Skill Knockback Force: 0 ⇒ 2000
  • Squid Turret Allies can now be stunned by “stunning” skills
  • Squid Turret Allies can now be frozen
  • Developer Notes: An important part of the balance of the Void Cradles is the risk from the Void Infestors it spawns, so we wanted to lower the risk with Squid Polyp without completely removing it. These changes to Squid Polyp are overall a slight buff in the hands of the player (the knockback especially defends the turrets against infestation), but they mainly reduce the damage from Collapse when Voidtouched. And believe it or not, they’re actually pretty good at killing the Void Infestors.

Blind Vermin

  • Director Credits for default variant: 20 ⇒ 14
  • Director Credits for snowy variant: 8 ⇒ 14
  • Developer Notes: The difference in Director Credits between the variants of Blind Vermin was unintentional, so we just split the difference.
Quality of Life
  • Swapping between skills on cooldown no longer resets the timer to max
  • Improved some exception handling for modders
  • Fixing a bug for modders where stages wouldn’t spawn monsters properly unless the deprecated DirectorCardCategorySelection field was assigned
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed nodes in Distant Roost, Titanic Plains, Wetland Aspect, and Simulacrum’s Rally Point Delta
  • Finallyfixed Volcanic Egg desynchronizing its position
  • Fixed Loader’s pylon traveling different distances depending on whether the player is a host or a client
  • Fixed various typos and logbook descriptions
  • Fixed various null reference exceptions
  • Fixed Ben’s Raincoat, Shuriken, Oddly-Shaped Opal, Red Whip, and Unstable Tesla Coil to properly clean up their buffs when the item is removed
  • Fixed Distant Roost and Wetland Aspect to properly spawn monsters and interactables from SotV
  • Fixed Little Disciple becoming disabled for the remainder of the stage after the character is rooted
  • Updated Safer Spaces’ cooldown to no longer round up to the nearest second
  • [!!SPOILER!!] Fixed the music not progressing properly for clients during the new final boss fight
  • Fixed Overheat (the debuff applied by Grandparents) to be properly marked as a debuff
  • Fixed bugs with Happiest Mask and Xi Construct
  • [!!SPOILER!!] Fixed a bug where the players could lose after teleporting off of the moon
  • Fixed some collision on Commencement, Sundered Grove, and Sulfur Pools to prevent softlocks
  • Fixed bugs with Happiest Mask and Xi Construct
  • Updated Spare Drone Parts to be blacklisted for enemies
  • Improved the logic for where we spawn the item from Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn to reduce the odds that the item is inaccessible
  • Singularity Bands can no longer proc themselves
  • Fixed issues with players desynching with cross-play enabled
  • Fixed the logbook icon for Void Barnacle sometimes being pixelated
  • Fixed allies sometimes displaying healthbar indicators for items they didn’t have
  • Fixed Artifact of Sacrifice’s interactable credit reduction not working in Simulacrum
  • Fixed Void Fiend sometimes being partially invisible
  • Helfire Tincture’s self-inflicted burn will now remain non-lethal, even if upgraded by Ignition Tank
  • Helfire Tincture’s burn tick damage cap now considers shields, preventing issues with the burns becoming very long
  • Updated Bandit’s displays for 57 Leaf Clover, Benthic Bloom, Ocular Hud, and Focus Crystal
  • Updated Railgunner’s displays for Charged Perforator and Disposable Missile Launcher
  • Updated Equipment Drone’s display for Remote Caffeinator
  • Updated Void Reaver’s display for the Mending elite affix
  • Fixed issue where upward momentum wasn’t reset when teleporting back into bounds
  • Slicing Maelstrom, Shadowfade, and Ruin skills no longer reset their stocks when assigned
  • Fixed Naturopath achievement to trigger at the correct time
  • Updated Strike Drone’s display for Spare Drone Parts
  • Fixed bug where Recycler sometimes had difficulty targeting certain pickups
  • Fixed a tree on Aphelian Sanctuary that would disappear if the LOD settings were restricted
  • Fixed kick_steam and ban_steam console commands to properly find the associated account
  • Fixed a bug where Egocentrism’s projectiles would collide but not destroy on terrain, causing explosion spam with Brilliant Behemoth
  • Fixed vertical alignment of skills in the lobby
  • Now clients in multiplayer will receive notifications for when one of their items or equipment is transformed
  • We now send a pickup message when a player receives a Tonic Affliction
PC Patch
  • Fixed prices in multiplayer sometimes being too cheap on the first stage
  • Fixed Captain sometimes not having stocks of his beacons on the first stage
Major Content Changes

The changes below will be applied to owners of the Survivors of the Void Expansion. For players that have miraculously avoided any spoilers, and would like to continue doing so, we suggest not reading the patch notes below.  

When jumping into multiplayer, remember that only one player in the lobby needs to own the expansion to enable that content for everyone. However, only players that own the expansion will be able to unlock and play as the new Survivors. 

  • Added Game Mode: 
    • New Game Mode: Simulacrum 
      • The Simulacrum is a wave-based arena mode set within a Void simulation. It can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes and includes any unlocked artifacts for use. It is an endless mode that can conclude only in your simulated demise. 
  • Added Alternate Ending: 
    • [REDACTED] 
  • Added 2 Survivors:
  • Added 2 Survivor Skins: 
    • Railgunner Skin: Marksman 
    • Void Fiend Skin: Purified 
  • Added 5 Stages: 
    • Siphoned Forest (Stage 1) 
    • Aphelian Sanctuary (Stage 2) 
    • Sulfur Pools (Stage 3) 
    • Void Locus (Hidden Realm) 
    • The Planetarium (Boss Stage) 
  • Added 9 New Music Tracks: 
    • Added 6 Stage Tracks: 
      • Prelude in D flat major 
      • A Placid Island of Ignorance 
      • Out of Whose Womb Came the Ice? 
      • Once in a Lullaby 
      • A Boat Made from a Sheet of Newspaper 
      • Who Can Fathom the Soundless Depths?
    • Added 3 Boss Tracks: 
      • Having Fallen, It Was Blood 
      • The Face of the Deep 
      • They Might as Well Be Dead 
  • Added 9 Monsters: 
    • Blind Pest 
    • Alpha Construct 
    • Blind Vermin 
    • Clay Apothecary 
    • Gup (and Geep and Gip, obviously) 
    • Larva 
    • Void Barnacle 
    • Void Infester 
    • Void Jailer 
  • Added 2 Elite Types: 
    • Mending 
    • Voidtouched 
  • Added 3 Bosses: 
    • Void Devastator 
    • Voidling 
    • Xi Construct 
  • Added Interactables: 
    • Void Cradle 
    • Void Potential 
    • Large Category Chest 
    • Crashed Multishop 
  • Added Item Tier: 
    • Void Tier Items
  • Added 41 Pickups: 
    • 18 Standard Items: 
      • Delicate Watch 
      • Mocha 
      • Oddly-shaped Opal 
      • Power Elixir 
      • Roll of Pennies 
      • Hunter’s Harpoon 
      • Ignition Tank 
      • Regenerating Scrap 
      • Shipping Request Form 
      • Shuriken 
      • Defense Nucleus 
      • Ben’s Raincoat 
      • Bottled Chaos 
      • Laser Scope 
      • Pocket I.C.B.M 
      • Spare Drone Parts 
      • Symbiotic Scorpion 
      • His Reassurance (Aspect Item) 
    • 14 Void Items: 
      • Benthic Bloom 
      • Encrusted Key 
      • Lost Seer’s Lense 
      • Lysate Cell 
      • Needletick 
      • Newly Hatched Zoea 
      • Plasma Shrimp 
      • Pluripotent Larva 
      • Polylute 
      • Safer Spaces 
      • Singularity Band 
      • Tentabauble 
      • Voidsent Flame 
      • Weeping Fungus  
    • 4 Lunar Items: 
      • Egocentrism 
      • Eulogy Zero 
      • Light Flux Pauldron 
      • Stone Flux Pauldron  
    • 5 Equipment Items: 
      • Executive Card 
      • Goobo Jr. 
      • Molotov (6-Pack) 
      • Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn 
      • Remote Caffeinator 

Risk of Rain 2: Console Update 

  • The game has undergone an overhaul to improve physics, damage calculations, networking, performance, AI logic, and more.
  • Added Game Mode: Eclipse
    • This game mode adds stacking challenge modifiers to your run. Each time you beat the game, your Eclipse level permanently increases with that Survivor, up to a maximum of 8 times.
    • This mode is available to players playing solo. Multiplayer Eclipse mode is not currently supported on the console version of Risk of Rain 2. This feature will be added in a future patch.
  • Added support for the Survivors of the Void expansion. 
  • Addressed clipping issues, especially notable with players passing through walls. 
  • Improved knockback mechanics, and adjusted air velocity. 
  • Adjusted certain textures that were overly opaque, resulting in obscured vision. 
  • A new trophy has been introduced for players that defeat a new threat within the expansion. 
  • ‘Ignite’ effects are now all calculated the same way and always will deal half their damage over time. 
  • Introduced large variants of damage, healing, and utility chests. 
  • Cleansing pools are more common. 
  • Artificer’s ‘Flamethrower’ now scales its damage ticks with attack speed. 
  • Addressed an imbalance where Distant Roost had fewer interactable credits than Titanic Plains, leading to fewer interactable spawns. 
  • Golems and Shrines can now appear snowy or sandy, in addition to their regular look. 
  • The game’s difficulty timer will no longer halt upon entering the Void Fields. 
  • Void fog damage now scales with level and ignores armor, Tougher Times, Armor Plating, and Planula. 
  • D-pad navigation within game menus is now active! 
  • Updated various item descriptions, tooltips, and visuals to improve clarity. 
  • Bug fixes. 

Risk of Rain 2 – Ver. 1.0.10 (Anniversary Update)

  • Release date: August 17th 2021 (North America, Europe) / August 18th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Console Specific:

  • New Map added: Sundered Grove

Major Content:

  • Added System: Morgue + Account Stats
    • Browse past runs and all of your account stats – like favorite survivors, progress to completion, or your favorite equipment – now in the Logbook!
  • Added New Survivor
    • New Survivor: Bandit
  • Added New Survivor Skin
    • New Survivor Skin: Bandit Skin
  • Added 5 New Items
    • New Lunar Item: Hooks of Heresy
    • New Lunar Item: Essence of Heresy
    • New Boss Item: Empathy Cores
    • New Boss Item: Charged Perforator
    • New Boss Item: Planula
  • Added 5 New Skill Variants
    • New Skill Variant: MUL-T Special
    • New Skill Variant: Mercenary Utility
    • New Skill Variant: REX Special
    • New Skill Variant: Loader Special
    • New Skill Variant: Captain Utility
  • Added 1 New Monster
    • New Monster: Lunar Chimera (Exploder)
  • Added 1 New Elite
    • New Elite: Perfected
  • Added 1 New Boss
    • New Boss: Grandparent
  • Added New Interactable
    • New Interactable: Lunar Shop Refresher
  • Added 9 New Challenges
    • New Class Challenge: Bandit: Sadist
    • New Class Challenge: Bandit: Classic Man
    • New Class Challenge: Bandit: B&E
    • New Class Challenge: Bandit: Mastery
    • New Class Challenge: MUL-T: Seventh Day
    • New Class Challenge: Mercenary: Flash of Blades
    • New Class Challenge: REX: Full of Life
    • New Class Challenge: Loader: The Thunderdome
    • New Class Challenge: Captain: Smushed
  • Added 93 New Lore Entries
    • New Lore Entry: Monster Tooth
    • New Lore Entry: Lens-Maker’s Glasses
    • New Lore Entry: Paul’s Goat Hoof
    • New Lore Entry: Bustling Fungus
    • New Lore Entry: Crowbar
    • New Lore Entry: Tri-Tip Dagger
    • New Lore Entry: Warbanner
    • New Lore Entry: Cautious Slug
    • New Lore Entry: Stun Grenade
    • New Lore Entry: Backup Magazine
    • New Lore Entry: Armor-Piercing Rounds
    • New Lore Entry: Bison Steak
    • New Lore Entry: Focus Crystal
    • New Lore Entry: Item Scrap, White
    • New Lore Entry: AtG Missile Mk. 1
    • New Lore Entry: Infusion
    • New Lore Entry: Hopoo Feather
    • New Lore Entry: Ukulele
    • New Lore Entry: Leeching Seed
    • New Lore Entry: Red Whip
    • New Lore Entry: Harvester’s Scythe
    • New Lore Entry: Berzerker’s Pauldron
    • New Lore Entry: Razorwire
    • New Lore Entry: Brilliant Behemoth
    • New Lore Entry: Frost Relic
    • New Lore Entry: Happiest Mask
    • New Lore Entry: 57 Leaf Clover
    • New Lore Entry: Dio’s Best Friend
    • New Lore Entry: Wake of Vultures
    • New Lore Entry: Resonance Disc
    • New Lore Entry: Defensive Microbots
    • New Lore Entry: Titanic Knurl
    • New Lore Entry: Pearl
    • New Lore Entry: Irradiant Pearl
    • New Lore Entry: Genesis Loop
    • New Lore Entry: Artifact Key
    • New Lore Entry: Corpsebloom
    • New Lore Entry: Gesture of the Drowned
    • New Lore Entry: Beads of Fealty
    • New Lore Entry: Defiant Gouge
    • New Lore Entry: Mercurial Rachis
    • New Lore Entry: Empathy Cores
    • New Lore Entry: Essence of Heresy
    • New Lore Entry: Effigy of Grief
    • New Lore Entry: Spinel Tonic
    • New Lore Entry: Disposable Missile Launcher
    • New Lore Entry: Foreign Fruit
    • New Lore Entry: Primordial Cube
    • New Lore Entry: Royal Capacitor
    • New Lore Entry: Radar Scanner
    • New Lore Entry: Eccentric Vase
    • New Lore Entry: Volcanic Egg
    • New Lore Item: Hooks of Heresy
    • New Lore Item: Essence of Heresy
    • New Lore Item: Empathy Cores
    • New Lore Item: Charged Perforator
    • New Lore Item: Planula
    • New Lore Entry: Lesser Wisp
    • New Lore Entry: Lemurian
    • New Lore Entry: Hermit Crab
    • New Lore Entry: Solus Probe
    • New Lore Entry: Brass Contraption
    • New Lore Entry: Bighorn Bison
    • New Lore Entry: Stone Golem
    • New Lore Entry: Clay Templar
    • New Lore Entry: Greater Wisp
    • New Lore Entry: Elder Lemurian
    • New Lore Entry: Lunar Chimera (Exploder)
    • New Lore Entry: Beetle Queen
    • New Lore Entry: Stone Titan
    • New Lore Entry: Aurelionite
    • New Lore Entry: Wandering Vagrant
    • New Lore Entry: Magma Worm
    • New Lore Entry: Grovetender
    • New Lore Entry: Imp Overlord
    • New Lore Entry: Scavenger
    • New Lore Entry: Overloading Worm
    • New Lore Entry: Grandparent
    • New Lore Entry: Distant Roost
    • New Lore Entry: Rallypoint Delta
    • New Lore Entry: Scorched Acres
    • New Lore Entry: Siren’s Call
    • New Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: Gilded Coast
    • New Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: Void Fields
    • New Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: Bazaar Between Time
    • New Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: A Moment, Whole
    • New Lore Entry: Sundered Grove
    • New Lore Entry: Commando
    • New Lore Entry: Engineer
    • New Lore Entry: Acrid
    • New Lore Entry: Loader
    • New Lore Entry: Mercenary
    • New Lore Entry: Bandit

Gameplay Changes:

• General

• Final Stage

• The final stage has been redone entirely, with unique objectives and a new, large arena to play in. We won’t spoil it. Please let us know how you feel!

• Low Health Threshold

• 20%⇒ 25%


• All AI now have dramatically improved pathfinding

• All AI now gets position updates on targets who are invisible only every few seconds, rather than losing the target entirely

• Minions

• Drones no longer have resistance to AOE attacks

• All minions now teleport to their owner if they stray past 400m

• All Minions now scale to the ‘ambient level’ of the run

• Developer’s Notes: The ‘ambient level’ is the level of the run that grows over time. Previously, the enemy team used the ‘ambient level’ to set their level. Now, all enemies AND minions are at ambient level. The result of this is that player minions, like ghosts from Happiest Mask, purchased Drones, and yes – the Squid Polyp – will scale much better over time. This matches drone scaling in RoR1.

• Survivor

• Commando

• Update VFX of Double Tap, Phase Round, and Suppressive Fire

• Double Tap

○ * Now fires a single bullet per click

  • ○ Bloom Reset Time: 1s ⇒0.7s
  • ○ Damage: 90% ⇒ 100%
  • ○ Duration: 0.2s ⇒ 0.15s

• Tactical Dive

  • ○ Duration: 0.5s ⇒ 0.4s

• Phase Round

  • ○ Now deals 40% more damage every time it passes through an enemy

• Huntress

• Now unlocked by default alongside the Commando! Her previous unlock condition (beat the 3rd stage) now unlocks the Bandit.

• Engineer

• Both Gauss Auto-Turret and Carbonizer Turret now also inherit your equipment. They won’t activate it, but they will hold it.

• Grenades now have slight anti-gravity.

• Artificer

• Nano-Bomb

  • ○ Tendril Damage: 20% of explosion ⇒ 10% of explosion
  • ○ Tendril Fire Frequency: 0.25s ⇒ 0.125s
  • ○ Tendril Same Target Frequency: 2s ⇒ 1s
  • ○ Developer Notes: This change is made specifically to avoid the Artificer’s Nano-Bomb tendrils proccing Ice and Fire Bands. The tendrils will now fire twice as often, but at half the damage.

• Mercenary

• Blinding Assault

  • Now has a lingering 0.2s invincibility to help chain together Blinding Assaults in high-latency online games

• Items

• Bustling Fungus

• Start Delay: 2s ⇒ 1s

• Now heals at a higher tick rate – overall healing is the same, but the healing is smoother over time

• Now has small visual mushrooms that grow over the area

• Energy Drink

• Speed Boost: 30% (+20% per stack) ⇒ 25% (+25% per stack)

• Developer Notes: Mathematically, the Energy Drink was worse than the Goat Hoof for speed after the first pickup, even while sprinting. This change will consistently make Energy Drink stronger when sprinting, and also makes its stacking behavior more consistent. This may make the Energy Drink too strong, but it’ll at least make a bit more sense now.

• AP Rounds

• Improve visual effects to be more noticeable

• Focus Crystal

• Damage Boost: 15% (+15% per stack) ⇒ 20% (+20% per stack)

• Now shows radius for ‘nearby’ distance

• Now causes numbers to be pink when active

• Developer Notes: There are many characters and builds where the Focus Crystal should shine through – however, it never seems to be quite high priority enough for the effort required. We’re hoping that by making it both flashier and stronger, players will prioritize it.

• Rusted Key

• Now subtly glows and pulses

• Now grants items at the same rarity as a Large Chest

• Now spawns a Lockbox per player with a Rusted Key

• Now consumes a Rusted Key when a lockbox is opened, and requires a Rusted Key to open

• No longer scales reward chance with the number of Keys in your inventory

• Developer Notes: People have always been a bit confused about the behavior of the Rusted Key, so we made it make a bit more sense by actually consuming a key to open. 1 Key = 1 Box. Since the item no longer gives ‘infinite’ items, we can also make it a bit stronger and make the lockbox more noticeable.

• Crowbar

• Damage Boost: +50%(+50% per stack) ⇒ +75% (+75% per stack)

• Improve visual effects to be more noticeable

• Update pickup text to include the damage threshold

• Developer Notes: Same reasoning as Focus Crystal – there are many heavy-hitter builds and characters, but Crowbars aren’t prioritized.

• Gasoline

• Now deals 150% base damage on detonation alongside the burn effect

• Stun Grenade

• Added visual effect when the item procs

• Bison Steak (New! Yum!)

• Replaced ‘Fresh Meat’ item

• No longer grants regeneration on kill

• Now grants 25 (+25 per stack) max health

• Tri-Tip Dagger

• Bleed Chance: 15% (+15% per stack) ⇒ 10% (+10% per stack)

• Developer Notes: Right now, bleed is okay until you can stack it infinitely, in which case it becomes incredibly strong. We want to smooth out the power curve a bit, increasing the number of daggers required for ‘infinite’ bleed to match the number of Glasses required for 100% crit.

• Lepton Daisy

• Now activates in all ‘holdout zones’, like Void Fields, and not just during the Teleporter Event

• Old War Stealthkit

• Now activates when falling to low health, rather than as a chance when hurt

• Stealth Duration: 3s (+1.5s per stack) ⇒ 5s

• Stealth Cooldown: 0s ⇒ 30s (-50% per stack)

• Bandolier

• Packs now restocks skills by the amount a full cooldown would

• Packs now also apply to stashed skills, like MUL-T’s second primary

• Radar Scanner

• Now details if an interactable is a Barrel, Chest, Drone, Shrine, or something unknown

• Frost Relic

• Now applies ice slow debuff

• Now has a softer visual

• Damage Coefficient: 150% ⇒ 300%

• Radius: 3m (+1.5m per kill) ⇒ 6m (+3m per kill)

• H3AD-5T v2

• Now calculates damage from distance traveled, not speed on impact

• Developer Notes: Even though this makes less sense from a physics standpoint, it will align better with player expectations. Super long fall = big boom.

• Resonance Disk

• Redo firing logic to be more understandable

• Now grants 1 stacking buff per kill, lasting 5 seconds

• Now fires the Disk at 4 stacks, resetting all stacks

• Defiant Gouge

• Monster Spawn Points: 100 (+100 per stack) ⇒ 40 (+40 per stack)

• Developer Notes: A single Gouge would spawn way too many monsters. Now, having 1 or 2 Gouges should be a reasonable option.

• Focused Convergence

• Now activates in all ‘holdout zones’, like Void Fields, and not just during the Teleporter Event

• Queen’s Gland

• Limit of deployed Beetle Guards now doubles for Artifact of Swarms

• Halcyon Seed

• Changed summoned Aurelionite pre-stack scaling from current-difficulty-based hp + damage bonuses to leveling up to the ambient level like other summoned characters

• Summoned Aurelionite attention span: 5s ⇒ 15s

• Developer Notes: Aurelionite’s raised attention span should make it less likely to get distracted by weaker monsters attacking it so it’s more likely to spend its time fighting stronger monsters.

• Mired Urn

• No longer capable of targeting and healing from allies

• Monster

• Hermit Crab

• Base Damage: 4 (+0.8 per level) ⇒ 12 (+2.4 per level)

• Mortar Projectile Count: 3 ⇒ 1

• Mortar Projectile now has more visible trail

• Developer Notes: When fighting Hermit Crabs, it’s always been difficult to parse where and how many there are. To help clarify their behavior, we made it clearer so 1 mortar = 1 crab.

• Parent

• Health: 900(+270 per level) ⇒ 585 (+176 per level)

• Update visuals to match closer to RoR1 design

• Update animations

• Greater Wisp

• Can now be stunned and frozen

• Lunar Chimera (Golem)

• Health: 1900 (+570 per level) ⇒ 1615 (+485 per level)

• Twinshot Attack

○ * Total Shots: 4 ⇒ 10

  • ○ Damage Coefficient: 2 ⇒ 1
  • ○ Force: 8000 ⇒ 1000
  • ○ Now fires in series, rather than all at once
  • ○ Update visuals to be less noisy
  • • Raised the aim origin to be closer to its cannons so it can fire more accurately
  • • Lunar Chimera (Wisp)
  • • Tracking Bomb
  • ○ Damage Coefficient: 6 ⇒ 5
  • ○ Speed: 90 m/s ⇒ 60 m/s
  • ○ Update visuals to be less noisy

• Beetle Queen

• Summon Beetles

  • ○ Beetle Count: 5 ⇒ 2
  • ○  Now summons Beetle Guards instead of Beetles

• Scavenger

• Now properly spawn as elites

• Developer Notes: Apparently, Scavengers were already spawning as elites – with their health and damage buff – but did not have their elite equipment (Burning, Glacial, etc). Now they will.

• Void Reaver

• Added a minimum distance between bombs

•SPOILERS! Final Boss, Last Phase. SPOILERS!

• Base Health: 1000 (+300 per level) ⇒ 1400 (+420 per level)

• Added stagger state triggered by taking high damage

• Item Steal

○ * Now consistently returns items as you deal damage, rather than randomly, i.e if you have him at 50% health, you will have 50% of your items back

  • ○ Now consistently returns items to players in multiplayer in order (1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4) rather than per-player damage
  • ○ Now returns items in the order that you found them, rather than in reverse order
  • ○ Now utilizes Crowbars

• Stages

• Bazaar Between Time

• Now allows you to reroll shop contents, at the cost of 1/2/4/8… lunar coins

• Wetland Aspect

• Altered stage layout to add more identifiable landmark areas

• Sky Meadows

• Reduce initial map monster spawns by -24%

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed boss items spawning more frequently than intended, especially when more items drop from multiplayer or Mountain Shrine bonuses
  • Fixed large rocks in Titanic Plains clipping into the camera
  • Altered geometry slightly to make more difficult to accidentally go out of bounds on many stages
  • Abandoned Aqueduct now has defensive tar fully circling outside of the play area
  • Fixed korean language characters missing in certain cases
  • Fixed some animation issues on the Loader
  • Fixed physics issues with Commando’s Frag Grenades
  • Fixed certain drones not having 360° vision, causing them to attack or heal less
  • Fixed Lunar Chimera’s death animations not matching the sound timings
  • Fixed more occlusion issues in Sundered Grove and other maps that cause objects to disappear at certain camera angles
  • Fixed certain survivors not removing their limbs when picking up Paul’s Goat Hoof or the Royal Capacitor
  • Fixed Helfire Tincture’s burning effect being offset
  • Fixed Chain Lightning and Razorwire making trail renderers that were not being cleaned up, potentially causing infinite objects in the scene
  • Fixed Mini Mushrums making hitboxes that were not being cleaned up, potentially causing infinite objects in the scene
  • Fixed certain effects incorrectly rendering while the player has invisibility
  • Fixed enemy Beetle Guards not appearing in Void Fields or with Artifact of Dissonance
  • Fixed Vultures having base health regeneration
  • Fixed the ending sequence explosions missing an authority check, causing it to fire additional projectiles for every client in the game
  • Fixed Stone Titan and Aurelionite missing an authority check, causing them to fire an additional projectile for every client in the game
  • Fixed broken drones spawning underground
  • Fixed several monsters playing death sounds and creating the usual visual effects when vanished by Void Reavers
  • Engi Grenades now properly play impact sounds
  • Fixed Alien Head particles not being affected by invisibility
  • Fixed Titan’s laser lock-on only being calculated once, rather than continuously re-evaluating
  • Fixed Titan’s laser lock-on not respecting invisibility
  • Fixed clients not being able to use the exit portal in A Moment, Fractured
  • Fixed the final boss’s crystals not being correctly colored
  • Enemies who are stunned, frozen, or shocked no longer continue to turn
  • Fixed dedicated server sometimes capturing the mouse cursor
  • Fixed transparent blue spawn point debug visualizers for certain map objects (like explosive pots) being visible to non-host players
  • Fixed game browser not filtering out lobbies and servers running on a different version of the game
  • Fixed Solus Control Unit not being selected as a boss due to a misconfigured spawn card
  • Solved an issue where Captain’s secondary would not stun the enemy.
  • Solved an issue where the Malachite Urchin enemies would remain visible after defeating them.
  • Increased the size of the Brass Contraption hitbox.
  • Solved an issue where the game would freeze during the last Mithrix phase as the Heretic.
  • Solved an issue where the Ravenous Bite healing passive would not activate.
  • Solved an issue where the Mercenary Focused alternative utility skill would not apply the expose debuff.
  • Solved an issue with the ending cinematic not fading out properly.
  • Solved an issue where the UI would not display in the ‘Music & More’ menu.
  • Solved an issue when pressing the Info Screen button on the main menu would lock character selection.
  • Solved an issue where destroying rocks, pots, or vulture eggs would cause infinite missiles to spawn.
  • Solved an issue where the Sticky Bomb item would not correctly deal 180% damage.
  • Solved an issue where Huntress would die after blinking out of AOE damage.
  • Solved an issue where the Sawmerang would not deal damage upon hit.
  • Solved an issue where Captain’s Orbital Supply Beacons cannot be called on the Commencement stage.
  • Solved an issue where Profile Stats would not display localized text.
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Gearbox

Risk of Rain 2 – Ver. 1.0.8 (1.0 Update)

  • Release date: October 20th 2020 (North America, Europe) / October 21st 2020 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
==== Major Content and Changes ====
  • Added System: Game Ending
    • The game now includes a proper ending, with credits and cutscene.
  • Added System: Intro Cutscene
    • The game now includes an intro cutscene!
  • Added New Survivor
    • New Survivor: Captain
  • Added New Stage
    • New Final Stage: ???
  • Added 4 New Music Tracks
    • New Track: Through a Cloud, Darkly
    • New Track: …con lentitud poderosa
    • New Track: You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Ukulele
    • New Track: Lacrimosum
  • Added New Survivor Skin
    • New Survivor Skin: Captain Skin
  • Added 2 New Monsters
    • New Monster: ???
    • New Monster: ???
  • Added New Boss
    • New Final Boss: ???
  • Added New Interactable
    • New Interactable: Scrapper
  • Added 7 Items and 3 Equipment to the game
    • New Item: Item Scrap (White, Green, Red, Yellow)
    • New Boss Item: Molten Perforator
    • New Boss Item: Shatterspleen
    • New Boss Item: Mired Urn
    • New Lunar Item: Defiant Gouge
    • New Lunar Item: Mercurial Rachis
    • New Lunar Item: Purity
    • New Equipment: Super Massive Leech
    • New Equipment: Gorag’s Opus
    • New Equipment: Forgive Me Please
  • Added 3 Character Challenges to the game
  • New Captain Challenge: Captain Mastery
  • New Captain Challenge: Wanderlust
  • New Captain Challenge: Worth Every Penny
  • Added 3 Challenges to the game
    • New Challenge: I Love Dying!
    • New Challenge: Washed Away
    • New Challenge: The Calm
  • Added 36 Lore Entries to the game
    • New Item Lore Entry: Molten Perforator
    • New Item Lore Entry: Shatterspleen
    • New Item Lore Entry: Mired Urn
    • New Item Lore Entry: Super Massive Leech
    • New Item Lore Entry: Gorag’s Opus
    • New Item Lore Entry: Forgive Me Please
    • New Item Lore Entry: Soulbound Catalyst
    • New Item Lore Entry: Bandolier
    • New Item Lore Entry: The Crowdfunder
    • New Item Lore Entry: Old Guillotine
    • New Item Lore Entry: Jade Elephant
    • New Item Lore Entry: Blast Shower
    • New Item Lore Entry: Lepton Daisy
    • New Item Lore Entry: Shattering Justice
    • New Item Lore Entry: Topaz Brooch
    • New Item Lore Entry: Ocular HUD
    • New Item Lore Entry: Unstable Tesla Coil
    • New Item Lore Entry: Milky Chrysalis
    • New Item Lore Entry: Will-o’-the-wisp
    • New Item Lore Entry: Gnarled Woodsprite
    • New Item Lore Entry: Halcyon Seed
    • New Item Lore Entry: Purity
    • New Item Lore Entry: Glowing Meteorite
    • New Item Lore Entry: Preon Accumulator
    • New Item Lore Entry: Aegis
    • New Monster Lore Entry: Clay Dunestrider
    • New Monster Lore Entry: Alloy Vulture
    • New Monster Lore Entry: Imp
    • New Monster Lore Entry: Void Reaver
    • New Monster Lore Entry: ???
    • New Monster Lore Entry: ???
    • New Monster Lore Entry: ???
    • New Stage Lore Entry: ???
    • New Character Lore Entry: Huntress
    • New Character Lore Entry: Captain
    • New Character Lore Entry: MUL-T
==== Gameplay Changes ====


  • Bleeds now refresh all existing bleed durations on that target. This affects both enemies and players, and is a huge change for how bleeds will work.
  • Increased difficulty rate over time for all difficulties by +10%.
  • Developer Notes: In this update, we’ve buffed a ton of items – and also given players way more agency over the way a run progresses. Our goal is for players to be more engaged with the game – what we don’t want is for the game to be suddenly much easier. This is a bit of a sanity check, and shouldn’t dramatically change the difficulty.
  • Slightly reworked OSP. The goal is to fix inconsistencies – and make it actually protect you from one-shots – while also fixing some abuse cases with curse.
    • The threshold for OSP is now displayed on the healthbar with a faint graphic.
    • Now has a lingering 0.1s duration when activated.
    • :cloud_with_rain: Now is subtracted via Curse (Shaped Glass, Artifact of Glass, etc), i.e a curse of 10% will remove OSP entirely.
    • :cloud_with_rain: Update OSP logic so it still triggers if you receive multiple sources of damage in the same frame that go past OSP values, i.e Malachite Lesser Wisps


  • Blazing, Overloading, Glacial
  • :cloud_with_rain:Health Bonus: 470% ⇒ 400%
  • Malachite, Celestine
  • :cloud_with_rain:Health Bonus: 2350% ⇒ 1800%
    Developer Notes: We’ve had a lot of feedback that elite health has always felt a bit bloated – and that subsequently, it makes the Old Guillotine feel required. Our intent is to make characters less reliant on the Old Guillotine, and to make it feel more like an elite hate item – and less of an overall DPS item.


  • :cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain:Mobility skills are now considered ‘sprinting’, scaling with sprint speed multipliers and also sprinting after use.
  • Melee Survivors
    • :cloud_with_rain: Melee skills will now perform more consistently at high attack speeds.
    • Melee skills will now scale hitpause duration with attack speed – since the pause when hitting enemies were static, melee characters actually scaled poorly with attack speed.
    • Melee skills will now ‘hold’ you in the air better at high attack speeds.
  • Added a ‘Keyword’ system. Keywords are just words to describe common repeated behavior without explaining it every time. Added the following keywords:
    • Freezing
    • Stunning
    • Shocking
    • Poisonous
    • Regenerative
    • Agile
    • Percent HP
    • Sonic Boom
    • Weaken
    • Expose
    • Heavy

Developer Notes: MUL-T has gotten some love from this patch to really push forward the idea that his weapons are strong in specific roles. Faster swap time and more responsive actions for the weapons will (hopefully) make weapon swapping feel better. We’ve also admittedly creeped cooldowns down over time, and MUL-T felt a bit left behind.

  • Base Acceleration: 25 ⇒ 30
  • Rebar Puncher
    • Now charges after firing, rather than before
  • Scrap Launcher
    • Now behaves like a rocket instead of a grenade
    • Lifetime: 3s ⇒ 4s
    • Explosion Radius: 5m ⇒ 7m
    • Velocity: 70 m/s⇒ 100 m/s
  • Nail Gun
    • No longer has an initial shotgun of 6 nails
    • Now has a final shotgun of 12 nails
    • Now fires in a consistent corkscrew pattern
    • Proc Coefficient: 0.4 ⇒ 0.6
    • Damage: 60% ⇒ 70%
    • Wind-down duration: 0s ⇒ 1.152s
  • Retool
    • Swap duration: 0.7s ⇒ 0.4s
  • Transport Mode
    • Cooldown: 8s ⇒ 6s

Developer Notes: The Mercenary was always supposed to be the highest skill-cap survivor. However, in actual gameplay he became very flow-charty, using abilities directly off cooldown while holding down M1. The intent for all these changes is to allow skill expression, dynamic cooldowns, and higher risk vs reward in fights with the new ‘Exposed’ debuff. The hope is that the character will be stronger for advanced players, but weaker for new players.

  • Base Health: 140 (+42 per level) ⇒ 110 (+33 per level)
  • Base Regeneration: 2.5 health / second ⇒ 1 health / second
  • NEW Debuff: Exposed
    • Striking an Exposed target reduces all cooldowns by 1 second and deals an additional +350% base damage
  • Laser Sword
    • Third Strike Damage: 300% ⇒ 130%
    • Third hit now applies ‘Exposed’ debuff
    • The second and third hit of the combo can no longer be started in the middle of other attacks
  • Whirlwind
    • Ground Speed Multiplier: 6 ⇒ 8
  • Blinding Assault
    • Cooldown: 7s ⇒ 8s
    • Can now be canceled mid-attack by both Whirlwind and Rising Thunder
  • Slicing Winds
    • Last hit now applies ‘Exposed’ debuff

Developer Notes: Acrid has always been a melee-ranged hybrid. We want greater rewards for engaging in melee and completing your M1 combo for players who enjoy a more aggressive playstyle.

  • NEW Buff: Regenerate
    • Regenerate for 10% health over 0.5 seconds.
  • Vicious Wounds
    • Third hit of the combo now grants ‘Regenerate’ buff
  • Ravenous Bite
    • Now grants ‘Regenerate’ buff
  • Frenzied Leap
    • :cloud_with_rain:Now (properly) stuns

Developer Notes: We want to enforce the Artificer’s role as a high-damage, high AoE character. Nano-Bomb in general was core to the fantasy, but was pretty much inferior to Nano-Spear in every way.

  • Plasma Bolt
    • Blast Radius: 4m ⇒ 6m
  • Charged Nano-Bomb
    • Now has slight gravity
    • Blast Radius: 10m ⇒ 14m
    • Blast Damage, Max Charge: 1200% ⇒ 2000%
    • Blast Force: 1300 ⇒ 3000
    • Lifetime: 5s ⇒ 10s
    • Improved FX for clarity

Ion Surge

  • No longer has -75% damage falloff at the edge of the blast


  • Monster Tooth
    • Healing: 8 (+8 per stack) ⇒ 8
    • :cloud_with_rain:Now also heals for 2% (+2% per stack) of maximum health
  • Medkit
    • Healing: 24 (+24 per stack) ⇒ 20
    • :cloud_with_rain:Now also heals for 5% (+5% per stack) of maximum health
  • Repulsion Armor Plate
    • Now properly reduces damage from environmental effects
  • Warbanner
    • :cloud_with_rain: Now also places a Warbanner when activating the Teleporter
    • Improve VFX to be less opaque, since it will always be near the Teleporter
  • Death Mark
    • Debuff Duration: 7s ⇒ 7s (+7s per stack)
    • :cloud_with_rain:Remove text stating that the damage bonus scaled with stacks
  • Old Guillotine
    • Execute Threshold: ~20% (+20% per stack) ⇒ 13% (+13% per stack)
      Developer Notes: Since we’ve re-tuned the health of elites across the board, the Guillotine should be appropriately re-tuned as well.
  • Runald’s/Kjaro’s Band
    Developer Notes: The two rings have undergone a bit of a rework, working off of an internal cooldown rather than a chance on-hit. We’re hoping that this can help diversify one of our “on-hit” items to be more than just attacking enemies and hoping things activate. We’ve also changed the behavior of Kjaro’s to be more of the AoE option, while Runald’s is the single target option.

    • Proc Chance: 8% ⇒ 100%
    • Now has an internal cooldown of 10 seconds
    • Now has a minimum threshold of only triggering on attacks that deal 400% or greater damage
    • Runald’s Band
      • Ice Blast Damage: 250% (+125% per stack) ⇒ 250% (+250% per stack)
      • Ice Debuff Duration: 3s ⇒ 3s (+3s per stack)
    • Kjaro’s Band
      • Fire Tornado Damage: 500% (+250% per stack) ⇒ 300% (+300% per stack)
      • Fire Tornado Hitbox Width: 4.8m ⇒ 13m
      • No longer moves
  • H3AD-5T v2
    • Reworked logic for calculating fall speed so it scales better while falling farther. Now has the following behavior:
      • Damage Coefficient: 1000% – 10,000% at maximum speed
      • Explosion Radius: 5m – 100m at maximum speed
      • Improved FX
  • Interstellar Desk Plant
    • Healing Radius: 3m (+1.5m per stack) ⇒ 5m (+5m per stack)
    • Healing: 5% max health every 1 second ⇒ 5% max health every 0.5 second
  • Milky Chrysalis
    • Now grants true flight and antigravity instead of jump-to-hover.
    • Pressing jump now performs a short dash in the direction of movement with a 0.5s cooldown.
  • Strides of Heresy
    • No longer puts you in combat
  • Helfire Tincture
    • Helfire Radius: 10m ⇒ 15m
    • Helfire Duration: 8s ⇒ 12s
    • Improve VFX and SFX
  • Effigy of Grief
    • Now placed at where you’re aiming, rather than at your feet
    • No longer is consumed on use.
    • Now limited to 5 per map per character.
  • Little Disciple
    • Fire Rate: 0.5s ⇒ 1.6s
    • Damage Coefficient: 100% (+100% per stack) ⇒ 300% (+300% per stack)
    • :cloud_with_rain:Fire Rate now scales with movement speed

*3D Printers will appear more often on all stages, ~50% more

  • 3D Printers will cost less to spawn on all stages, ~50% less
  • The new interactable, the Scrapper, can now appear on all stages
  • Titanic Plains
    • :cloud_with_rain: Update with new visuals to make it depressing
      *** Sky Meadow**
    • Update with new visuals and functionality that leads to the final stage
  • Bazaar Between Time
    • Base Portal Chance: 25% for the first portal ⇒ 37.5% for the first portal
    • Lunar Buds: 4 ⇒ 5

Monsters & Bosses

  • Mini Mushrum
    • :cloud_with_rain: Base Health: 360 (+108 per level) ⇒ 290 (+87 per level)
  • Parent
    • :cloud_with_rain: Base Health: 1200 (+360 per level) ⇒ 900 (+270 per level)
  • Lesser Wisp
    • Now properly stops charging attack sound when interrupted
  • Imp Overlord
    • :cloud_with_rain:Maximum Blink Distance: 600m ⇒ 300m
    • Now throws Void Spikes in a staggered fashion, rather than all at once
  • Magma Worm
    • :cloud_with_rain:Maximum “Blink” Distance: 600m ⇒ 300m
    • Now considerably more aggressive and better able to hit targets
      Developer Notes: The blink behavior of both the Imp Overlord and the Magma Worm allows it to follow players between platforms, but it leads a lot of the times to the bosses blinking across the map to attack drones and turrets. While they may still do that, it’ll be a bit less pronounced.
  • Void Reaver
    • Now attempts to lead its Void Bombs in a straight line against its target
    • Updated AI to fire more aggressively and backpedal when its target is too close
    • AI now has 360° vision
  • Bison
    • :cloud_with_rain: Add spawn effect and animation (finally!)
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Gearbox

Risk of Rain 2 – Ver. 1.0.7

  • Release date: June 23rd 2020 (North America, Europe) / June 24th 2020 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

==== Major Content and Changes ====

  • Added System: Artifacts
    • The hunt is on! Be the first to explore the planet and find the secret to unlock 16 powerful and mysterious Artifacts that will dramatically change the way you play. We expect Artifacts to be the biggest feature to date in terms of replayability to all players.
  • Added 16 Artifacts

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Honor

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Enigma

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Spite

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Soul

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Death

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Vengeance

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Metamorphosis

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Dissonance

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Chaos

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Frailty

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Kin

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Sacrifice

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Evolution

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Glass

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Command

○ New Artifact: Artifact of Swarms

  • Added New Stage
    • New Stage: Sky Meadow
  • Added 2 New Music Tracks
    • New Stage Track: The Rain Previously Known as Purple
    • New Boss Track: Antarctic Oscillation
  • Added New Hidden Realm
    • New Hidden Realm: ???
  • Added 5 Skill Variants
    • New Skill Variant: Commando Utility
    • New Skill Variant: Huntress Primary
    • New Skill Variant: Acrid Utility
    • New Skill Variant: Acrid Passive
    • New Skill Variant: Engineer Utility
  • Added New Skin
    • New Skin: Engineer Skin
  • Added 2 New Monsters
    • New Monster: Mini Mushrum
    • New Monster: Parent
  • Added New Boss
    • New Boss: ???
  • Added 6 Items and 2 Equipment to the game
    • New Item: Repulsion Armor Plate
    • New Item: Squid Polyp
    • New Item: Death Mark
    • New Item: Interstellar Desk Plant
    • New Equipment: Sawmerang
    • New Equipment: Recycler
    • New Lunar Item: Focused Convergence
    • New Boss Item: ???
  • Added New Chest
    • New Chest: Equipment Triple Shop
  • Added 5 Character Challenges to the game
    • New Commando Challenge: Godspeed
    • New Huntress Challenge: Finishing Touch
    • New Engineer Challenge: Zero Sum
    • New Engineer Challenge: Engineer Mastery
    • New Acrid Challenge: Easy Prey
    • New Acrid Challenge: Bad Medicine
  • Added 3 Challenges to the game
    • New Challenge: Automation Activation
    • New Challenge: Cleanup Duty
    • New Challenge: Never Back Down
  • Added 3 New Environment Logs
    • New Environment Log: Sky Meadow
    • New Environment Log: A Moment, Fractured
    • New Environment Log: ???
  • Added 8 Lore Entries to the game
    • New Item Lore Entry: Repulsion Armor Plate
    • New Item Lore Entry: Squid Polyp
    • New Item Lore Entry: Death Mark
    • New Item Lore Entry: Interstellar Desk Plant
    • New Item Lore Entry: Sawmerang
    • New Item Lore Entry: Recycler
    • New Item Lore Entry: Focused Convergence
    • New Item Lore Entry: Ghor’s Tome
  • Various performance & stability improvements
  • UI Overhaul
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Gearbox

Risk of Rain 2 – Ver. ??? (Hidden Realms Update)

  • Release date: March 24th 2020 (North America, Europe) / March 25th 2020 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Added Survivor: Acrid
  • Added 2 Stage Variants
  • Added 2 Hidden Realms
  • Added 3 Skill Variants
  • Added New Skin: Acrid Skin
  • Added New Monster: Void Reaver
  • Added New Boss: Scavenger
  • Added New Boss: Secret Boss
  • Added 9 Items and 1 Equipment to the game
  • Added Chest: Adaptive Chest
  • Added Chest: Overgrown 3D Printer
  • Added Shrine: Cleansing Pool
  • Added Drone: Emergency Drone
  • Added 3 Challenges to the game
  • Added 2 Environment Logs to the game
  • Added 6 Lore Entries to the game
  • Various performance & stability improvements
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Gearbox

Risk of Rain 2 – Ver. ??? (Skills 2.0 Update)

  • Release date: December 10th 2019 (North America, Europe) / December 11th 2019 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

=== New Console Specific Features ===

  • Local ad-hoc wireless multiplayer support – Nintendo Switch

==== Major Content and Changes ====

  • Added new Survivor: Loader
  • Added new Stage: Siren’s Call
  • Added new System: Loadouts
  • Added new System: Alternate Skins
  • Added 15 new skill variants
  • Added 7 new skins
  • Added new Elite: Celestine
  • Added 2 new bosses to the game
  • Added 2 new monsters to the game
  • Added 6 new Items and Equipment to the game
  • Added new Interactable: Lunar Seer
  • Added 3 new challenges to the game
  • Added 22 new unique class challenges to the game
  • Added Environment Log: Siren’s Call
  • Added 7 new Lore Entries to the game
  • Various performance & stability improvements
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Gearbox

Risk of Rain 2 – Ver. 1.0.3

  • Release date: November 12th 2019 (North America, Europe) / November 13th 2019 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to start a game directly from a private match
  • Fixed the ability to navigate the menu using touch-screen
  • Gyroscopic aiming now works when you use a wireless controller while keeping the Joy-Cons attached to the system
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes become invisible
  • Further navigation improvements have been made when using the D-pad
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Gearbox

Risk of Rain 2 – Ver. 1.0.2

  • Release date: October 29th 2019 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

=== New Features ===

  • Nintendo Switch now supports gyro aim
  • All consoles can now navigate the menu using the D-pad

=== Bug Fixes ===

  • Fixed an issue where audio settings were not remaining saved
  • Fixed an issue with framerate when 1 or more drone is present on some maps
  • Fixed an issue where drones would get stuck at the beginning of a level
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to unlock Artificer upon completing “pause” challenge
  • Fixed an issue with Commando’s phase rounds not registering damage
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to join or invite a multiplayers lobby after the host had disconnected
  • Fixed an issue for Rex when using disperse on a Newt causing him to disappear and prevent activation of interactables
  • Fixed various maps where enemies would fall through the ground
  • Fixed an issue on Switch where airplane mode displays continuously
  • Fixed a bug where Buffs and Debuffs last about half of the intended duration
  • Combat shrines are now functional
  • Unlocking challenges no longer causes a hitch
  • Fixed a hitch from happening when dropping the Warbanner
  • Various performance & stability improvements
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Gearbox

How to download updates for Risk of Rain 2 for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Risk of Rain 2, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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