Project Winter (Switch): all the updates (latest: Speak the Truth Update)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Project Winter on Nintendo Switch (originally released on September 16th 2021 in Europe, North America, and Japan)!

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Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Speak the Truth Update)

  • Release date: February 9th 2023 (North America, Europe) / February 10th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:



  • We’ve partnered with Modulate to test their voice moderation software called ToxMod.
  • ToxMod works by analyzing voice chat audio in-game. You can think of it as an unbiased additional player in your lobby, looking out for and reporting toxic incidents. If it detects toxic activity, it flags it as such and sends that audio to us in a report. ToxMod allows us to listen back to flagged audio in a game without having a player record it themselves. Other Ocean and Modulate both take player privacy seriously – any audio from survivors will be anonymized and automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • ToxMod is not an automatic banning system; nothing will change about the way we enforce our Community Guidelines. You will not be banned for swearing or for friendly banter with your friends. We will continue to manually review each case, carefully consider the context, and investigate before taking any action.

Timeline Refresh

  • We’ve refreshed and updated the Timeline screen to display the time and location of match events.
  • This will allow players to view which areas of the map saw the most action, and get a better picture of what happened across the whole map.


Traitor Crates

  1. Adjusted Traitor crates so that they no longer guarantee a poisoned crossbow. Adjusted Traitor crates so that they no longer guarantee a poisoned crossbow.
    1. Poisoned crossbows have a ~50% chance of spawning in any Traitor crate.
  2. Removed Normal Crossbows from Traitor Crates.
  3. Adjusted spawn rate of level 2 energy drinks in non-cabin tile Traitor Crates.
    1. New values are approximately:
      1. Vodka 40%.
      2. Level 1 Drink 55%.
      3. Level 2 Drink 5%.
  4. Increased the number of traps and utility items found in Traitor Crates.


  1. Increased the difficulty of Blackout Animal Waves Objective.
  2. Increased the minimum required “Repair Resources” for “Repair” first objectives by 2.
  3. Moved Blackout Wave Console further away from Main Objective to allow for better animal pathfinding.

Weapon Balance

  1. Increased the maximum damage of the shotgun to 420 instead of 375.
    1. 84×5 (84 damage per shot, with 5 shots per click).
  2. Slightly decreased the amount of gun parts that spawn in the Armory .
  3. When aiming the shotgun, the player’s FOV will slightly decrease.
  4. Added damage scaling based on distance to the Bolt Action Rifle. Using the rifle in close range will result in less damage.
    1. Extreme close range will deal scaled damage to approximately 200.
    2. Damage quickly scales up to a maximum damage of 400.


  1. Adjusted Open Bunker loot tables to greatly decrease the chance of crossbows spawning.
  2. Increased the Immune’s base ability charge time from 5 minutes to 6 minutes.
  3. Decreased the amount of survival items found in bunkers.
  4. Decreased the probability of a Remote Sabotager to spawn in Traitor Airdrops.
  5. Added the ability to trap Blackout Traitor Crates with Trip Wires.
  6. Prevented duplicate Traitor Items from spawning in Airdrops.


  • The Immune role is mistranslated in Canadian French.
  • Many supported languages are not updated for the new Yeti and Hunter descriptions.
  • First objective beacon is appearing on the North East tile on the Blackout map.
  • Some icons on the new timeline screen appear mirrored compared to their actual location.
  • The words “Emote Menu” appear instead of a prompt to assign a keybind in the keyboard keybinds settings.
  • Event icon remains on screen when using a Hysterical Gas or Solar Flare remote during an Airdrop Global Event.
  • Players resurrected by a Necromancer while in a herb bush will become permanently slowed.
  • The “Survive without placing any traps” bonus objective does not fail if an Icebomb is used to trap an objective.
  • Incorrect Tracker Tag color is displayed if a player swaps clothes with a player who was tagged with a green tag. 
  • DLC trials players cannot access timeline after using their DLC token


  • Added additional information to the CustomAuthenticationFailed error message to help pinpoint the origin of the error.
  • Added a temporary fix to reduce the amount of crashes on Xbox while we work on a more permanent solution.
  • Fixed bug where multiple Global Events caused console players to crash.
  • Fixed a bug causing crossbows to spawn more often than designed.
  • Fixed High Risk Crates spawning outside of the Risk Zone.
  • Fixed the F Cube.
  • Added an easter egg of the F cube to the [REDACTED].
  • Fixed the Immune being unable to use their ability after the role was stolen by the Identity Thief.
  • Fixed bug where a player could sometimes move or attack normally when rag-dolled by lightning or a landmine.
  • Fixed text overflowing the “Community Guidelines” button when language is set to Russian.
  • Fixed the Advanced button text appearing crowded and overflowing when language is set to German or Russian.
  • Fixed issue causing the Bleed timer to remain until death, even when the player is not being bled.
  • Updated the Tracker role ability description to reflect new changes.
  • Fixed the ability wheel automatically filling and being unable to be used after swapping roles to Immune while in Practice Mode.
  • Fixed “Matches Left Early” text being misaligned and spilling out of the text box on the Profile menu when the Spanish and Chinese languages are selected.
  • Fixed text overflowing on the Host button in a preset when the Greek language is selected.
  • Updated the Immune’s description after change to ability.
  • Fixed an issue causing Airdrop Global Event crates to remain after the event.
  • Fixed text overflowing on the “Reconnect” button when language is set to Ukrainian.
  • Fixed Penguin Pajama appearing as Caribou Pajama while language is set to Portuguese or CA French.

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Up To Snow Good Update)

  • Release date: December 20th 2022 (North America, Europe) / December 21st 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


Immune Rework
  • Immune’s ability is now an “Active” ability.
  • This ability does not start charged.
  • The ability charges faster alone.
  • The ability charges faster during a global event.
  • Using the ability makes the player Immune to the current global event.
  • Ability can only be used during a global event or its “warm up” period.
  • Using the ability will mute the Immune player for the duration of the global event.
  • Using the ability will hide player names during the duration of the global event.
Tracker Rework
  • Tracker can now up to two players or objects
  • Tracker can see snow trails longer than others
  • Tracker tags placed on objects will transfer to a player who interacts with that object.
  • Tracker can tag downed players.
  • Tracker tags are disabled after a Solar Flare until the Tracker returns to the cabin.
  • Added “Ukrainian” language option.
  • New Holliday Progression Tree
Cabin Bunker Changes
  • Crossbows, Gun parts, and Stimulants are less common
Cabin Traitor Crates Changes
  • Gun parts can no longer be found in Traitor Crates near cabin
  • Regular Crossbows now cost 1 Traitor credit and can be found in Traitor crates more frequently.
Non-Cabin Traitor Crates Changes
  • Energy drinks are no longer a guaranteed spawn in distant Traitor crates
  • New spawn rates are: 25% Vodka, 45% Level 1 Drink, 30% Level 2 Drink
Traitor Crates (All Crates) Changes
  • Poisoned Crossbows are limited to 1 Crossbow per crate
Allow for Traitors to sabotage Cabin Radio at any point in the match
  • Currently it can only be sabotaged after the second objective is fixed, which often does not leave enough time for Traitors to make a move.
Traitor Ability Items
  • Traitor Ability items will no longer be prevented during minor events
  • Escape Pod
  • Global Exile
  • Jam Radios
  • Airdrop Event
Deep Woods Balance Changes
  • Destructible Ice wall added in front of the Cave
  • Removed a pair of Traitor Hatches allowing for quick access to the Cave.
Gun Balance Changes
  • Sniper now has 8 rounds and does 400 damage
  • Shotgun now has 8 rounds and does 375 damage
  • Poison Crossbow now costs 1 crossbow and 2 poison to craft
Armory Balance Changes
  • Fully crafted guns have a lower chance of spawning in Armory
  • Gunparts have an increased chance of spawning in Armory
Easter Egg
  • A mysterious item was added to the crates of the Lab, Distant Bunkers and Deep Woods Cave.
  • Ranged Weapons found in bunker crates will spawn in with the cosmetic skin belonging to the player that opened the crate.
  • Disabled self-cast option for the Ice Bomb
  • Remote Sabotage now costs 16 Traitor credits
  • Disguise Kit now mimics the “Traitor Information” wheel progress and reveals information for Disguised Survivors.
  • Multiple players activating beacon on armory at the same time can trigger consecutive notifications
  • “Radio Receive Volume” resets after relaunch
  • The “Survive without placing any traps” challenge does not fail if an Icebomb is used to trap an objective
  • Players body disappears if they die before departing on the Gondola
  • Destroying the Ice Wall on deep woods causes rocks to float in the air
  • Animals cannot enter the cave after the Ice Wall is destroyed
  • Poison pot pies do not count towards any progressions on challenges/progressions
  • Player stats in lobby shows incorrect Leave and Commendation amounts
  • Pulled out Christmas tree lights from the attic, found some cool snowman hats
  • Fixed visibility of nameplate for remote players resurrected during Mass Hysteria.
  • Fixed issue where the voice chat icon would appear over a cloned player’s corpse instead of their resurrected original body
  • Traitors now receive a buff when using the delayed sabotage ability on objectives
  • Gave traitor crates their best holiday outfit
  • Fixed inconsistencies on unmuting players after being unblocked
  • Fixed instances when Traitor bleed ability triggers instantly upon use that can’t be stopped by any players
  • Fixed down players cannot be interacted with once a traitor begins to bleed them
  • Fixed instances where a lobby may display a user as ready without them having selected the ready button
  • Fixed issues where a Traitor can trigger events after the mega blizzard started
  • Fixed the Take a Hike Steam achievement to be unobtainable again
  • Traitors now will get a buff when sabotaging the objective with a delay
  • Players now have nameplates after Mass Hysteria ends if they had been resurrected during the event
  • Removed Survivors being granted stat boosts when trapping objectives in game
  • Fixed “Increases” misspelling in the item description for ice bombs
  • Fixed Wide Silver Goggles so they do not jut out awkwardly from face when worn or viewed in progression menu
  • Updated Dab animation for Caribou to be more realistic
  • Removed ability to unselect All Possible Primary Objectives in Blackout custom presets
  • Fixed instances where there is a delay and occasional crashes when selecting Randomize Outfit in the Character menu
  • Fixed instances where the detective music doesn’t stop playing when a body is resurrected by a necromancer
  • Fixed an issue where players cannot be revived after a delay if they have been bled to death then resurrected by a Necromancer previously
  • Fixed issues where an item breaks and becomes unusable when resurrected by necromancer while inventory is full
  • Fixed instances where the Traitor information wheel and health bar do not appear for players than have been converted to traitors
  • Fixed bug where the cipher station sometimes appears when the player selected the dig site in custom mode
  • Adjusted the role change animation/SFX so that it no longer plays repeatedly upon resurrecting someone who was disguised and had their role revealed to the Necromancer
  • Fixed too many localization issues
  • [Switch] Fixed Game crashing when opponent was killed by Necromancer player

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Power Balance: Vol 2 Update)

  • Release date: November 17th 2022 (North America, Europe) / November 18th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:




Physical Buffs are given to traitors on certain actions
  • Traitors gain physical Stat Buffs from trapping objects or objectives and sabotaging objectives
  • Traitors gain increases to warmth and hunger for every 10 social credits they earn.
Traitors are rewarded information by staying near survivors
  • An information wheel is added to the UI above a players head. This wheel fills up like proximity credits. Once full it will reveal a players health bar. Filling it again will reveal the players role.
Traitors can view objective repair status from outside the objective
  • After interacting with an Objective, Traitors will see the required parts and the amount already in the objective above the objective.
Traitors can speed up the “death timer” on downed players
  • A new “Bleed” option appears when approaching downed players.
  • Using this action speeds up the death timer by 4x while the action is being held.
Traitors can sabotage the cabin map board
  • Sabotaging the map board will add additional possible secondary objective locations.


  • A new Blackout Traitor role focused on deception and sticking with a group. The Necromancer gains an increase in Health, Warmth and Hunger when near Survivors. The Necromancer can resurrect dead players to convert them into their ranks.
  • A new base game Survivor role, The Immune suffers no effects from most global events.
  • Moved Blackout Dig Site locations further from Cabin and Hatches
  • Added Dig Site and Animal Waves to Custom Mode option menu
  • Adjusted report warning to only prompt after receiving 3 reports
  • Increased the amount of Animals that spawn for Animal Wave First Objective
  • Increased the “Hold Time” for Animal Wave First Objective
  • Moved Animal Wave First Objective animal spawns closer to objective locations
  • Adjusted the amount of items found in opened bunkers, and bunkers near cabin
  • Multiple players activating beacon on armory at the same time can trigger consecutive notifications
  • Traitor crates spawning little to no items when someone disconnects at beginning of match
  • No circle appears after digging up a repair piece for the Digsite objective in Blackout
  • Fixed Host becomes stuck in place and can’t control character when a player disconnects
  • Fixed instances where battery disappears for other players when a player’s disguise kit expires while they are carrying that battery
  • Fixed issue where T-posing of bodies could occur under certain situations when swapping clothes
  • Fixed issue where players would have broken input if the Disguise Kit menu was open during Solar Flare or Mass Hysteria events
  • Reduced task timer for first objective of animal wave in Blackout to be consistent with other first objectives.
  • Changed the location popup to “The Power Station”; it was previously “Distress Beacon”.
  • Fix location label for Blackout power generator objective that is repaired using an animal wave console.
  • Fix inability to change in-game text chat channel via button press after unequipping a radio while the radio text chat tab is selected and then equipping a radio again.
  • Fixed Users will not receive text messages sent in the lobby’s text chat while they are on a different tab on the main menu
  • Fixed the microphone icon to be on correct side
  • Improved custom save function to avoid overwriting presets by name without using the dupe function.
  • Changed custom game setting screen to have the save button always active. No reason to keep the player from saving if they still have room in the presets list.
  • Aligned snowshoes a bit better on player feet.
  • Adjusted snowshoe position slightly for less clipping into the ground
  • Fixed animal agro for both Solar Flare and Hysteria events
  • Prevented ghosts from experiencing any Themed Solar Flare animations
  • Fix for Ghillie jackets from showing in inventory
  • Fixed No notification appears when the player completes an objective
  • Fixed cursor jumps to the bottom of the recommended presets list when navigating up through custom presets with a controller
  • Adjusted digsite locations so 4 parts are capable of spawning
  • Fixed Animal Wave Spawn locations on the crater tile to prevent animals from spawning inside walls
  • Fixed issue blackout digsite locations showing the wrong tile
  • Fixed issue where Disguise Kit was free in Traitor Crates
  • Adjust digsite locations so they show the correct compass location from all directions
  • Santa jacket (Standard male, Standard Female, Large male)
  • Fixed clipping issue with Plague Doctor Crucifix (standard female rig) and Cross belt
  • Fixed Steam deck will crash when player attempts to use the left joystick in the main menu
  • Fixed instances where the mini-map will show the wrong tile when approaching the dig site from the centre tile on the Blackout map
  • Fixed instance when all players experience a soft lock when a player disconnects as a Global event starts
  • Fixed cursor disappears temporarily after saving changes to a custom preset
  • Player’s body will remain disguised when disconnecting while the Disguise Kit is active
  • A dead player is given a disguised player’s fake name permanently instead of the original player’s name when clothes are switched
  • Fixed general Spanish translations
  • Fixed general Canadian French translations
  • Fixed backpack straps clip through “Steampunk” jackets
  • Fixed character model will have a square hair when wearing a hat or a bald head without a hat when the user equips a Ghillie Jacket and a Wild Cape
  • Fixed Some of the Eyewear clip through Military Gas Mask
  • Fixed Fur on Santa’s jacket clips into Plague Doctor’s Crucifix

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Spooktober 2022 Update)

  • Release date: October 24th 2022 (North America, Europe) / October 25th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


Holiday Breakables
  • Holiday-themed decorations at random locations which drop an item upon their destruction. There are four to eight such objects per match.
  • Increased the amount of Animals that spawn for Animal Wave First Objective
  • Increased the “Hold Time” for Animal Wave First Objective
  • Moved Animal Wave First Objective animal spawns closer to objective locations
  • Moved Blackout Dig Site locations further from Cabin and Hatches
  • Increased the distance between selected Blackout Dig Site locations
  • Traitor Snowshoes now afford a 1.5x speed modifier
  • “Possible Primary Objective” menu does not appear in the “Blackout Preset Settings” for Custom games (Animal wave will not spawn)
  • Snowshoes appear misaligned with players feet when used
  • Snowshoe model will disappear when a Disguise Kit expires but the effects will remain active
  • User unable to save custom preset with private Steam profile
  • Players are unable to switch items if they have the Disguise Kit wheel menu opened during a Solar Flare event
  • Second objective can be labeled as Stockpile or Smoke Signals but appear as a Repair Console
  • Disguise Kit timer appears red with every use after the first
  • No beacon appears for the Animal Wave first objective after approaching the Map Board
  • Fixed issue where the name swap during a clothes swap would not be accurate under certain conditions involving the Disguise Kit
  • Fixed issue where T-posing of bodies could occur under certain situations when swapping clothes
  • Fixed issue where players would have broken input if the Disguise Kit menu was open during Solar Flare or Mass Hysteria events
  • Fixed issue where a battery held by a player would disappear upon their disguise timing out.
  • Fixed issue where Disguise Kit was free in Traitor Crates
  • Chopped down the traitorous tree from the main menu

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Power Balance: Vol 1 Update)

  • Release date: September 22nd 2022 (North America, Europe) / September 23rd 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:




1. Disguise Kit
  • A single-use item that functions similarly to the “Swap Clothes” mechanic. This item allows players to disguise themselves as another player regardless of their status as living or dead. The disguise lasts for a limited amount of time, and consumes the kit when used. This item can be crafted at the Crafting Table.
  • This item provides opportunities for Traitors (or cheeky survivors) to shift the blame to other players while commiting traitorous acts. This item doubles as a source of security of being caught sabotaging or killing others, as players will not see the actual clothing of the person committing the crime.
2. Snow Shoes
  • A single-use item that removes their snow trail and footstep audio. These effects last for a short amount of time before wearing off. This item can be crafted by Traitors at the Crafting Table.
  • This item opens up more stealth strategies for traitors. Allowing traitors to sneak into objectives and steal parts without a trail, and making quick getaways if they’re caught.
3. Ice Bomb
  • A single-use item similar to the Smoke Bomb that creates a cloud of icey smoke upon use. When activated, the icey smoke will cause players to lose warmth rapidly when standing in Ice Bomb’s radius. It can be used from the hand, as a trap, or thrown. This item can be crafted at the Crafting Table.
  • The Ice Bomb offers a unique opportunity that many other items do not. It provides Traitors a way to prevent survivors from entering an area, or deterring them from attacking for an extended amount of time, where traditional traps are removed after activation.
4. Sound Emitter
  • A single-use item that emits audio clips over a short amount of time before the item self-destructs. This item is placed like a trap, and will play suspicious audio cues that players can hear from quite a distance.
  • This item aims to provide a way for Traitors to distract or lure survivors away from their current objective and either sidetrack or Ambush.
  • Added Dig site and Animal wave as possible first objectives
  • Increased the max amount of roles that can be in matches:
    1. Defector

    – Min: 0, Max: 2 (Old Min: 0, Max: 1)

    2. Scout

    – Min: 0, Max: 3 (Old Min: 0, Max: 2)

    3. Tracker

    – Min: 0, Max: 3

  • Increased social rate and radius for Traitor Credits
  • Added Left Trigger on controllers to transfer entire stacks
  • General UI Changes
  • Improve Switch Region button
  • “Possible Primary Objective” menu does not appear in the “Blackout Preset Settings” for Custom games (Animal wave will not spawn)
  • Snowshoes appear misaligned with players feet when used
  • Snowshoe model will disappear when a Disguise Kit expires but the effects will remain active
  • User unable to save custom preset with private Steam profile
  • Players are unable to switch items if they have the Disguise Kit wheel menu opened during a Solar Flare event
  • Second objective can be labeled as Stockpile or Smoke Signals but appear as a Repair Console
  • Disguise Kit timer appears red with every use after the first
  • No beacon appears for the Animal Wave first objective after approaching the Map Board
  • [Switch] Game crashes when player attempts to Snowball Fight
  • Held items lack tooltips when the player mouses over them in the inventory
  • Lobby Voice text in Settings Menu is not translated in any language
  • Pickup hand icon for items doesn’t appear next to button prompt
  • [Switch] Cloned players are able to send a message to the chat if they were typing it prior to being cloned
  • [Switch] Clones are able to use the emote wheel
  • Players are unable to enter Warmth Cave
  • Colored radio chat text is overlapping regular chat text
  • Players with non-profane names will be censored if a player with profanity in their name joins
  • Tracker Player can get stuck when placing a trap on an object and their ability finishes charging
  • User is unable to use right Joy-Con face buttons after attaching/detaching the controllers
  • Default custom mode settings will appear as Selected Preset: None when selecting the Custom mode for the first time in the session
  • Survivor can be converted by Whisperer upon boarding the escape vehicle
  • Selected Preset labeled as NONE when viewing or editing a preset on the custom Preset menu
  • Localizations don’t updated properly for Custom Only Role descriptions in the Custom Settings.
  • Inventory Management has a different text font in German in the controller menu
  • [Switch] Game crashes if started without an internet connection
  • Collision issues with rocks allowing players to walk in the air
  • Collision issues with rocks near Polar Point
  • Player is prompted to save a new preset when attempting to edit a previously saved Preset
  • Audio aberrations and stuttering occur when returning to game after being switched to a different tab
  • No ‘call to arms’ text or button shimmer effect when viewing a lobby region with unavailable lobbies
  • The Lazarus machine does not spawn a clone of a player and remains stuck in the respawning animation
  • Armory beacon text is very compacted/hard to read when menu appears in certain languages
  • “Use/Attack/Shoot,” text wraps to a third line when receiving the Ranged Weapon FTUE/Tutorial Tooltip in most languages
  • Basic Lobby description text overlaps the box when viewed from the lobby list
  • Player is able to enter a password protected lobby using old password
  • [Settings > Audio] Audio settings lists are not updated to reflect newly added or removed items
  • The chatbox overlaps the Show Stats Screen banner when the player is a ghost
  • Spacing issues and overlapping text occurs in the in-game Players menu if the user has more than single-digit commendations
  • Basic lobby description appears misaligned with the star icon on the Choose A Lobby screen
  • Individual player volume settings are not present in lobbies or during a match
  • Default custom settings are set to the CRIMESIGHT preset when hosting a Custom mode match
  • The vodka drunken VFX is currently not applying to the player when they are not in a building
  • The Friend’s list refreshes and unfocuses the report window when the user types “R”

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Arming For Truth Update)

  • Release date: August 8th 2022 (North America, Europe) / August 9th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


Truth Serum Lab Rework
  • Truth Serum Lab no longer requires the first objective to be repaired before allowing players to open it via interacting with all three lab consoles
  • Lazarus Machine now requires 6 animal meat, down from 9
  • Truth Serum Syringes are now locked behind the completion of the first objective
  • Second Truth Serum container’s timer is not started until the first serum has been removed from its container
  • Truth Serum Lab can no longer be hacked open until the first objective has been repaired
  • A Survivor revived by another Survivor will now always revive with a basic Survivor role with no abilities
  • Truth Serum Lab crates have a new loot table centered around survival items instead of objective requirements.
  • Traitors can now sabotage a Truth Serum Syringe at the crafting table
  • When used by a survivor, the Sabotaged Syringe will show the opposite team of the player tested
  • When used by a Traitor, the Sabotaged Syringe will show the tested player’s role.
Armory Rework
  • Armory is marked on the map for traitors after the completion of the first objective
  • Players can use the new “Reveal Armory Location” prompt on Armory consoles to mark the Armory on the cabin mapboard.
  • This marks the location for ALL players in the game.
  • Audio and visual global announcements when activated/opened
  • An alarm will play when the Armory is opened
  • This alarm is heard from multiple tiles away and will last a short amount of time
  • A banner is displayed across the screen indicating to players that the Armory has been opened.
  • Armory crates have received a new loot table that centers around offensive weapons and traps.
  • The likelihood of energy drinks has been decreased in Armory crates
  • Tier 2 energy drink now costs 3 traitor credits
Controller Inventory Management
  • Controller functionality is added allowing the swapping of item locations in the hotbar
  • Pressing the UP directional pad button will enable this feature in game.
  • Added functionality for controller to swap between radios, and remove a radio from the equipment slot to the player inventory
  • Reduced the likelihood of gun parts to spawn outside of the Armory. This includes Bunkers, Towerbunkers, and Airdrops.
  • Added “Default” and “Current” Regions to settings for players who frequently change regions to ensure they always have a default to connect to when launch the game
  • Moved “Host Game” Button and renamed “Host your own game” to more easily host games
  • Added a prompt to Host your own game or switch regions when no lobbies are available
  • Enabled push to talk voip to work while the ESC menus are open
  • Lobby Voice keybind now available in the control settings menu
  • Updating the controller inventory management to allow better control of the RADIO SLOT for the players who use controllers
  • Minor menu and loading improvements
  • Lowered volume for Thundersnow by 5%
  • Added capabilities of multiple blessing from different padre’s in custom Blackout


  • [Switch] User is unable to navigate to the Close button in the Players menu while using a controller. Note: You can close using touch screen functions
  • Custom Blackout matches with the Cipher or Dig Site objectives selected will start with no first objective on the map
  • Character model will have a square hair when wearing a hat or a bald head without a hat when the user equips a Ghillie Jacket and a Wild Cape
  • “Selected Preset” does not update when the host selects a new preset in a custom lobby
  • Drop cursor icon gets stuck on the screen if the player uses a controller and the mouse at the same time
  • Users will remain muted when unblocking them in the Friends menu
  • Player can get trapped behind the cabin in basic practice mode by walking on rocks
  • Intermittently the Settings menu ‘Default Region’ will display Best [Unknown] after switching regions via the lobby menus
  • Fixed instances where volume text will overlap the player-specific volume slider in the lobby when selecting several supported languages
  • Fixed instances where increasing objective difficulty prevented players from completing Dig Site objective in custom mode
  • Fixed instances with Dig Site objective where unstackable items can now be stacked into repair inventories via dragging
  • Fixed instances with Dig Site objective Dragging a stack of normally unstackable items from a repair inventory will now drop only one from the stack and no longer lose the rest of the stack
  • Dying to Thundersnow lightning no longer shows the host player as an attacker in the Timeline event
  • Armory location now displays on map for Traitors when advanced roles are turned off during custom games
  • More than one Padre is now able to bless the same player
  • [Switch][Xbox] Fixed Switch + Xbox crash that could occur under certain game settings while progressing the Animal Wave objective
  • Fixed instances where you can not trap Lab with poison/landmine/tripwire
  • Lab can now be opened via activating one console during a practice game or custom game with one player in the match
  • Fixed issue with poisoned items and sabotaged syringes being stackable with their non effect equivalents
  • Added supports to plushie backpack so the traitor doesn’t fall out when running
  • Win10 can now properly exit game from the main menu using in game prompt
  • Added Scout icon to show instead of generic Survivor icon when revealing a neutral role with truth serum
  • Fixed input and controller pairing issues
  • Added a few missing hiragana characters to japanese language asset.
  • Fixed instances where client’s Save button is non-functional in the Preset Settings menu within the lobby
  • Disabled save button interaction when player’s have too many presets already
  • Fixed instances where hitting enter three times while in game doesn’t allow the player to type and no text cursor appears in the chat box
  • Removed save button from custom settings preview when it doesn’t belong.
  • Fixed lobby name censoring to work as intended
  • Blot out the room name in the header part of the lobby UI (or just naughty words within the room name) if it contains naughty words.
  • Present the name of the room creator in the header part of the lobby UI on PS4. The name (or naughty words within) will be blotted out if it contains naughty words, which should not happen for PSN names but could for a name from a different network.
  • Fixed instances when consoles are placed in a suspended state, when the consoles are resumed the Game’s timer is not accurate
  • Fixed incorrect elapsed times shown on “Choose a Lobby” screen after resuming from rest mode.
  • Replaced air freshener in cabin with Winter Fresh Scent
  • Fixed some icon’s showing incorrectly in menu and lobby
  • Fixed the Volume text will overlap the player-specific volume slider in the lobby when selecting several supported languages
  • Fixed close button spacing issues with some languages
  • Fixed instances where preferred Game Mode selection text overlaps the drop menu when the Russian or Greek languages are selected
  • Fixed instances where players could hear electrical noise while entering loading screen for match
  • Fixed instances where Thundersnow SFX can persist into a new game after escaping during event
  • Fixed Custom Game Settings in Blackout appear as default Custom Game Settings
  • Fixed visualization of community events overlapping in lobby
  • Fixed neutral roles showing as “innocent” instead of Scout when being truth serumed by a traitor
  • Fixed instances where names of Community Events extend beyond the Progress bar when Blackout is not installed
  • Fixed instances where players will crash during the Animal Wave objective if it spawns on specific the North Tiles
  • Fixed instances when a player attempts to report another player with a censored name and their name becomes uncensored
  • Fixed instances where players cannot save Custom presets if the character limit in the Name or Description fields are reached
  • Fixed the “Custom Settings” menu when the character limit for the description appears as 100 while the character limit appears as 50 when saving from the “Preset Settings” menu
  • Fixed map board to feel more supported and less likely to fall over during blizzard
  • Fixed instances where no Save screen pop-up appears when closing the Preset Settings menu after making changes to the settings

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (House Keeping: Loud and Clear Update)

  • Release date: June 20th 2022 (North America, Europe) / June 21st 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


Individual Player Volumes
  • Added Individual Player Volume sliders to allow players to adjust the voip volume on a per player basis.
  • Sliders are accessible in the lobby, and in game via the player list
  • Note: maxing out this slider will cause audio distortion.
Radio Volumes
  • Added a volume slider to increase voip volume from radius
  • Slider is accessible in the audio settings page.
  • Note: maxing out this slider will cause audio distortion.
Custom Game Flow Overhaul
  • The flow of creating a custom game has been changed to allow a simpler & faster creating of presets and lobbies
  • Challenge Cleanup: Fixed and added additional challenges (some listed in Bug Fixes)
  • Name Censoring: Adjusted the name censoring process to be more balanced across platforms and fixed some name censoring issues (some listed in Bug Fixes)
  • [Switch] User is unable to navigate to the Close button in the Players menu while using a controller. Note: You can close using touch screen functions
  • Player is unable to voice chat with Push To Talk setting while the ESC Menu is open
  • Hitting enter three times while in game doesn’t allow the player to type and no text cursor appears in the chat box
  • Custom Blackout matches with the Cipher or Dig Site objectives selected will start with no first objective on the map
  • Electrical noise heard while entering loading screen for match
  • Thundersnow SFX can persist into a new game after escaping during event
  • Character model will have a square hair when wearing a hat or a bald head without a hat when the user equips a Ghillie Jacket and a Wild Cape
  • “Selected Preset” does not update when the host selects a new preset in a custom lobby
  • Fixed Custom Blackout matches with the Cipher or Dig Site objectives selected will start with no first objective on the map
  • Fixed location indicators not appearing in basic practice. Includes some more stripping of tutorial limits
  • Fixed name not being censored when joining lobby in Lobby Chat
  • Fixed Custom Blackout lobby will have the normal custom game icon in the Invites menu
  • Fixed player names missing when playing in crossplay games
  • Fixed instances when (Contribute To Join) text will not disappear after the user contributed to the community project
  • Fixed game fails to start normally when launching shortly after event rollover
  • Fixed censored forbidden names will appear differently to players set to different languages on the same lobby
  • Fixed event name on challenge bar overlaps or crowds text chat in lobby
  • Fixed lobby host displays uncensored name
  • Fixed censored usernames become uncensored if the player leaves then returns to a lobby of at least 4 other players
  • Fixed Older Xbox models can lose the ability to hear and/or communicate with other Xbox platform players lobbies
  • Fixed instances when Traitors can lose stackable items in their inventory when using Shift + Right Click on an unpurchased traitor crate item
  • Fixed instances when in Practice mode changes the players avatar to the original tutorial player
  • Fixed some text strings not showing correctly in challenges
  • (Xbox)Fixed “Baby Steps” achievement to complete tutorial is no longer applicable to match with other platforms
  • Removed the A.R.I.S.T.O.D.’s ability to interact with crates
  • Fixed “Current Objectives” display animation seems delayed when pressing L3 to display objectives
  • Fixed The progression challenge “Escape 50 times” appears as “Escape 500 times” in the “Helper” progression tree
  • Fixed the Craft 10 Bear Traps Timed challenge was making no progress
  • Fixed issues with the search function, after removing the user with no name from the friends list
  • Fixed timeline marker if the player dies to a lightning strike during the Thundersnow event
  • Fixed “Complete 3 matches where no survivors escape while playing as a traitor” challenge will fail if a survivor dies while using a sabotaged Fulton
  • Fixed missing character in pop up for report notification in Japanese language
  • Fixed text is misaligned, overlaps and overflows on the Report screen when selecting several of the supported languages
  • Added the use of the correct (i.e. possibly censored) names for players in the emote wheel.
  • Fixed the issue where the save popup was not showing up if there were any changes after the back button was being pressed
  • Fixed issue where the quit game prompt could no longer be opened on the main menu
  • Fixed crash that occurs after opening and closing Presets menu upon a fresh launch
  • Fixed instances for when users can remove false possible second objective beacons by walking around inside of the Cabin
  • Fixed traitor roles becoming unselectable via controller in the practice mode menu after exiting the menu from the Objectives screen
  • Fixed issue with the preferred game mode popup becoming invisible after hosting a custom game.
  • Fixed current objectives UI animation from replaying when enabling the UI again after hiding it
  • Fixed issue where items in your inventory could disappear when using Shift + Right Click on the same unpurchased item in a Traitor crate
  • Fixed instance in when a player gets stuck interacting with a bunker console if another player cancels their interaction with a console before the action is complete or if they interact with the console while the player is using an Unlock ability
  • Fixed issue where the player could get stuck interacting with a bunker terminal when another player activates another terminal at the same time
  • Fixed bear traps teleporting to the cabin after getting disarmed
  • Added updated low post process profile for flashbang effect
  • Corrected/added item IDs for a few challenges
  • Fixed sub issue mentioned in ticket where enter key would not send lobby text chat messages when the Windows keyboard is set to Chinese
  • Added additional checks to ensure challenge and reward data pulled down actually exists
  • Added more items to count as “warmth” items for use warmth related item challenges
  • Sabotaged fulton escape will no longer track the boarded player as escaped
  • Fixed position of controller labels in settings menu to avoid text overlap
  • Added poisoned food items as valid items for consume food item challenge
  • Minor fixes for some challenges
  • Added Explosive Crossbow as valid item for kill wolves with crossbow challenge
  • Fixed incorrect threshold for open cipher bunker challenge
  • Fixed missing name to Gold Cleaver item
  • Fixed wrong threshold on escape task in Helper progression tree
  • Large female backpack strap fixed.
  • Fixed pride Jackets will wrap properly around the medium male player.
  • Fixed visible gap between arm and hands when wearing intersex sweater in medium female.
  • Fixed Jeremy to feel “fluffier”
  • Fixed Lab Roof being accessible
  • Fixed players getting stuck on collision in Gondola’s south tile
  • Ram Skull Hat clipping with Ghillie suit fixed
  • Fixed Equipping certain Hats with certain Jackets are not displayed properly on the avatar in the Character tab

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Thunder Pressure Update)

  • Release date: May 5th 2022 (North America, Europe) / May 6th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


New Weather Event – Thundersnow:

Thundersnow, like its real life equivalent, is a blizzard that produces lightning and thunder. This global event will cause certain electrical components to be inoperable until the Thundersnow passes.

Friends List Update

Now players can sort by online players, see who is already in a match, search for specific players in their friends list, and add friends or block users from other screens.

Toxicity Management Update

Additional improvements to how we handle player reports can be made to increase likelihood of positive player experiences.

  • Additional match data is now saved when players make a report
  • Added a report button to the “Recently Met” tab of the friends list
  • We now prompt frequently reported players to view community guidelines
  • Banned players are now notified of the reason for their ban and its duration
  • Players are now notified if a player they recently reported is banned.


Gun/Gunpart Balance Changes
  • The spawn rate of gun parts has been slightly decreased in bunkers.
  • Guns and Gunpart spawn rates have been slightly increased inside the Armory.
Some Stockpile objective requirements have been adjusted
  • The minimum required amount of Quick Disarm Kits has been increased
  • The maximum required amount of Landmines has been decreased
  • [Blackout] Hatches outside cabin tile will be disabled until first objective complete
  • Some Tutorial/Practice Mode prompts not accurate
  • Player’s role shows as Scout after they’ve had their role stolen by an ID thief
  • Practice mode changes the players avatar to the original tutorial player
  • Some Limited Event Crate items are displaying ‘None’ instead of ‘Limited’
  • Name Censoring not accurate across all Platforms
  • Bear traps may teleport back to cabin after use
  • Fixed a bug where Traitor items can be consumed if a natural event occurs during it’s countdown. Players will now receive the item back if there is room in their inventory.
  • Fixed Baby Step Achievement to apply to Practice mode on all platforms
  • Fixed UI issues after the cipher station is sabotaged, the UI will now function properly
  • Fixed remote sabotage being usable when first objective is not repaired
  • Fixed issue with the HackUses, BreakUses, and WolfTrapUses LiveTracker properties not resetting
  • [Consoles] Fixed issue where the on-screen keyboard would repeatedly open after opening text chat and a menu at the same time
  • Fixed repair item table for the Stockpile objective.
  • Re-add smoke signals as a primary objective console type.
  • Cosmetics – Walrus hat displays face masks now
  • Cosmetics – cape physics fixed for wild cape brown
  • Cosmetics – modification to capes glowing runes
  • Cosmetics – gas masks can be equipped with animal masks again
  • Adjusted gun part spawn probability closer to original value
  • Fixed Player is unable to scroll through the roles list in a lobby with a controller
  • Fixed instances in when Interacting with the Survivor Air Drop will make users unable to open crates
  • Fixed instance Player stops walking after aiming a remote traitor ability for more than 2 seconds
  • [Switch] Fixed issue when purchasing items with the touchscreen causes artifacts to be withdrawn without rewarding items while on the Store tab

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Save Our Survivors Update)

  • Release date: March 28th 2022 (North America, Europe) / March 29th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:




Smoke Signals: 1st & 2nd Objectives

The objective requires players to contribute resources towards creating a large fire for smoke signals. The objective must be repaired with campfires, flares, and/or fuel. It functions similar to a repair objective, but has different part requirements, and parts can be automatically depleted as the fire burns.

Stockpile: 2nd Objective Only

The objective requires players to contribute resources towards a large stockpile, to allow future survivors to better survive the conditions. The objective must be repaired with campfires, traps, cooked food, and other various non-standard resources. It functions similar to a repair objective, but has different part requirements.

Additional Timed Challenges & Events:
  • Solstice Festival
  • Whiteout
  • Shelter in Place
Practice Mode Tutorial Overhaul
  • Merged the tutorial and practice mode. Practice mode now has a “basic” variant that will spawn players on the basic mode map with basic mode objectives.
  • Added some tutorial prompts to practice mode.
Progression Tree Rework
  • Progression trees have been reworked so that they are focused on long term goals that players complete by playing the game as they normally would.
Other Additions:
  • Reverted changes for cosmetics that caused clipping issues that made hats/masks not work with some jackets
  • Changed “Baby Steps” achievement from “Complete the Tutorial” to “Complete Practice Mode”
Tranq Gun Changes
  • Decreased the duration of the tranquilized effect
  • Decreased the movement penalty of the tranquilized effect
Hacker Time Based Charge
  • Hacker now has a passive charge that charges roughly every 12 minutes.
  • Hacker still has a proximity based charge to charge faster around players.
Tower Bunker Changes
  • Decreased the likelihood of Energy Drinks to spawn in tower bunkers.
  • Removed tranquilizer gun from tower bunkers.
  • Added additional survival resources to tower bunkers.
  • Made the crates found in the cave on deep woods unique, and no longer share a loot table with Tower Bunkers
  • This means cave crates will still always contain energy drinks
Other Changes:
  • Added support for tracking bunker actions, tracking trapping escapes and traitor crates, and added related challenges
  • Added support to track items placed into the cabin chest + added cabin chest related challenges
  • Changed “quick look” in lobby to use TOTAL commendations instead of MONTHLY commends
  • Removed rematch button from game-over screen in practice modes to avoid sending the player to a live lobby
  • Practice mode menu has been changed to use tabs
  • Some Tutorial/Practice Mode prompts not accurate
  • Baby Steps not completely localized for Japanese and Italian
  • Practice Mode tutorial prompts appear while in a Custom game
  • “Current Objectives” display animation seems delayed when commanded to display objectives
  • Magenta placeholder textures seen on crates in animal den on deep woods map
  • Landmine will not explode on the first interaction after planting it on a sabotaged Cipher station’s console
  • Player’s role shows as Scout after they’ve had their role stolen by an ID thief
  • When Smoke Signal is the first objective, the objective marker appears above the tent instead of the fire
  • Practice mode changes the players avatar to the original tutorial player
  • Some Limited Event Crate items are displaying ‘None’ instead of ‘Limited’
  • Name Censoring not accurate across all Platforms
  • Bear traps may teleport back to cabin after use
  • [Switch] Cannot redeem items in store using the touch screen
  • Fixed “Clandestine Achievement” to be redeemable
  • Fixed blocked loading issue that could occur when adding radios into player inventory during loading sequence
  • Fixed issues with some items challenges not properly tracking
  • Fixed issue with distance not tracking properly for progression tasks
  • Fixed issue causing dead bodies to teleport to the cabin
  • Updated data for challenges to include missing items
  • Fixed No Gondola Rides challenge taking non-Gondola maps into consideration
  • Added option to update the overridden owner ID for Explosive items, to fix issue where Landmines could award kill/damage credits to the wrong player
  • Fixed Break sabotage action only tracking usage of the free variant
  • Fixed issue with items spawned into crates not tracking who collects it
  • Added ability to track items that were picked up and track Blackout games played
  • Fixed issue with distance not tracking properly for progression tasks
  • Fixed a bug for “Visit every quadrant on the map” bonus objective that was impossible to complete in Basic and Blackout games
  • Fixed a bug which would allow some players to get custom roles even though the roles were not set. Custom games only.
  • [Switch] Added better messaging if an update is required to play the game
  • Fixed plus signs in stat boost portion of energy drink tooltip.
  • Added mouse-key functionality for button labeling when in MKB mode and there is no keyboard button bound for a displayed control.
  • Added missing components for controller scrolling.
  • Cosmetics: Fixed Skull necklace to not appear less “floaty” in standard male
  • Cosmetics: Change the filter of some mask cosmetics so they don’t clip with other bigger face masks.
  • Cosmetics: Masks such as Lucha Libre masks, Fur Scarf (black, brown, white), and several gas masks will stop appearing when wearing animal masks
  • Cosmetics: Adjustments to new cosmetics (EEC_GlassesOwl_SF) so it doesn’t clip with hats.
  • Cosmetics: Adjustment to HatFurTrapperGold, to avoid clipping with Owl Glasses cosmetic
  • Cosmetics: Adjustment to green face mask (EEC_NeckFaceMask_LTD) and white mask (Glasses_FacemaskWhite_SS) so they are visible when wearing safety helmet
  • Cosmetics: Adjustment to Standard female PlaidShirt so it will no longer clip with pants
  • Cosmetics: female pants will not poke through the back of jackets as much
  • Cosmetics: Temporary Fix to make the hats and the hoodies clip less horribly
  • Cosmetics: Fix noticeable clipping problem for Standard Female belt in Backpack Stretcher
  • Cosmetics: Fixed some jackets clipping with pants in standard female.
  • Cosmetics: Fixed Wolf Hat clipping fix
  • Cosmetics: Fixed Winter Camo Jacket appears different on a large female model then its large male counterpart
  • Cosmetics: Fixed instances where a character’s leg shading becomes sharper when equipping certain boots with the thin body type

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Timing is Everything Update)

  • Release date: February 14th 2022 (North America, Europe) / February 15th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


Added Timed Challenges and Events
  • Recurring events that take place over a few days. Completing the challenges will reward players with currency, cosmetics and unique rewards.
Social Rank Changes
  • Added “Quick Look” to the lobby screen so players can check their own commendations.
  • Increased time at the end of the match to give players more time to rematch and commend
  • Players will no longer reset to bronze every month, but instead will be bumped down 1 rank monthly
  • Gold > Silver
  • Silver > Bronze
  • Store items are now recyclable and award 1000 SP
  • [Cosmetic] Hats will appear when wearing medium and half jackets – some may cause clipping
  • [Cosmetic] Fully closed hoodies will make hats disappear, but will also cause some hairstyles to flatten and appear to be bald instead
  • [Cosmetic] Some hoods will allow hats to appear
  • [Controller] Player cannot scroll naturally to an unfilled row of items in inventory
  • [Basic Mode] Traitor radio chat overlapping into proximity chat
  • “Trees Chopped” statistic in the player profile does not change when disconnected from the game. The progression in the achievement persists though.
  • Remote sabotager can be used even if First Objective is already sabotaged/still broken
  • Player stops walking after aiming a remote traitor ability for more than 2 seconds
  • Fixed issue with Walrus Hats not being visible when worn with Hooded Jackets
  • Fixed textures of the cogs for the Dig Site Objective
  • Fixed issues with some old cosmetics that had clipping problems. This includes the following:
  • All large male/female jackets filled at the bottom
  • Helmets and masks are no longer compatible
  • Hoodies and long hair are no longer compatible
  • Backpack straps fit better
  • Backpack meat chef no longer carries an apron
  • Fixed and updated several localizations to the in-game text
  • [Console] Fixed issue where player’s microphone does not work on the escape vehicle
  • Fixed issue where “Global Exile Remote” stays in effector for the rest of the game if the traitor disconnects after using the “Global Exile Remote”
  • Fixed issue where Radio Jammer item was only affecting the traitor using the item when activated. Radio Jammer will now work on all players
  • A Saboteur crafting landmines will not count as spending traitor credits on sabotages now
  • Fixed issue where push to talk would not function correctly in the lobby menu and snowball game
  • Fixed the Primitive Ice Pick appearing as a legendary item when in Steam Inventory
  • [Blackout] Fixed issue where the Stake launcher was not in the crafting menu
  • Fixed issue where the in-game UI was showing SP increase from snowballs even if the daily limit was reached
  • [Controller] Removed the “Unlock” controller legend from the progression UI as this option doesn’t exist
  • Fixed issue where text chat tabs were not updating to the new language after switching language via in-game settings
  • Fixed issue where pressing “enter” on the keyboard brings up the escape menu in-game
  • Fixed issues with keyboard controls in snowball fight
  • Rematch timer is now taken from Playfab
  • [Switch] Fixed issue with the wrong error message displaying when the application requires an update
  • Fixed issue with second objective locator item. Item reveals objective location to the player who uses it, not to all traitors
  • [Console] Fixed issue where the Lazarus machine does not spawn a clone of a player and gets stuck in respawning animation
  • [Console] Fixed issues where players could not see lobbies hosted by players they were blocked by after relaunching the game. Players will now see the lobby in the lobbies list, will be able to try to join, but will have a pop-up warning and then be kicked out of the lobby
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed issue where no animals were spawning on animal wave objective

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (‘Tis The Treason Update)

  • Release date: December 16th 2021 (North America, Europe) / December 17th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


An in-game friends list is now available.
  • Players can send friend requests to or block players they’ve recently played with.
  • Players can send game invites to their friends.
  • Players you have blocked cannot join lobbies you host.
  • If someone you’ve blocked joins a lobby that you’re in (and aren’t hosting), they are automatically muted.
Traitor airdrop abilities have been changed to items.
  • Two of these items are available in every traitor airdrop.
  • Traitors can also craft these items using traitor credits at the cabin crafting table.
  • In addition to the original Radio Jammer, Second Objective Locator, Remote Sabotager, and Global Exile Remote items, two new craftable traitor items have been added:
  • Solar Pulse, which causes a Solar Flare event.
  • Hysterical Gas, which causes a Mass Hysteria event.
  • The Remote Sabotager always sabotages the first objective.
New options have been added to custom games.
  • Past roles Soldier, Medic, Scientist, Innocent, Traitor Medic, Traitor Scientist, Traitor Hacker, and Saboteur have been added as role options.
  • An option has been added to disable purchasing items from crates with traitor credits.
  • An option has been added to disable the Hackers being able to hack the truth serum lab.
  • An option has been added to disable all visible player names at the start of a match.
  • An option has been added to allow disabling ghost abilities, including the ability for ghosts to pick up and put down items.
  • An option has been added that causes possible second objective locations to show have beacons to all players similar to the first objective beacon.
  • Players can more easily see the settings of a custom game lobby without joining it.
  • An abbreviated list of settings is visible on the left side of the lobby list.
  • Players can press the “Custom Settings” button on a lobby’s list entry to see all the settings
Players can now create custom Blackout games.
  • All options available in standard custom games are available in custom Blackout games, except for map and first objective selection.
  • Two presets are available by default for custom Blackout matches, the Monster Mishmash and Whispers in the Wind.
  • [Blackout] Traitors can now sabotage hatches in Blackout matches.
  • Sabotaging a hatch sends the next player who uses it to a random location on the map.
  • [Blackout] If a whisperer attempts to use their ability while no player is in their radius, the ability does not get used and does not expend the charge.
  • New player tips for the dig site objective have been improved.
  • Proximity text for cipher bunkers shows the position of the number inside.
  • Numbers entered into the cipher objective persist after the console is closed.
  • These numbers are visible to and able to be edited by any other players who access the objective.
  • Tool skins are now paired with the outfit that you equip those tools on.
  • The color of the “Master of Deceit” commendation icon has been changed to black
  • Steam invites now have to input passwords if the lobby is password protected
  • Added in the statistics for “Survivor Kills” and “Traitor Kills”
  • Ghost freeze no longer interrupts interactions
  • [Blackout] Central hatches in Blackout that can be accessed by all players require the first objective to be fixed before players can use them.
  • Scouts, yetis, and traitors can travel through these hatches before the first objective is fixed, but it takes them a longer time to do so.
  • [Blackout] When a demon breaks a survivor’s rosary, the demon is temporarily stunned.
  • [Blackout] When a whisperer breaks a rosary, the survivor holding the rosary is temporarily stunned.
  • Truth serums can no longer be used on clones.
  • The truth serum lab cannot be opened by anyone until the first objective has been completed.
  • The “sabotage” option is added back to truth serum lab consoles
  • The “use, and wolf trap” sabotage is free if another player is on a bunker console at the time of its use.
  • Armory now spawns with one terminal in Practice Mode
  • Removed the tranq gun from “No Damage with Ranged Weapons” objective as it deals no damage
  • [Switch] Fixed issue where Joy Cons would lose function when reattached to console after exiting a match.
  • Fixed issue where players who have crossplay disabled could join a crossplay enabled lobby when invited to the lobby by another player on the same platform as them
  • Fixed issue where abnormal unicode characters in text chat causes heavy lag spikes and crashes
  • [Controller] Fixed custom setting presets buttons not scrolling when a button is selected via controller.
  • Fixed and updated the navigation on the Progression tab
  • Fixed issue where players are able to rotate avatar in sub menus with settings open
  • Fixed issue where players can get stuck behind a table in the Hydro Power Station after stepping on a landmine
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed issue where moose occasionally get stuck at the edge of the water outside the cabin
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed bug where user could place fire kits in the water next to the cabin
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed issue where polar bear can be pushed into a wall and become stuck after chasing you to the eastern rocks near its cave
  • [Blackout] Fixed issue where signpost appears to be floating in the air
  • [Blackout] Fixed issue where traitor crates spawn very close to each other
  • [Gondola Map] Moved traitor hatch that was under stairs to avoid collision
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed area behind the map in front of cabin
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed animals falling through the bridge to the Submarine escape
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed collision issues on cliffs and collider issues in water
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed power lines colliding with cliffs
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed issues where the survivor box spawns inside the map
  • [Basic Mode Map] Fixed issues where rocks would float
  • Fixed issues with traitor crate spawns causing them to spawn in unreachable spots
  • Fixed issues with cloning chamber camera in Truth Serum Lab
  • Fixed issues with game crashing when a Scientist interacts with the Lazarus machine console on a Custom Mode match
  • Fixed issue where Hacker’s ability seems to take longer to recharge than stated time
  • [Switch] Fixed issue where game crashes randomly while on the main menu or a sub-screen
  • [Fixed] Removed a call responsible for spamming re-trying the photon connection right after a disconnect.
  • Fixed issue where some players occasionally did not have a first objective task
  • Fixed issue after the bridge was sabotaged the gate was still preventing them from crossing
  • Fixed issue where opening crates defaults back to the first crate in the stack and causes players to sometimes open the wrong crate.
  • [Controller] Fixed issues where presets become inaccessible after copying the custom settings in a custom game lobby
  • Fixed issue where Roles UI caused crashes in normal games
  • Fixed issue where Uncensored name appears briefly in player list when joining lobby
  • Fixed issue where player becomes stuck in the Cipher Station menu
  • Fixed bonus objective “Survive without doing damage or harvesting resources with ranged weapons” to include harvesting resources
  • Fixed issue where players can circumvent the lockout timer after leaving match by using quick match feature
  • Fixed issue where the warmth given by the Hot Springs and Crater are different values
  • Fixed issue where an Username containing profanity is left uncensored after hosting a single player Lobby
  • Fixed issue where long usernames are not fully displayed on the loading screen or match over screen
  • Fixed issue where the “Requires DLC” text does not fit within its box in some languages
  • Fixed issue where task objective panel was going off screen
  • Also fixed case where it could remain on screen if left open when a disconnect occurs and transitioning back to the main menu
  • Fixed edge case where bonus objective UI would not update text to reflect a language change
  • [Controller] Fixed issue where pop-up buttons appear incorrectly when recycling items

Project Winter – Ver. ??? (Housekeeping Update)

  • Release date: November 8th 2021 (North America, Europe) / November 9th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Cosmetic items of the same type stack with each other
  • It is now possible to recycle multiple cosmetic items at a time
  • Gender icons have been replaced with body type icons on the character customization screen
  • Recycling items from blackout crates give 300 SP instead of 200
  • The first objective beacon now automatically activates when the player leaves the cabin tile for the first time
  • When opening a crate, the items that players have received stay onscreen until they dismiss them
    * There is now a “reveal” button to flip each cosmetic card over instead of having to click each card individually
  • More loading screen tips have been added
  • Added lobby sorting by Region and Time
  • The custom game settings menu has been reworked to make it easier to edit, host, and copy custom game presets
  • In the Tutorial, the roles menu will now only show 2 roles – survivor and traitor
  • In the game settings, “Master Volume” has been changed to “In Game Volume” to avoid confusion that includes voice chat volumes
  • Added new loading screen image and bar when loading into a match
  • The Hacker’s ability only charges when they are around other people, and charges faster the more people that they are around
  • The 3 part repair requirement (6/6/7) has been removed from repair objectives in Normal mode, which will now only have 2 or 1 part repair requirements
  • There is a 15 second cooldown on traitor hatches after they are used
  • The default role spread for Blackout has been adjusted
    * The maximum number of Defectors has changed from 2 to 1
    * The maximum number of Hackers has changed from 2 to 1
    * The maximum number of Scouts has changed from 3 to 2
  • Fixed map description in custom games setup screen now updates when the screen is enabled to make sure description is always correct.
  • Fixed the navigation in the Store
  • Fixed and adjusted ice placement
  • Fixed issues caused while snowball fighting with the roles menu open
  • Fixed issues with engagement overlay used on some consoles when the crafting menu is open
  • Fixed CustomGameSettings and Controller
  • [Cosmetics] Fixed Clipping through survivalJacket hood, fixed (all colours, all body types)
  • Fixed text spilling out in the emote radial menu when language is set to Greek or Russian
  • Fixed placement of the title and content for “Restore Defaults” pop-up when reverting changes in the Controls tab if the language is set to Russian, Swedish, or Spanish
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed issue where grouped wolves would instantly escape bear traps
  • Fixed issue where presets become inaccessible after copying the custom settings when using a controller
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the check for censored doesn’t work causing a null ref exception
  • Fixed issue with errors related to trying to mute players
  • Fixed navigation for the refresh button not being able to move up/down.
  • [Controller]Fixed inability to exit out of custom game presets screen with controller
  • Fixed larger preset entries being sized wrong
  • Fixed for item prefabs having missing references
  • Fixed issue where using a sniper during blizzard start/end would give you extra vision
  • [Gondola] Fixed issue where gondola camera momentarily breaks due to solar flare event and timing of gondola
  • [Gondola] Fixed broken animation on Gondola Map 33 and fixed FPS issues
  • [Controller] Fixed issue the Exit Game pop-up will appear and block the user from stopping the match start count down while game cursor is in the lobby text chat
  • Fixed issue where Main Menu tabs are clickable behind the Retry prompt after losing internet connection
  • Fixed the navigation for the result entries + social rating handler
  • [Deep Woods] Fixed issue on Deep Woods map where cold colliders go above water
  • Fixed issue whereTracker ability ceases to function when the tracker views the challenge board
  • [Cosmetics] Brown hair and light brown hair will now have the correct colour eyebrows
  • Fixed wording on bonus objectives where you need to make items on the stove from “craft” to “cook”.
  • Fixed issue where the bonus objective that requires you to make pot pies would reward double the amount of points
  • Fixed an issue where ghosts were able to teleport with buttons not mapped to their controls
  • Fixed issue with mouse click causing an element to scroll down.
  • [Controllers] Fixed issue where multiple controllers connected at startup could result in only one being given unintended control
  • Fixed issue where events involving devices not associated with the current user could prompt engagement
  • [Controller] Fixed possible NRE when disconnecting a controller while profile picker is open on Bootstrap
  • Fixed issue where you would lose your points earned as Traitor when resurrected to a survivor role
  • Fixed issue with being able to aim while snowball fighting with the roles menu open
  • Fixed text spilling out in the radial emote menu.
  • [Controller] Fixed issue where controller users are unable to see who voted for them in the Exile box
  • [Controller] General fixes and improvements
    * Fixed navigation for the refresh button not being able to move up/down.
    * Fixed inability to exit out of custom game presets screen with controller
    * Fixed being unable to navigate after entering and exiting default custom game preset view
  • [Switch] Fixed issue where the first time a player joins a locked lobby, they have to enter the password twice
  • [Gondola] Fixed an issue with collision on Gondola map
  • [Gondola] Fixed water rendering issue with nametags on pc
  • [Gondola] Reenabled warmth cave area

How to download updates for Project Winter for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Project Winter, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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