Pokémon news (Feb. 22) – Pokémon Virtual Console / Pokkén Tournament

Today’s Pokémon news:

  • Pokémon Red / Green / Blue / Yellow
  • Pokkén Tournament
  • Mew distribution

Pokémon logoPokémon Red / Green / Blue / Yellow

Here’s some more screenshots for Pokémon Red / Green / Blue / Yellow on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console (coming out this Saturday, worldwide!):

And here’s a web commercial for the game:

Source: Nintendo

Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén Tournament is a 3D fighting game featuring several Pokémon (either as fighters or Support characters). But when Bandai-Namco came to see The Pokémon Company in order to do a collaboration, they had a radically different game in mind… a Pokémon-themed Taiko Drum Master game! But Tsunekazu Ishihara really wanted a collaboration with Tekken instead, and that’s how Pokkén Tournament came to be.

You can click here to check out The Verge’s interview with Masaaki Hoshino and Katsuiro Harada, which tackles several topics (such as the developers wanting to make a much more approachable game than Tekken, how there’s a lot of depth in the game (despite its simplified controls), and more).

You can also check out this interview by IGN, with the same people, in which we learn that the developers created an entirely new battle system for Pokkén Tournament, that they wanted players to focus on the strategy aspect of battles, and more.

Pokkén Tournament (Wii U) comes out on March 25th worldwide.

Mew distribution

Heads up to players living in Denmark, Norway or Sweden: the Mew distribution is now live. You have until April 30th to head to a BR store and get your serial code!

Source: Serebii



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