Puzzle & Dragons X to get online multiplayer this Winter

Puzzle & Dragons X is the latest game in the series to be released on Nintendo 3DS. It came out on July 28th in Japan, and so far, it has sold only 180 356 units since launch. That’s quite the drop compared to Puzzle & Dragons Z (over 1.5 million units sold) and Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition (over 300 000 units sold).

In order to boost sales, GungHo released Taisen PazuDora on Wednesday: it’s a free “demo”, that lets player try out the VS and Battle Challenge modes for free (and without any restrictions). But that’s not all: the company announced today that Puzzle & Dragons X would get a Software update this Winter.

That Software update will add a major feature: online multiplayer. To be more precise, the update will allow players to battle against other players via the internet (in addition to local multiplayer, which is already available). Unfortunately, it looks like Single Player co-op will remain local-only.

Also, GungHo specifies that this update will only be for the full version of Puzzle & Dragons X. Taisen PazuDora will not get online play, and multiplayer will remain local wireless-only.

GungHo will most likely provide more details about the Software update for Puzzle & Dragons X closer to launch.

Source: Gamer.ne.jp



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