Pokkén Tournament DX getting new battle and support Pokémon as DLC with the Battle Pack

Pokken Tournament DX Battle Pack

During today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, there was some Pokémon news, but it wasn’t about the Pokémon game announced at E3, but Pokkén Tournament DX, which is getting some new DLC!

Starting… right now, you can purchase the Battle Pack from the Nintendo eShop. Price: 14.99€ / $14.99 stand-alone, or 74.98€ / $74.98 for a bundle including the game and the Battle Pack, which is perfect for players who do not already own the former.

The Battle Pack is made of two Rounds, including a new Battle Pokémon, a new set of Support Pokémon, new customisation items for your avatar and Nia, and more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the 2 Rounds can be purchased separately, and you have to buy the Battle Pack even if you’re only interested in one of them.

Here’s the contents of each Round:

Round 1 (out on January 31st)

  • new Battle Pokémon: Aegislash (two formes, you can switch between the two in battle)
  • new Support Pokémon set: Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu
  • new customisation items for your avatar
  • new outfits for Nia
  • new titles

Round 2 (out on March 23rd)

  • new Battle Pokémon: Blastois
  • new Support Pokémon set: Mew and Celebi
  • new customisation items for your avatar
  • new outfits for Nia
  • new titles

Here’s some footage and some pictures (screenshots, artworks) for the new DLC:

The Upcoming Games page has been updated with the two Rounds of the Battle Pack!

Source: Nintendo



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