PokéNews (March 16): Pokémon GO / Pokémon TV

Today’s PokéNews: new event announced for Pokémon GO, but also…

  • Pokémon TV
  • Pokémon Center Singapore
  • Game Freak

Pokémon GO

A new event for the game has been announced, celebrating the upcoming equinox. Here’s the various features for this one:

  • Grass-types such as Oddish, Exeggcute, Sunkern, and Shroomish will appear more frequently in the wild;
  • Lunatone and Solrock will switch hemispheres at the start of the event, but will stay there even after the event has ended;
  • Grass-types will appear in Raid Battles;
  • Limited-time Field Research focusing on Grass-types will be available during the event.

Here’s whent the equinox event will take place:

  • Europe: March 19th (9PM) to March 26th (9PM)
  • UK: March 18th (8PM) to March 26th (8PM)
  • North America (ET): March 19th (4PM) to March 26th 4PM)
  • North America (PT): March 19th (1PM) to March 26th (1PM)
  • Japan: March 20th (5AM) to March 27th (5AM)

Finally, at the same time as the event goes live, some new moves will be added permanently to the game:

  • Acid Spray: Arbok, Victreebel, Tentacruel, Muk, Alolan Muk, Quagsire, Qwilfish, Octillery, and Swalot.
  • Leaf Tornado: Victreebel, and Shiftry.

Source: Niantic

Pokémon TV

A new update for the app was released yesterday, though only on Android. It brings it to Ver. 3.0.1, but unfortunately, it’s not quite clear what it does since no patch notes are provided. However, it’s pretty safe to assume this is just a regular bug fix update, as it’s only a few weeks since the big redesign went live with Ver. 3.0.0.

You can find more details about the Software updates for the app on this page!

Pokémon Center Singapore

It has been announced that Pokémon Center Singapore, the second permanent Pokémon Center store outside Japan (the first one since the store in New York was transformed into the Nintendo NY Store), will open on April 27th. It will be found at 78 Airport Boulevard, #04-201 & 202 in the Jewel Changi Airport. It will carry the same kind of merchandise as other stores, including various Pokémon Center exclusive ones (not to mention merchandise exclusive to that very store).

Source: Serebii

Game Freak

Here’s the latest video from the Game Freak YouTube Channel:


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