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Pokkén Tournament (Arcade): Croagunk to be added on November 10th, trailer and footage

As announced last week, a livestream for the Arcade version of Pokkén Tournament took place today, on NicoNico. And as promised, a brand new Battle Pokémon was revealed: it’s none other than… Croagunk, originally from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It’s a Speed-type Pokémon, who uses various types of projectiles to hit enemies from afar.

Here’s a trailer for that new Pokémon for the Arcade version of Pokkén Tournament:

(NB: due a technical issue during the livestream, there’s no sound at the beginning of the trailer. The official upload of the trailer will replace this version as soon as it’s available).

And here’s our YouTube playlist with gameplay footage for Croagunk:

Croagunk was previously a Support Pokémon, but it will be added as a Battle Pokémon on November 10th. And it turns out you will be able to play with both the Support and Battle version of that Pokémon at the same time. The new update for Pokkén Tournament will be available on Arcade on November 10th, along with various other changes (more details coming soon).

Unfortunately, we still don’t know if any of the new Battle Pokémon added to the Arcade version of Pokkén Tournament after the release of the Wii U version will ever be added to that version. A Wii U update seems less and less likely as weeks go by, while a Nintendo Switch port looks increasingly likely. One thing’s almost guaranteed: there should be one more Battle Pokémon for the Arcade version!

Pokkén Tournament (Arcade) gets a new update on November 10th in Japan.


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