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PokéNews (March 30th): Pokémon GO / Pokémon Sun and Moon

Today’s Pokémon news: Shiny Magikarp to stay in Pokémon GO a little bit longer, but also…

  • Battle Competition (Japan)
  • Pokkén Tournament (Arcade)

Pokémon GO

The Water Festival is now over, which means that water Pokémon no longer spawn more frequently in the world. But the good news is, Shiny Magikarp can still be found in the wild, despite the event ending. It’s not clear how long they will remain in the game, or if they have been added permanently to the game. Naturally, those you did manage to catch will not disappear, whatever happens.

In other words, if you’re yet to find and catch a Shiny Magikarp, don’t give up just yet!

Pokémon Sun and Moon – Battle Competition (Japan)

A few days ago, the Japan Championships 2017 Battle Competition (for Pokémon Sun and Moon) was announced for Japan. Its goal is to allow players living in Japan to qualify for the Pokémon World Championships 2017. Today, registrations for the Battle Competition went live, and will remain open until April 28th.

It was also announced that all the players registering and taking part in at least 3 battles will get the same Sceptilite, Blazikenite, and Swampertite that will be distributed with the 2017 International Challenge April Battle Competition.

Here’s everything you need to know about this Battle Competition for Japanese players:

  • Rules: stadanrd VGC 2017 rules
  • Registration (Juniors and Seniors divisions): March 30th to April 28th;
  • Registration (Masters division): March 30th to April 15th;
  • Battles (Juniors division): April 28th to May 1st
  • Battles (Master divisions): April 15th to April 17th, April 21st to April 23rd, April 26th to April 28th, April 30th to May 2nd, and May 6th to May 8th (ratings from all 5 periods are added up).
  • Reward: Top 50 players will be invited to a competition to be held on June 18th.

Source: The Pokémon Company
Via: Serebii

Pokkén Tournament (Arcade)

Here’s the design of the special Bana Passport that all participants in the tournament at NicoNico Choukaigi will receive:

Source: Bandai-Namco


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