Pokémon news (August 31st) – Pokémon Shuffle: new challenges and Safari; more

Pokémon Shuffle

Today, a new update for Pokémon Shuffle went live (Ver. 1.2.14), and you can get it using the in-game check-in feature. It gives access to:

  • a brand new challenge featuring Lugia, that you have to catch within a very tight time limit… 30 seconds! Available until September 14th.
  • a brand new challenge featuring Carnivine, during which you can use items for free. Available until September 12th.
  • re-peat of a past Pokémon Safari, with Spinda (Monday), Cherubi (Tuesday), Cherrim (Wednesday), Carvanha (Thursday) and Sharpedo (Friday).
  • rewards for the Mega Venusaur challenge, that you have to claim using the in-game feature before September 7th.

Here’s what you will get for the Mega Venusaur, depending on your rank:

  • Top 5,000 players in Japan / Top 2,000 players in North America / Top 1,200 players in Europe: Venusaurite + Mega Speedup
  • Top 65,000 players in Japan / Top 25,000 players in North America / Top 16,000 players in Europe: Venusaurite
  • Top 80,000 players in Japan / Top 30,000 players in North America / Top 20,000 players in Europe: Attack Power Up
  • Not ranked / already won the Venusaurite: a Jewel

Finally, a new challenge featuring Mega Sharpedo was announced: it will run from September 7th to September 14th, and will allow you to get a Sharpedonite (5AM UTC). More details will be available next week (such as the rewards for example), when the challenge starts.

Source: The Pokémon Company / Serebii

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

The mobile version of Pokémon Shuffle is finally available on iOS and Android in Europe and North America. If you’re interested in all the various changes: you can click here!

Pokémon Get☆TV

Pokémon Get TV is a variety show airing every Sunday morning on TV Tokyo, but it will be replaced in October. The new show will be called Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru? (lit: Pokémon House Assemble?), and will start Shoko Nakagawa and Abareru-kun (from Pokémon Get☆TV,) as well as Hyadain and Anthony (newcomers). It will air every Sunday morning from 8AM to 8.30AM (JST), starting October 4th.

Source: Serebii



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