PokéNews (December 13) – Pokémon: Twilight Wings / Pokémon GO

Today’s Pokémon news: Pokémon: Twilight Wings web anime series announced, but also…

  • Pokémon GO
  • Pokémon The Movie 2020
  • Pokémon Trading Card Game
  • 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships
  • Pokémon merchandise
  • Game Freak
  • Pokémon Kids TV

Pokémon: Twilight Wings

The Pokémon Company have announced a new web anime series, called Pokémon: Twilight Wings. It will have 7 episodes, approximately 5mn-long, with a new one uploaded every month. The first one will go live on January 15th on the official YouTube channel of The Pokémon Company. Animation was done by Studio Colorido, who previously worked on Penguin Highway.

Here’s the key visual and some details:

Pokémon: Twilight Wings, which is separate from Pokémon the Series, is set in the Galar region, where Pokémon battles have developed into a cultural sensation. Over the span of seven episodes, Pokémon: Twilight Wings will show in detail the dreams of Galar’s residents, the realities they face, the challenges they must overcome, and the conflicts they must resolve. In addition to these new stories, fans can expect to see a variety of Pokémon originally discovered in the Galar region appearing throughout the capsule series.

Source: The Pokémon Company / Gamer

Pokémon GO

Community Notes

Over the past couple of days, Niantic shared two Community Notes for Pokémon GO, detailing recent/upcoming changes:

Style Shop

Some new clothing items have been added to the Style Shop: some Team Polo shirts! Here’s what they look like:

Source: Niantic (Twitter)

Pokémon The Movie 2020

Every year, a new Pokémon animated movie is released in Japan, and 2020 will be no exception (as announced previously). The next movie will open on July 10th in Japan, and unlike Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, it will be an entirely original one.

Source: Serebii

Pokémon Trading Card Game

The Pokémon Company have announced a new box for the Pokémon Trading Card Game: the Toxtricity V Box, releasing on February 27th. It includes the following:

  • 1 foil promo card featuring Toxtricity V
  • 1 oversize foil card featuring Toxtricity V
  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Source: The Pokémon Company

2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships

The Pokémon Company have shared some more details about the 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships, which will take place from February 21st to February 23rd in Australia. Click here for all the details about it!

Pokémon merchandise

Here’s some pictures of the latest Pokémon figure by Kotobukiya, releasing in May 2020 in Japan:

Source: Gamer

Game Freak

Here’s the latest video from the Game Freak YouTube Channel:

Pokémon Kids TV

Here’s the latest video from the Pokémon Kids TV YouTube Channel:


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